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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ego is a Clown Suit Parading Around in Self Importance!

I held out my hand, smiled and said, "Hi, I'm Randi, we spoke on the phone while I was driving...."  She shook my hand and it quickly became painfully obvious that she had no recollection of me.  It was almost like the phone call never happened.

My ego kicked into full gear.  Did she really not remember me?  In my mind the events are so clear.  I was driving down the road, it was beginning to rain, she suggested I pull over before reading my credit card numbers off to register for the workshop.  We laughed and I told her that I would see her on the 10th.  How could this be??

Have you ever felt like this?  

I love when I get a small glimpse into my big ego.  Yoga is about increasing your self-awareness or awareness of self.  Be sure to find the good humor when your ego puts on a clown suit and parades around in self-importance.  It is actually pretty funny.  It shows up when you want cut someone off in traffic, because you are the only one with someplace to be or perhaps you are impatient at the grocery checkout, because you are the only one who had a long day at work.  

Last night, I attended a Yoga workshop titled Letting the Light In by Rolf Gates.  I was expecting to receive some golden nuggets to bring into my own teaching.  What I wasn't expecting was the huge Light shining on my ego before the scheduled teachings began. 

Due to our early arrival, there were only a handful of people in the practice area.  I assumed that everyone attending would be regular clients of the hosting studio.  Therefore, of course, the owner would recognize me as a new face.  This was delusional thinking considering the friend I drove with had never been to the studio either.   That's the great part about ego.  It is not rational.  

At this point, my mind was fully consumed with how she could not recollect the special phone call we had.  And, yes, I understand that this has no bearing on anything, but goes to show how the mind can attach to just about anything and create a whirlwind. 

Then, as I was putting my things down, I could hear my friend signing in, saying hello and mentioning that she had talked to her on the phone and had to pull over so she could give her credit card number.  I smiled at my delusion of self importance.  Then, my heart laughed joyfully, I could hear the next person signing in and saying that she had talked to her on the phone. 

People continued to file in and repeat the same line 'I talked to you on the phone......'  In that moment, I realized that although I work daily to ascend ego, it continues to rear its head.  For a moment, I actually believed I was the only person who registered for this event by phone.   Had I been out of hearing range when others signed in, I may have missed this opportunity to reflect and remember two of Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz:  Do Not Assume & Do Not Take Things Personally. 

There were close to 50 people in attendance and I am guessing well over half spoke to her on the phone, and hopefully, if they were driving, she suggested they pull over before reading their credit card number.   I am still not exactly sure what kind of greeting I was looking for, but perhaps deep in my self-important subconscious mind, I was looking for a red carpet to roll out.  After all, I am Randi and we did speak on the phone.  Ahahahahahahahaha!  

Although, this is a silly little story, it is a great reminder not take things personally and not to assume anything ever.  Although, you are the main character in your own story of life, you are second, third and fourth in the lives of others.  

Just as you must breathe and then breathe again, eat and eat again, sleep and sleep again, you must recognize and ascend ego again and again and again.  Self-importance is the illusion of separate.  Yoga is the yoking and union, for we are all one.  I would like to thank all of the secondary actors who helped to create this little skit in my story of life, for you are my teachers.  

I would love to hear how you have witnessed your ego dressing up like a clown.  Being Happy Healthy and Fit is recognizing the delusions of self importance and having compassion for yourself and others. 

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