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Friday, September 21, 2012

Vision Boards + Yoga = Blissful Liberating Breakthroughs!

As a yoga student, you may be familiar with the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  The196 sutras or Truths are over 2000 years old.  They are evidence that yogis and non-yogis alike have been seeking the path to samadhi, liberation, freedom and enlightenment since the beginning of consciousness.

How can you be free if you don't know what freedom looks like?

Yoga was not always known to be an asana or physical practice.  Yoga is truly about yoking and uniting the mind, body and spirit.  The freedom or liberation is not from sources outside of you, but sources inside of you.  The freedom you seek is from your own mind, patterns and programming.  It is freedom from your limited belief system and the beliefs instilled in you in this lifetime and previous lifetimes.  It is the belief that you need to be a doctor, lawyer, homemaker or realtor to be successful.  It is the belief that you must go to church on Sunday to get into Heaven.

By the time you are born, you have so many patterns ingrained in you about who you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to accomplish in this lifetime, it is no wonder that your mind is filled with chaos and your body with dis-ease.  The first two yoga sutras boldly describe the path to this liberation you seek.

Simply translated by from Sanskrit to English by Chip Hartrancraft:
1.1  Now, the teachings of yoga.
1.2  Yoga is to still the patterning of consciousness.

Being Present and with calm mind is the path to ultimate peace and joy within yourself.  The next 194 sutras explain the first two, but the Big Question remains: How do you get there to that place of your birthright joy, love, peace, selflessness and Liberation?  It's easy and anyone can do it!

Begin with a Vision Board!  This age old technology is about creating a picture of your ideal soulful life that you can imprint into your mind.  It will break you free of your patterns and elevate your consciousness.  You may be surprised by your stifled creativity.  Simply grab some magazines, a pair of scissors, poster board and a glue stick.  Start flipping through and noticing the images that you are attracted to.

Don't think. Just flip and clip.  A variety of magazines is helpful.  Just scan each page and see what jumps out at you.  When you have made a nice pile, go through and trim them up.  See which ones still resonate with your soul and keep those.  Lay them out and paste them together.  Notice if your mind is in chaos making excuses as to why you will never have a boat, go on a yoga retreat, get married, have children, go to Scotland, own a business, simply Be Happy or if you can just be present in this project.

Once you have completed your project, keep it someplace where you can see it regularly.  Every time you see it, you are further imprinting it in your mind's eye or 6th chakra.  You are engaging the Law of Attraction.  You will be amazed with the results you produce.  A vision board is a blue print for your life.  You wouldn't build a house without one, why leave your life up to chance.  It's your Dream.  Life is Short.  Make Yours Magical!

Be Happy!  Be Healthy! Be Fit! Be FREE!

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