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Friday, September 28, 2012

Yoga Stretches the Im-possible into I'm Possible

"Is this possible?" is the question that Master Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Tim Feldman would ask in his Danish accent, after showing students how to lift themselves up to jump back and jump through at a workshop last weekend.  It's the same question I asked myself last night at my first partner AcroYoga class.

To the students who answered that it was not possible, Tim would ask the next question.  Does your mind think it is not possible or does your body think it is not possible?  This is the same question that limits or unleashes your potential everyday.  Thoughts become things.  Take the time to notice when you stop short of your dream in anything, what is actually stopping you?

Tim Feldman would then go to any student who believed that they could not do the move and coach them through.  He did not discriminate based on skill, age, ability or physique.  Then after helping them to stretch their limitations, he would simply ask, "Now is this possible or impossible?" Of course, it was always possible.
Although yoga really isn't about the poses and certainly being able to jump back or up and through isn't going to affect your overall level of health and happiness, it does teach you to observe yourself and your limited belief patterns.
The important lesson is that you can do anything you want the moment you are willing to stretch your beliefs and remove the 'im' from impossible. 

I had seen beautiful pictures of people doing partner AcroYoga, but it is far different than my daily Ashtanga practice.  As soon as I got uncomfortable, I recognized that my mind wanted to stop.  Fear creeped in.  What if I fall?  What if my partner falls and smashes my teeth?  What if I hurt my shoulder, back, legs?  Then, I asked myself, what wants to quit and is this possible or impossible?

Yoga is about stretching the mind and removing limitations.  Taking the impossible and making it all possible.  The most powerful sentence is simply 'I am.'  Blend it together and you get I'm or I'm Possible!  

This technology applies to everyday living as well.  Where do you feel limited?  Do believe that you don't have time for a relationship, vacation, exercise or the money for a car, boat, house or amazing Yoga & Adventure Retreat?  Change your beliefs, remove your blockages and believe that all things are possible!

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing that yoga stretches more than your muscles, it stretches your beliefs!  The sky is the limit!  Life is Short!  Make Yours Magical!  

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