Happy Healthy and Fit

Friday, March 30, 2012

Become Conscious of CAN'T~ If Not, Why Not?

How often do you find yourself saying, "I can't?"

I can't is different from I don't want to and I don't know how. I don't want to indicates free will and I don't know how means there is an opportunity to learn. I can't is an attitude of fear. Either you don't want to and are afraid to say it or else you are afraid to.

Can't is a combination of the words can and Not. I ask you to consider if you cannot or can't, why not?

After much self study, of a time I was stuck in I can't mode, I learned that can't is a fear based answer. Generally, it comes from fear of embarrassment or fear of abandonment.

Embarrassment or humiliation is the path to expansion. Learning anything new means approaching it with a beginner's mind. Understand that you are simply a seed full of potential. Proper instruction, practice and time is the path to becoming an expert at anything. No one was born the person they have become. Saying Yes to new experiences is the fastest way to expand your consciousness. There is strength in humility. It is the secret ingredient that connects the world.

In the past two months, I have tried fishing, snowboarding and driving a tractor. I approached each one with complete humility, laughing at myself as I dropped slimy fish, squealing like a pig, tumbled in the snow time after time and lastly drove in erratic circles attempting to cut grass. You cannot embarrass the unembarrassable. It is ego that makes you want to pretend you know how to do something that you have never done. Learn to embrace embarrassment, it squashes the fear that holds you back from reaching your greatest potential.

If you find yourself saying that you 'can't' do things, because you are afraid of upsetting someone else, perhaps you are experiencing fear of abandonment. Is a weekend getaway with the girls going to send your spouse or partner into a tizzy? Does a night out cause a fight? Do you find yourself missing out on opportunities to avoid a fight at work or home?

Perhaps, it is time to examine your relationships more closely. If you choose 'can't' for fear of someone else's reaction, you have relinquished your free will. What if the worst thing that could happen was absolutely nothing, meaning you stay stuck as you are? New experiences feed your soul.

Relationships are about communication. Love is about trust. If you are not doing what you want to do for fear of upsetting someone else, you are not living in Truth. You will be pleasantly surprised what happens when you start exercising your free will and telling the Truth. Love conquers fear. What remains is gold and what falls away, never was.

Become Conscious of the word 'can't' and then practice replacing it with the truth. Identify your blockage, is it fear of embarassament or fear of abandonment. Either you are expanding or you are contracting. You are living or you are dying. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means I CAN!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kindness Purifies Toxic Relationships

Sometimes it seems that the world is full of toxic people. They literally expel some type of poison that has the force to shift you from your center and send you spiraling into a bad mood. How does this happen? Where do they come from?

If you have ever been around someone very ill or close to death, you may notice a potent scent. When the body begins to die, it starts to decompose and becomes toxic. The slowing of the blood flow and oxygen intake can no longer remove the toxins from the body and they take over. The understanding of decay in the physical body helps to understand the effect of decay in the emotional and spiritual body.

A toxic person is simply a person suffering from deep-rooted pain that has taken over like a cancer and wreaked havoc on their spirit. They are poisoned by anger and fear. The resultant effect is they emit toxic fumes disguised as selfishness, lack of consideration, insults and bullying types of behavior.

They are poisoning themselves creating disease from their own dis-ease. The truth is that we never really know what happened to someone yesterday, the day before, last month, last year or 30 years ago that imprinted them with anger and fear. No one is born with anger and fear, they are learned behaviors. Physical pain is often surrounded by inflammation and quickly treated to ward off infection. Emotional pain is also surrounded by inflammation, but more often goes untreated and creates infection.

Next time someone gets under your skin simply by existing, cuts you off in traffic, bumps you in the grocery line, sits in your seat on an airplane, challenges you in front of other people, triggers you to curl your fists up in a ball, does not appreciate your efforts, raises your body temperature or pisses you off in some other way, take a moment and notice that you have simply inhaled their infection and acquired their toxicity. Exhale slowly to regain composure and purify the situation.

