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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yoga~ the Practice of Feeling Happy!

When is the last time you could truly say~ I feel Happy! 

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to teach yoga to some gifted children.  Before getting started, I asked them each what they knew about yoga.  The answers were: it's awesome, it's exercise and it's cool.  I knew they really didn't know what to expect, and therefore perhaps didn't have any expectations.

After teaching them to use their breath, bodies and imaginations, they moved through breathing like an elephant, being a cat, cow, dog, butterfly, mountain, tree, boat and bridge.  I was fascinated by their willingness to try each new pose and warmed by their laughter when they fell out of balance and eagerly tried again.

At the end of the class, I asked them how they felt.  I could see the flush faces and expected to hear things like hot or tired.  Instead, almost in unison, they responded by saying, "I feel Happy!"

This practically brought a tear to my eye.  The original intention of yoga designed thousands of years ago was  not to look super hot in a bathing suit or to have a yoga butt, in fact, it was not physical at all.  Yoga was and is the practice of elevating consciousness.  Today,  this is known as raising your vibrations.  The higher vibrations are love, joy and peace, or essentially to 'feel happy.'

Allow this to be a reminder that yoga is so much more than a physical practice.  It is more than wanting your body to look a certain way, to feel more flexible, to lose weight or rid back pain.  Those are all additional side-effect benefits.  However, alone they are limited.  Perhaps, consider arriving to your mat with no expectations other than to feel happy.  When you genuinely feel happy, you will be healthy and more youthful, so go ahead and practice feeling happy!

It should not matter who is teaching, yoga is your practice.  Yoga is your breath and your movement.   Next time you arrive at your mat, notice if you are holding tension, forcing poses, judging your teacher  or comparing yourself to others.  Then, remember the gift from these gifted children~ practice feeling happy!

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means just that.  Practice being Happy and you will be healthy and fit.  Life is short.  Make yours Magical!

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