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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Destiny or Karma? Every Action is an Instruction to the Universe

Your every Action is an Instruction to the Universe.  Give only that which you wish to receive, for consciously or unconsciously, you are always placing orders at the drive thru window of the Universe.

Perhaps you give money to a beggar, buy candy from a child or donate to a charity and think 'good karma.'  Or, maybe you see someone litter, steal a parking spot or take salt and pepper shakers from a restaurant and think, 'bad karma.'

Karma is often referred to as your destiny or fate.  It is also used in a joking manner to refer to a build up or depletion in your universal bank account of luck, future blessings and curses.  If Karma is your fate, your every action dictates it.

Quite simply, Karma refers to the Law of Cause and Effect.  For every effect or outcome that you can see their is a cause that you may not see.  Every action you take today will result in a cause at some point in the future.  Some will produce an instant result and some may be delayed for years.  If you light a match carelessly, the action can burn down a forest.  If you smoke cigarettes, it may be years before you see signs of cancer.  Those are examples that you can see.

You can also bring patience, positive people, returned phone calls, loving relationships, money and anything you can imagine to yourself.  If you want people to be more patient with you, be more patient with everyone you meet.  If you seek compassion, give it away.  You desire more money?  Be generous with what you have.  Seeking a loving relationship, shower all of your relationships with true love.

If you desire to change your destiny, increase your desire and change your approach.  Your every action is a perfectly communicated instruction to the Universe.  Apply a little patience and produce glorious effects or results.  Just as chances are you don't want to know what is going on on the other side of a drive thru restaurant window, only that you get your order correct, the same is true for the Universe's drive thru window.  You don't need to understand the 'how' orders get fulfilled, just trust and test the Universal Law.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means living a purpose filled life of abundance, friendship, fun, laughter, love, joy and peace, perhaps with a milkshake or side of fries.

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