The best way to handle toxic people is with kindness. Do not attempt to judge, compare or create a story as to why they are the way they are. It really doesn't matter. What does matter is that you remain pure in your intentions and don't get contaminated. Simply be kind to everyone you meet. Being kind to others is being kind to yourself. Have compassion for their spirit is infected with dis-ease. Even if you cannot dis-infect them with your kindness, you can prevent yourself from being infected.

Practicing a form of meditation, whether it is still or moving, is a great way to keep your spirit pure. The original intention of a physical yoga practice was to be able to sit comfortably for long periods of time sending love and compassion to the world. Today, find your center and notice when you lose it. Then, remember to always be kind to others, for you never know what kind of battles they are losing.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means using kindness to disinfect your world of toxic relationships.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ascend Fear and Make Falling FUN!

Fall down seven times, stand up eight is one of my favorite Japanese proverbs. The only way to know success is to know failure.

This timeless wisdom speaks into the fact that falling is inevitable and rising is optional. You can be a warrior or you can be a victim. It is no secret that you are born without a manual. Success is a result of trial and error. The things that seem so natural today were once an obstacle. Consider walking. This very act that is taken for granted, until you can no longer walk, is considered a huge milestone in the process of development.

Learning to walk means learning to fall and stand up. This same technology can be applied to learning anything new. A warrior is defined simply as one who has self-mastery, otherwise known as mastering ego. Until you conquer your ego, the fear of failure and the fear of falling, you will never rise to your greatest potential.

I was recently reminded of this valuable lesson while learning to snowboard. I was so excited to shred a mountain in my cool, colorful snowboard gear, I had no idea what I was up against. Learning to snowboard means learning to fall, hard and often. The only way to improve is to stand up again and again. The only way to win this game is to keep playing it. It reminded me that in order to truly expand and grow, requires constantly being in uncomfortable positions; be it mental, physical or emotional.

True warriors are trained not to fight, but to love. To love is to ascend fear. Fear is just a feeling that translates into False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is that feeling that wakes you up from a deep sleep when you feel like you are falling into a black hole and then sit up in bed to realize it was only your imagination. Where were you falling? Fear is greatest obstacle to success and it isn't even real.

Need a practical and safe way to ascend your fear? Learn to make falling fun. It takes more than a year to learn to walk and to give up was never an option. Practicing yoga is an amazing way to develop a loving relationship with your body while recognizing that you are not your body. To miss out on life due to fear of falling is the most unnatural thing ever. Look at every new situation as a baby learning to walk.

If you have never practiced yoga due to fear, know that yoga is warrior training. It is the path to developing love and ascending fear. The more time you spend in warrior pose, the more you will know your warrior self. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means ascending all fear by making the falling fun and standing up one more time.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Plant Seeds of Possibility~ Spring into Abundance

Since the beginning of time, Mother Nature has been revealing that spring is the season of infinite possibilities. It is the time of year farmers plant their seeds into the soil full of hope and dreams. They know they are working in collaboration with the Universe. The farmer must prepare the soil, plant the seeds and keep the area free from weeds. The Universe is like an angel investor providing the infrastructure and support of ideal soil and conditions.

More than just warmer sunlight, thawed ground and additional hours of light, spring brings a clean slate of new beginnings. As the new moon shifts into Aries, it marks the new year in the spiritual world. Whether you are religious, spiritual or none of the above, you may find it interesting to know what is going on in the cosmos.

This Friday marks the beginning of the new year. Even if you are not a farmer, you are your own farmer. You are the creator of your own reality. Your thoughts are the seeds of infinite possibility or the guarantee of another devastating year of scarcity. If you want to keep getting what you have been getting, keep doing what you have been doing. If you want what you have never had, you must be willing to do what you have never done.

