Happy Healthy and Fit

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Teach with your Heart to Experience Ultimate Riches

Last night, I was scheduled to teach a yoga class at a local in-patient rehab center.  Usually, I like to arrive a little early to inspire and motivate the clients to participate.  When I got there, a woman whom I have been working with for the past two weeks quickly let me know that she was the only one who would be practicing and I didn't need to stay for just her.

"You're here, I'm here, let's play," I smiled.  To which, she made a few meager attempts at letting me know it wasn't worth my time.   When I am called to teach, I also remember that inside the word 'teacher' are the letters to spell 'HEART.' A teacher teaches with their heart.

Considering it was just the two of us, I asked her what she would like to work on.  I now had the opportunity to create a unique experience for her.  She shared where she struggles physically and we spent the next hour opening up her hips, lower back and shoulders.  After we bowed to each other and said namaste, she paused and looked perplexed.  "It was all about me tonight," she said filled with gratitude.

As I drove home, my heart was full and I reflected on the valuable lesson.  Of course, your ego wants you to have a classroom full of people if you have been called to speak or teach something, but the truth is if you can positively affect one person in this lifetime, you have succeeded.  Just because you have 50 people in your class and you call out yoga poses doesn't mean you truly connected to any of them.  May your hope be to connect to just one.

When you have the opportunity to share your gifts with someone else, be fully present for whomever shows up.  Look at the divine beings from the beginning of time, they did not have fancy billboards or marketing materials to send out ahead of time to guarantee a full-live audience.  Jesus helped the people he met along the way.  Even yoga, was shared from one teacher to one student in the beginning.  Kabbalah was spread in the same way.  Believe in what you are doing.  Impregnate your every thought and action with passion and you are living a purposeful life.  Trust that the rewards will come and they will be priceless.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means making a difference in this world by being present and generous with those open to receiving what you have to gift.  The best teachers teach with their heart.

Monday, January 14, 2013

When One Door Closes Say Thank YOU!

You are fired.
Your services are no longer needed here.
We will be going with a different provider.
I am not in love with you anymore.
I want a divorce.
I've been having an affair.

The above words are just a few examples of some closing doors.  The knee-jerk reaction to a closed door is fear.  It can be quite scary to be the recipient of a pink slip, eviction notice or divorce papers.

The truth is that these things don't just appear out of no where.  They are a result.  Regardless of how your situation came about, the best way to receive a closing door is with gratitude.  After all, do you want to be stuck in an uninspiring job or career, just because it puts food on the table?  Do you want to be involved in an unethical business just because it affords you more material goods?  Do you want to be in a relationship or marriage with someone who does not love themselves and therefore cannot love you, just because it is comfortable?  The only comfort in these situations is the comfort of the 'known.'

As the calendar turned from 2012 to 2013, I was gratefully reflecting on my own closed doors.  After a divorce and a few difficult financial years, I had spent 2011 working in a small business consulting and accounting office.  What began as a part-time job had shifted into an all-consuming lifestyle.  As a free-spirited entrepreneur type, I would often feel like I had sold my soul for a paycheck.  Being a non-smoker,  there were days that I would enter the building as the sun was rising and leave only after it had gone down.  Regularly, the Managing Partner who had hired me would bring me to his office and encourage me to take a more committed position and a raise.

The money and stability would tempt me and then torment me.  The possibility of waking up in 15 years and realizing that I spent the 'summer of my life' behind gray walls, being told when I could eat lunch, go on vacation and practice yoga sent me into a state of terror.  I didn't want to fully commit, yet I didn't want to leave.  I was comfortable with the uncomfortable.  When January 3, 2012 rolled around and I returned to the office from the holidays, I remember the sun was shining very bright for the winter.  I walked into that office at 7:58am for the last time and by 8:02am I had already turned around and was walking out for the last time.  I wish I could say that I had the courage to resign, but it is not true.  I was told that my heart wasn't into it and it wasn't working out anymore.

Initially, I felt the fear rise and then I took a breath and knew to replace it with love and gratitude.  I didn't put up a fight.  In my heart, I knew it was true.   He deserved someone who was more committed and I deserved to be aligned with my divine purpose.  After a breath, I said, "Thank you."

Although, in that moment, I had no real idea of what was to come, I knew it was the highest and best.  When I reflect back, I see that although it served me at the time, I could have gotten stuck behind that door.  When that door closed, I never looked back, I turned around and saw only infinite possibilities.

Today, as 2013 continues, I am grateful for the wisdom to know that crying over closed doors is like crying over spilled milk.  There is no point in being angry or afraid.  Why would you be angry if your spouse had an affair and it lead to a divorce and now you have found your soulmate.  Wouldn't you be grateful?  Would be angry if you lost a client that stressed you out and it freed up space for three new ones that pay you three times more money?

Learn to trust the Universe is full of abundance, opportunity and love.  Sometimes, you just need to let go of your fear and of the Known, because magic is waiting in the Unknown!  Love and Gratitude brings Appreciation and that is the key to Peace and happiness.  To the man who set me free, I say, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Being Happy Healthy and Fit is living in gratitude especially when doors close!  Life is short.  Make yours Magical!