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Monday, September 10, 2012

Beyond the Hype~ Get HAPPY on YOGA!

Yoga. Yoga. Yoga.  What is all the hype?

More than hype.  Yoga truly does make you happy.  What is the secret to this ancient healing science of the mind?  It is quite simple.  More than money, cars, clothes, titles, vacation homes and material goods, happiness is a vibration or elevation of consciousness.  What are the two greatest obstacles to happiness?  Your mind and your body.

Let's begin with the mind, anxiety, fear, worry, doubt, judgment, depression, insecurity, shame and ego are just a few of the obstacles blocking happiness.  Recreational and prescribed drugs can mask some of these symptoms, but they are not removing the seeds.  Day after day, the seeds will sprout.  You can keep masking them, but beneath the surface roots are thickening.

How does your body make you unhappy?  If you have ever been in any kind of physical pain, you know this pain dominates your every thought.  A healthy body gives you freedom.  Illness and injury can pull you down into feeling trapped and limited.  Masking your mind with mind altering substances takes a toll on your body.  How do you feel with a hangover or after you have eaten too much?

A positive mind and healthy body bring you into harmony with yourself.  Only then, are you capable of balanced relationships with others.  Instead of looking outside and blaming others for how you feel, surrender your victim consciousness and be a warrior.  Yoga is about yoking your mind and body.  Yoga was created to elevate the collective consciousness of the planet one soul at a time.

Consciously inhaling long, slow, deep freshly-oxygenated breaths and exhaling with equal intention, in combination with asana or physical movements activates your energy centers and triggers the body to produce feel good chemicals.  You are actually making changes on a cellular level and rejuvenating the mind and body.  Considering it has been around for thousands of years, trust that it more than hype!

The path to happiness is within reach.  Remove your two greatest obstacles: mind and body.  Approach your yoga practice one breath at a time.  Be patient with your poses.  Join the movement.  Yoga makes you HAPPY, Healthy and Fit!

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