Spring is a great opportunity reset your intentions. Spring cleanse your soul this week. The biggest thing holding you back from the life of your dreams is guilt. Guilt has the same effect on your soul as disease has on crops. If you feel any kind of guilt for anything that you have ever done or that which you have never done, now is the time to decontaminate your garden.

Take some time to identify the things you have done in your life that you are still holding onto. This can be something that you said to someone, something you took that wasn't yours, something you damaged, a time you wish you had acted differently or considered someone else's feelings. It may have been a time you acted out of desperation, selfishness or mindlessness. The best part is the 'why' doesn't matter.

Once you have identified the things that are contaminating your dreams, you are ready to spring cleanse. All you have to do is tell someone else. Pick one other person and tell them. It is ideal if it is some sort of teacher or someone that you trust, but don't carry your poison any longer in search of that person. Get it off your chest as soon as you can. Follow this up with a conscious act of sharing. It does not have to be related to the person or situation that you had guilt around. The greater and more uncomfortable the act of sharing, the faster the forgiveness takes root and the more fertile your dream soil becomes.

When you are free of guilt, you are able to show up 100% in spirit. Your heart and mind are free and fertile. It is no secret that farmers work hard every day. The same is true when you are acting as your own dream farmer. The work is simple, but may not be easy. Everyday, like a farmer minds his crops, you must mind your dreams by staying conscious. Take the Universe as your trusted partner and keep guilt out of your garden.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means tapping into the Universal Consciousness. Give your soul a spring cleanse with forgiveness and plant seeds of possibility into your freshly fertilized heart and mind. May all of your Dreams come True!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Exercise Gratitude~ it's a Magic Muscle

The happiest, most spirited people I know all seem to have one thing common. They are grateful. They are not grateful because they are happy and successful, they are happy and successful because they are grateful.

Your attitude is a reflection of the vibrations in your heart. When you are in gratitude, you become a powerful magnet and automatically attract magic, miracles and abundant blessings into your life. This is nothing new or secretive. For even the Holy Scriptures promise exactly, " Whoever has gratitude (now) will be given more (in the future), and he or she will have an abundance.

It is not enough to read about gratitude and expect results. For you will not experience them by understanding theory alone. The magic occurs as a result of practice. Just as reading a recipe will not fill you up and joining a gym will not get you in shape, talking about gratitude is just he first step. It is only 1% of the formula. Like a muscle, the more you work at gratitude consciously and really stretch your limitations, the stronger and powerful it becomes.

If you have ever belonged to a gym or fitness center, you may see people 'working out' for years and years and never changing their fitness level. This is the equivalent of robotically saying 'Thank you.' If you want to change your physical body, you must really show up and push yourself. You must change up your routine often. You must work every part of your body in different ways. The best results are obtained when you keep going, after your really want to quit. Breakthroughs occur when you break your own belief barriers.

You may have a barrier if you are only grateful after you have received something and that something is good. If you really want to expand the blessings in your life, you need to expand your gratitude to include the challenges, the gifts and the amazing things on the way. Be grateful for each experience and each interaction. They all contributed to to making you the perfect being you are today. Learn to be grateful for what you may have once perceived to be a loss. Find a way to be grateful for the people that get under your skin. You expand and grow where you have room for growth.

The fatest way to shift your consciousness from a low vibration to a high vibration is through gratitude. Next time, you are feeling disappointed, practice applying gratitude, by saying something like this, " I am so grateful that I didn't get invited to the party, because now I know how it feels when I make plans and don't invite other people." Or, "I am so grateful that I lost that client, because I felt like we didn't really connect as best we could for each of us to reach our potential and now, she can find someone who can help her more and I can direct my focus toward someone I can better serve." This can be applied to injuries, as well as, relationships. Allow an injury to remind you to be more conscious of your health and a rift to remind you that your ego needs to be checked.

