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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Don't Get Mad~ Get Motivated!!

Have you ever felt a little cheated in life, love or business?  Perhaps someone else got a raise, bonus or promotion that you felt belonged to you.  Perhaps someone 'stole' your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend.  Maybe you lost a client, lost a pet, lost a loved one or just lost your girlish figure.

It is easy to feel mad when you feel as if you have been cheated.  You feel like something was taken from you unjustifiably.  This brings you to a crossroad.  You can decide to stay mad or you can get motivated.  The difference is the decision to change your language from feelings of 'deserve' into feelings of 'desire.'  If you really feel like you deserve better, than start saying 'I desire better.'

When you come to believe that everything is all good all the time, you will be able to see clearly that getting mad is childlike.  Getting mad is coming from a place of scarcity.  Would you get mad that you got fired, if it motivated you to start your dream business?  Would you get mad that your spouse took off if you knew they were blocking you from uniting with your true soulmate?  Would you get mad if the store stopped stocking tomatoes and it motivated you to grow your own delicious organic treats?  Getting mad is failing to see the big picture.

Next time things don't feel like they are going the way you want them to, practice increasing your desire.  Desire is a magnet that attracts abundance and infinite possibilities.  Chances are, when you are feeling cheated, you are actually cheating yourself.  It is time to grow and expand your consciousness.  You know in your heart that you are unfulfilled in someway and just got trapped by fear of the unknown.

If you feel like something got yanked out from underneath you, perhaps you were simply holding on too tight to something too small for too long.  You probably received several signs along the way that it was time, but decided to play it safe.  You cannot grow and stay the same.  Trust that the Universe has bigger plans for you and could clearly see that you needed to free up head and heart space for something even more Amazing.  Open your eyes to the infinite possibilities headed your way.

Thoughts of getting mad or getting even are very limited.  They will bring you no closer to love, joy and peace.  In fact, anger creates toxins in the body turning your dis-ease into disease.  Mad is the attitude of a victim.  Motivated is the attitude of a warrior.  Replace Mad with Motivated and transform deserve into desire and you will never feel cheated again.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means never feeling cheated again.  Create your own reality by choosing an attitude of gratitude.  Find the very best in what feels like the very worst.  Life is short.  Make yours Magical!

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