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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Take Off Your Toe Tag~ Yoga is the Way of Life!

The other night,  I was teaching yoga at an alternative addiction-treatment rehab center, when I invited a young man to try class.  In his young, surfer, cool guy way, he resisted and said 'no thanks.'  Clients are there for a variety of reasons ranging from drugs, to eating disorders, alcoholism and behavioral challenges.  It is not my job to counsel or coach, simply to teach yoga and truth.  After lots of prompting, encouraging and even giving him permission to walk out after 2 minutes, the young man decided to take a mat near the door and give yoga a try.

After a half hour, he was still there.  I began to adjust him when I noticed a tattoo on his foot.  It seemed to resemble a driver's license.  Then, I thought it was an emergency contact card.  I saw his name, height, weight and then I scanned down and my heart dropped.  Cause of death: Rx Overdose.  There it was: the tattoo actually wraps around his toe.  He was literally wearing his own toe tag.  Dead of a drug overdose at 21.

I don't know his story, but I do know that after an hour of yoga, he was looking very much alive.  The practice of yoga reminds you that everyone is the same.  Everyone is struggling with the chaos of the mind.  Some people try to quiet it by drinking, getting high, gambling, overeating, under eating, shopping, yelling or a variety of other destructive habits.  Masking the chaos with distractions will only temporarily cover up the symptoms.  True inner peace is a result of awakening higher consciousness and resting in stillness.

At the end of class, the young man who didn't want to come in, was excited to return.  He was in love with the way he felt.  He glimpsed at his true perfect self.  When you feel yourself struggling in your own way, find your yoga mat and find peace.  When you see someone else struggling, invite them to yoga and persist when they resist.  You may just change the course of their whole life from near death to Happy Healthy and Fit.

Going through life unconsciously is the equivalent of being asleep or going through life wearing your toe tag.  Take it off!  WAKE up to your potential.  Life is Short.  Make Yours Magical!  Yoga is the Way of Life!

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