Turning gratitude into a magic wand is 99% practice. Find a way to be present and grateful as much as possible. More than saying Thank you, feel thank you. Your eyes say Thank you when your heart says Thank you. Find a way to dig deep and find gratitude for the stuff that makes you uncomfortable. Find gratitude for those people that force you to grow. If you want more magic in your life, practice gratitude. The Power of gratitude knows no limits.

To everyone who has ever taken the time to consciously or unconsciously teach me a life lesson, I say Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. be grateful. be happy. be free!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time for ADVENTURE~ it's NOW or Never

Tomorrow marks exactly one month until the Gracious Living Yoga & Surf Adventure Retreat I am co-creating in Nicaragua. One of the most fascinating things I have observed in sharing the information and inviting people to attend is the initial soar of enthusiasm at the idea of it quickly followed by the lead balloon that goes something along the lines of ~ That sounds amazing, I wish I could go, but it's not the right time.....

When is the right time for an amazing adventure? When you have an adventurous spirit, the right time is right now. From as early as I can remember, my older brother used to lure me into some character-building experiences. He would simply grin from ear to ear and ask me if I wanted to go on an 'adventure?' These adventure ranged anywhere from stealing balls off the fairway of the golf course adjacent to our home to taking the car for a spin well before licensed, breaking windows or wreaking havoc some other sort of way. Regardless of the consequences, he knew my trigger was the word adventure and all he had to do was ask.

To pass on an adventure for fear of consequences would have made for a sad and limited existence. What I learned early, was that adventure feeds your soul and ignites your spirit. Adventure makes you interesting, fearless, free-spirited and familiar with consequences.

If not now, then when? It is always the right time for an adventure, or it never is. Everyone has some sort of responsibilities. I am not suggesting that you run away from your spouse, children or job to come to Nicaragua for a week of bliss, I am only suggesting that you realize life can change in the blink of an eye. If you are missing out on life's great adventures for fear that it will cost you your job or your relationship. Know that you are not living in Truth. If your job values you and your relationship is built on love, they will thrive when you return ignited. If they are going to break, let them break sooner than later, so you can fill your life with purpose and true love.

When I set out on my first great adventure, I was 20. I packed two duffle bugs and walked away from a brand new twin-turbo sports car, a loving family, job offers and my recently acquired college degree to work as a stewardess on a 150-foot private yacht set to sail around the world. Ultimately, 'stewardess' translated into cleaning crap out of toilets, serving meals and doing laundry. I still reflect on this decision as one of my best adventures and life experiences ever. I traveled to places that many people have never heard of. The price of my consequence? I sacrificed taking a job in Corporate America, where I might still be stuck 20 years later.

A more recent big adventure was last year when I decided I wanted to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro. This was something I had stumbled upon in a book. Reading one short paragraph of someone else's adventure was enough of a trigger to my soul that I knew I must go at all cost. The timing was completely off on this one, or perhaps it was divine? Within 3 months, I had joined a fundraising team, raised the funds and summited the world's highest freestanding mountain. Consequence of this decision? Divorce from dysfunction.

I could go on and on about my personal adventures and the pursuant consequences of my decisions, but I really just wanted to share with you that had I done what everyone else was doing or encouraging at the moment, I would have missed out on my whole amazing life. I would have traded my time for money, limited my life and leadership skills and remained trapped by fear in a loveless relationship.

Adventure is the path to true self. Adventure puts the fire in your heart, spring in your step and sparkle in your eyes. Now might not be the ideal time for an adventure, but half the fun of the adventure happens as a result of who you become after the adventure. If you have never had an adventure, chances are you are stuck in the rut your life has become. A rut is a shallow grave and adventure is your new lease on life! You don't need to fear consequences any longer. Truth is you face them everyday you shortchange your soul staying stuck in a rut of fear.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means discovering and exploring your Adventurous spirit. Are you ready for an Adventure? It's NOW or Never!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thank Life's Training Wheels: Find the Courage to Ride Happy and Be Free!

There is something amazingly powerful about watching a child learn to ride a bike. There is excitement about Freedom. The child innately knows that they will independently be able to go farther and faster than ever before. You are that child.

