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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Down Dog, Dating & Raw Food~ What's the Common Denominator?

They all can be intimidating at first and life changing with practice and patience.

As a yoga teacher, I am often blessed with the opportunity to teach people their very first downward facing dog.  There is something richly rewarding about this experience.  A positive downward facing dog experience has the potential to take someone's life in a whole new direction.  Watching people struggle with the awkward nature of sticking their hips in the air reminds me of my responsibility to be kind and compassionate.  As a yoga teacher, I understand the importance of beginning with the basics and progressing with practice and experience.  I would never expect a new student to backbend into camel, fold into tortoise or do arm balances.

The same wisdom applies to all new situations.  Many people wait years to try their first yoga class, quit their miserable job, leave their unfulfilling relationship, start their business, learn to dance or meet their soul mate, simply because they are intimidated by false fears.  The only way past fear is into it.  How would your life be different if you weren't afraid to make a change or try new things?

Recently, I have been blessed to spend a great deal of time with my Yoga Retreat co-creator, Grace of Gracious Living.  She adds the magic to things that to me resemble dust, like dried lentils, buckwheat and quinoa and turns them into glorious decadent creations.  Initially, I was so inspired by her lentil dip that I decided to create a white bean dip.  Seemingly, I followed her lead, yet I ended up with something resembling mashed potatoes and wet concrete.  My next attempt was to soak chickpeas for 24 hours and then leave them on the stove a moment too long at a heat too high until they turned black, ruined the pot and stunk up the house.

The difference between my dip and Grace's dip is knowledge and experience.  Simply put, she is an expert and I am a novice.  It is the same as my down dog and a new student's down dog.  It is pure ego to think that you are going to do something that you have never done before and will immediately be an expert.  Just as I assure yoga students to breathe and relax their shoulders away from their ears, she guided to me to add lemon and salt to my recipes to fix almost anything.  She also reminded me to keep it simple in the beginning.

To my single friends and readers.  Dating is the same.  It can be downright intimidating, or maybe, you tried it once or twice and your experience resembled my white bean dip: not good or your first downward dog: not great.  Just like your yoga and healthy eating, dating can change the direction of your life and open vast new doors.  Go ahead and put yourself out there.  Keep it simple and put your ego away.  Let people know that you are interested in meeting someone special and don't judge yourself or the other person.  Tip for successful dating: make a list of all the character traits you are looking for in your soul mate, become your list, make a list of deal breakers and stick to it.

Practice yoga properly and you will turn downward dog into handstands.  Practice playing with raw food and you will acquire the skills to rejuvenate and nourish your body.  Start dating with intention and friendships will blossom into love.

Intimidation is simply fear of failure.  Fear of failure is pure ego.  Let ego go and let Love flow!  Being Happy Healthy and Fit is means having the courage to try to new things and let your guard down.  Release expectations, practice often and be patient.  Life is Short.  Make Yours Magical!



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  2. Thank you Little Big Town Song! Yahoo news, eh? That's exciting! I had no idea. My suggestion to you is to keep pouring your heart into everything that you do and the Universe will not be able to do anything but support you and share your gift with the world. Thank you for reading the Happy Healthy and Fit blog. Keep On Keeping On!!