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Friday, September 7, 2012

Light Up Your Home, Heart, Life and World!!

Turn on your heartlight.  
Let it shine wherever you go.  
Let it make a happy glow, for all the world to see!  ~ Neil Diamond

When you enter into a dark room, instinctively you reach for light.  There is no question, you just know that there is light in there.  This makes perfect sense when you are returning to somewhere you have been before.  At your home, you walk into a room that is dark even pitch black and you know there is light because you have seen it before.

Interestingly, this technology works the same when you enter into a hotel room at night or any other place you have never been.  It is dark and you reach for the light.  You know with complete certainty that it is there.  Can you apply this same technology to yourself and to others when things feel dark and hopeless?

The same technology does apply to the soul, only even greater.  When you are happy, your vibrations are high, you are like a room full of light.  When you are inspired or in-spirit, you are a radiating lightforce like the sun.

When you feel depressed, sad or angry, it is like lights out.  Your flame, your Lightforce, happiness and spirit have been reduced to a smoldering ember.  You are like a dark room, the electricity hasn't stopped running through you, but the switch has been turned off.  This is true for everyone.

You can use the same technology to turn your light switch back on as you would use to turn the lights in a room on.  Technology is designed to be intuitive.  Once you know how it works, it is always accessible.  Trust and know that like Light exists in every soul, some are just covered in more painful darkness than others.

When things appear very dark, all you need is a crack of light to feel hopeful.  When you look into someone's eye and see darkness, be the light.  Have compassion, exchange a warm heartfelt smile.  When you feel your own darkness or depression setting in, look into the eyes of another and allow their flame to reignite yours.  One candle can light one thousand candles and not lose any of its own light.

Just as you would trust and know that light exists in rooms you have never entered, have complete certainty that light exists in all souls and all situations.  You have the power and technology to light yourself up and light up your world.  Instead of asking yourself what is the worst thing that could happen here, ask only, what is the best thing that could happen.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means seeing the light and being the light in even the darkest of moments.

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