The idea of the bike is magnificent. The reality is, it takes courage to go from a balanced tricycle to a bicycle. It is common to exchange the third big wheel for a set of two smaller wheels, also known as training wheels. It is an even bigger act of courage to remove the training wheels and practice balancing on two wheels, while peddling along, steering away from objects and learning to watch out for traffic. Isn't this amazing training for life?

This morning I was reflecting upon how you learn to ride a bike. You are expected to crash a few times and fall a few times. Bumps, bruises and perhaps a stitch or two are all considered part of the process. Looking back you can see each progression as exactly that. At some point, you may even trade in your standard bike for a beach cruiser, BMX bike, mountain bike or racing bike. It is easy to feel gratitude for the training wheels that gave you the confidence to take bike riding to the next level.

It takes the same courage to be Happy and Free, as it did to learn to ride a bike. Instead of training wheels, you have relationships. It is only natural that you will outgrow certain ones. Learn to look back fondly on each experience with gratitude. Would you feel anger or regret, because you used training wheels to learn to ride a bike? Of course not. That how you learn. It was exactly what you needed at that time. You do not look back and curse your tricycle or first bicycle, but instead warmly appreciate the time you shared, the things you learned and the confidence to grow.

Although training wheels help you learn to ride a bicycle freely, eventually they will hinder your progress and slow you down. You can become dependent on them like a crutch and never realize your potential. There comes a time when you must release your training wheels and ride free. It takes courage and you may face fear and acquire some bumps and bruises. Alternatively, you will find it harder and harder to stay the same.

It takes great courage to be Happy and Free. It means leaving behind your training wheels and trusting in the unknown. Your training wheels may be the certainty of your relationship, marriage, career, business, home or car. It may be your low vibrational habits, drama, chaos or friend circle. At a spiritual level, you feel you are being restricted by your life situation. At a soul level, only you can restrict you. There is nothing more natural than growth.

Today, see everything that you blame for holding you back from realizing your potential, as none other than a set of training wheels. Have the courage to speak your truth. Thank whatever you are releasing and always feel gratitude even for the worst of situations. Life circumstances are like training wheels. When you are finished being held back, courageously say Thank you as you set off into another sunset.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means finding gratitude and appreciation for every lesson along the way. Life is short. Make it Magical. Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Fit. Be Free!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Heal the World~ Awaken Love and Create Unity

If you truly want to heal the world, you must learn to close the gaps of separation. The gaps come from the illusion of being different, when at the core you are all the same.

Healing a wound is closing the gap. The scar tissue is stronger than the two individual pieces that come together. Helping another person is a nice gesture, but it is not enough. Unity comes from awakening real love between two people. This is not be confused or reserved for romantic love. Unity comes from the love that shines bright and unconditionally like the sun.

The sun continues to shine whether clouds dance in front of it or shadows block it from its recipients. Its pure intention is to bring Light into this world. Your heart is like the sun. As soon as you awaken love in your heart, you will shine it unconditionally. When you radiate love, you do not have to practice acts of kindness, you become kindness. You see yourself, not just in others, but truly as others.

Unity occurs when there is no separation between you and the rest of the world. There is no discrimination. Be patient. Trust that when you awaken your own heart, you are guiding others to do the same. With unity, all things are possible. Today, you only need to be a little more awake than you were yesterday and a feel a little more love than you did yesterday.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means contributing to global transformation through awakening love and creating Unity.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Downward Facing Dog~ Strengthen to Lengthen in Yoga, Love and Life

The practice of yoga is often associated with flexibility. It is common to think that you should practice yoga to increase your range of movement and motion. The physical practice of Yoga is certainly great for increasing flexibility, but truly is just a gateway to so much more. Yoga is the path to Love.

I love when I have breakthroughs in yoga; they are really breakthroughs in life. What generally starts as a physical breakthrough soon translates into emotional, intellectual and spiritual breakthroughs.

While practicing Ashtanga yoga, I had an amazing breakthrough in downward facing dog. This pose is one of the first that you will learn in many styles of yoga. From the outside it appears that your hands are shoulders distance apart and your feet are hips distance apart while you press evenly though your hands and fingers and lift your hips high while pressing your feet down low to create length in the spine. As if that isn't enough, there is a whole inner spiral going on with your thighs and outward spiral with the shoulders moving down and back and be sure to breath.

The best part is that downward facing dog is designed to be a resting pose. After 15 years of practicing yoga, yesterday it clicked. If I really push my femurs into the socket and engage the joint, I can create an anchor to safely move deeper into lengthening my hamstrings. Suddenly, it made perfect sense. Not only, could I move deeper into the muscles, but engaging the joints brings freshly-oxygenated blood there to strengthen and rejuvenate the tissue. I could actually feel this process happening.

It is the solid connection between a table top and table legs that allow it to withstand loads of weight and pressure without breaking. If the screws are loose, the whole assembly will crash under the slightest of pressure. The same is true of your personal relationships. It is the heart connection that creates the stability, trust, structure and longevity. Showing up in spirit will allow your relationship to stand the test of time. To just show up in body alone, is the equivalent of a table top balanced on 4 legs or downward dog without solid joint engagement. It may appear like a table, but will crumble when the wind blows. It may appear like downward facing dog, but you are shortchanging your potential.

If I can make amazing breakthroughs in yoga after practicing daily for 15 years, I challenge you to make breakthroughs in your personal relationships today. Just as downward facing dog is a resting pose, your personal relationship is where you connect to stretch, anything else is a struggle against the most natural feeling in the world~ Love. So ask yourself, if you have been showing up completely engaged to yoga on your mat and yoga off your mat. Notice where you can improve the quality of your practice today.

Allow your body to be your teacher. The way you move is the way you live. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing the best time to be fully engaged is right here, right Now.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Secret~ Consciousness Creates Miracles!

With God, all things are possible.
~Matthew 19:26

Yesterday, I was at the grocery store in the magazine aisle looking for a book when I realized that right there next to the new releases and best sellers was the timeless book titled A Course in Miracles. Inside it contains the knowledge and recipe to make all things possible; a true treasure chest disguised by the plain blue cover and intimidating voluminous small print.

Next to it, sat the recently released book, The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne, best-selling author of the The Secret. Essentially, she put a mystical cover on it and changed the word Miracle to Magic. The Truth remains the same. If you wish to create Miracles, you must elevate your consciousness. After all, wasn't it Jesus himself who announced that yes, he had done many great things, but you will do even greater? He was speaking the Truth.

Jesus, among other elevated beings, teaches us the Power of Good Intention. Good Intention and Bad Technique supersedes Great Technique and Bad Intention. For each time you rinse a piece of fruit or a vegetable and wonder if you are really purifying it of harsh chemicals and germs, recognize that it is based on the quality of intention. Consider a baptism. The power of the purification is none other than conscious intention. The same is true of rinsing a tomato. Only you can answer, are you really purifying?

God is Consciousness. It's time to create great Miracles. The greatest Miracle is in healing hearts; purifying them of fear. Hearts pure of fear are pure Love. Love is the wand of Consciousness. With Consciousness, all things are possible. How can you laugh at a reiki practitioner, yet call Jesus a Miracle Worker? Pure of ego, they have the same good intentions, the technique becomes insignificant. As you think, so shall you be.

Make today Magical. Consciously create Miracles for others and you will be richly rewarded. Each time you wash your hands today, allow the water to be a reminder to consciously wash your heart of fear and rid your mind of low vibrational thoughts. Purify your consciousness until it becomes pure Love and you become pure Love. With Pure Love, all things are Possible.

Reading books is not enough, even the sacred texts alone cannot provide the Truth. The Truth cannot be found in a book. You must apply and practice the knowledge to make it your Truth. The study of yoga is an amazing way to elevate your consciousness and purify your mind, body and spirit. To become aware of the breath is to become aware of life. To become aware of life is to become Conscious.

Call it Magic or Call it Miracles. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing that Life is Short, Make it Magical!
Abracadabra and Namaste~

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ice Cream for Dinner! A Diet that Really Works!

Imagine if you could eat ice cream for dinner and actually be Happy Healthy and Fit? Wow!

Now you can! If you have tried one diet, chances are you have tried many: Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Soy-free, Dairy-free, reduced sodium, low fat, high protein, low carbs, master-cleanse, grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, liquid diet, the list goes on and on. With mental and dietary discipline, for 2 to 4 weeks, odds are, you produced some sort of result. The question is are you HAPPY HEALTHY and/or FIT? Likely, the answer is No to all of the above and more accurately YES to none of the above.

What is the point of embarking on a starvation diet at the expense of your Happiness? Truth is Happy people are Healthy people. What is the secret to longterm and lasting results? The greatest diet ever created requires no special supplements, no extreme exercise programs and no additional time in the kitchen. Sound too good to be true? Think again!!

Welcome to the WORRY-FREE diet. Thoughts become things. Most of your thoughts repeat over and over, 6-10 times per minutes. They are not new and exciting thoughts, but thoughts filled with anxiety about future events that have a less than 10% chance of happening. Worry causes stress and stress creates cholesterol and other toxic substances that travel through your blood stream. At least when you eat ice cream, it is only a temporary injection of toxins. Worry thoughts pump toxins all day, every day.

Imagine if you gave up worry for 30 days? Just for one moment imagine how your life would be different if you replaced your worst-case scenario thoughts with best-case scenario ones. Even now, instead of thinking that the idea of ice cream for dinner is ridiculous and would never make you Happy Healthy and Fit, replace that with the best-case thought of imagining that it would.

Take it one step further. Identify what worries you the most. Losing your job, your business, your money, your wife, boyfriend, best friend, your house? Whatever it is that worries you, write it down and really look at it on paper. Notice how often your mind drifts to fear-based thoughts of the worst thing that could happen. On the Worry-Free diet, your only recipe is to replace those thoughts with higher and better ones, like "What is the Best Possible thing that could happen here?" A dream job? Freedom? True Love? A new house?

You will be amazed with the results of the worry-free diet. Worry cause wrinkles. Worry causes high blood pressure. Worry causes heart attacks. Worry creates anxiety. Worry is the culprit behind insomnia, weight issues, twitches, addictions, relationship problems and pretty much every other affliction imaginable and unimaginable.

Instead of worrying about what you could lose, practice imagining the life you can create. As for ice cream for dinner? Yes, with the right consciousness it really will make you Happy! Happiness is the secret to being Healthy and Fit.

Stop looking outside yourself for the latest and greatest diet fads. Save your money and nourish your soul! Being Happy Healthy and Fit means being WORRY FREE everyday! Go ahead and get started. Your life is waiting. It's short, make it Magical!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Desolate Parking Lot to Dream Palace~ Be a DREAM Gardener!

If you want to experience the life you have dreamed of, you must be willing to let go of the life you know. Growing dreams is like growing greens. Fruition begins with cultivation; a process that cannot be rushed.

The first step to manifesting an abundant harvest is preparing the land. Cultivation is really the clearing and churning process, the plowing or turning over of the soil. It is necessary to break down the soil so it is prepared to receive the seeds. The next step is to plant the seeds into the cultivated soil.

The same process is true of the mind. The mind is a garden of infinite potential. The blockages come from the Sanskrit word samskara. Samskara is translated to mean the patterns of the mind. It is the idea that if you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting. The patterns may be programmed in from birth, your parents, this lifetime or previous lifetimes.

Breaking your patterns is your work. The challenge is the same as breaking up uncultivated land. If you want a small harvest, make small changes. If you want an abundant harvest, recognize that the work will be daunting at times and painful, but if you want what you have never had, you must do what you have never done. Break your patterns.

When you are growing greens, the work is not over once the seeds have been planted. You must constantly be clearing away weeds, outsmarting the critters that want to feast on your garden and protecting from the elements. The same is true for your dreams. To realize dreams, means to clear away and break up the patterns in your mind that keep you stuck. Planting dreams happens each time you tap into that feeling in your heart that bursts with joy and you know you can. Just as a gardener must keep a close eye on weeds, critters and elements, your dream garden requires the same. Weeds come in the form of doubts, fears and worries. Critters are those invited and uninvited words of wisdom others cannot help but offer up. Elements are those events occurring around you with the potential to distract you.

Equal work and equal patience will produce an abundant harvest for giving and receiving. Harvesting dreams requires doing the mental work and noticing your patterns. Get out your plow, your hoe or anything else you need to unblock doing things the way they have always been done. Stop believing your own limiting thoughts. Plant your seeds with love. Be aware of weeds and critters, you never know what form they will take or when they will appear. Just as one rabbit or one cold frost can come destroy all of your efforts, so can one negative thought destroy your dreams.

Trust that with constant and correct consciousness, the sky is the limit. Even if your future dream garden resembles a deserted parking lot at the moment, you are only 3 steps away from Fruition: Cultivate, Plant and Clear. Harvest abounds! Dream Big. Dream often. Dream of travel, adventure, love, passion, friendship and peace. Every seed is truly a spark. Every palace began as a parking lot.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing that you are your own Divine Dream Gardener. Cultivate your mind through new activity. Plant seeds of inspiration by writing down or speaking of your dreams often. Clear away all negative self talk. Be Grateful at the signs of Harvest. Share your creations.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Let Go and Let Grow! Falling Leaves Teach Transitioning with Grace

Resisting change is resisting the laws of nature.
Every inhale is preceded by an exhale. Let Go and Let Grow!

This morning as I sat in quiet contemplation, I observed nature in full swing. Some birds are flying north, while others are flying south. Some are flying solo, while others are in a flock. Some sit perched quietly, while others cry out. Each, very much alive.

Upon deeper contemplation, I began to notice the leaves falling from the giant oak tree. One at a time they slowly and gracefully float back and forth until coming to a place of rest with all those that have fallen before. Essentially, the oak tree is a whole, but really it is comprised of many individual living parts.

A tree is a wonderful teacher. It is constantly in transition. It abides by the laws of nature without resistance. In order to continue to grow, it must let go of what no longer serves. There is no attachment. For as long as the tree is living, it must be growing. The moment it stops growing, it begins to die.

The same is true for you. A life of fully-realized potential will be filled with transitions. There are the obvious ones like embryo, birth, puberty, old age and death, but along the way is filled with opportunities to grow and expand as well. For each passing moment is like a leaf falling from the tree. To hold onto the past is to hold onto dead leaves. Trust that each time you exhale, you make room for an inhale. Each time you let something go, you begin to grow.

Each time you let something go, you create space for something to blossom. Sometimes, you feel like the tree with many leaves, but in the Big Picture, you are but a leaf connected to a Bigger tree. You are supported and surrounded by collective consciousness. When you fall, fall gracefully. When parts of you fall, allow them to fall gracefully. After death comes life. After winter comes spring. It always has and it always will.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means staying connected to the Big Picture. Dissolve your ego and become one with nature. Every expansion requires some contraction.

Are you ready to realize your greatest potential? Are you ready to become one with nature? Are you ready to take your life into full bloom? Allow your beliefs that hold you back to be like falling leaves and gracefully let them to float down to join all the other things that no longer serve you. Transition into Spring 2012 with a Spring Cleanse Yoga & Surf Retreat in Nicaragua this April 15-22.
Life is Short. Make yours Magical!