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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meditation Cultivates Your Soul

Mediation is getting a lot of interest and publicity lately.  Even Oprah has openly shared her interest in TM or Transcendental Meditation.  Books and magazines hype the benefits and western doctors are even beginning to prescribe this ancient practice.

Mediation is often viewed as mystical and perhaps it is.  It is easy to read about meditation and talk about meditation, but the only way to experience the benefits is to practice.

I often think of 'cultivating' to mean building or creating.  However, cultivating actually means to improve or prepare land as by plowing or fertilizing.  It can mean to loosen the soil or dig around existing crops.  Essentially, it is the opening of space allowing for expansion.

Meditation prepares your soul to receive the answers you seek.  The process prepares you to expand your consciousness, to remove blockages.  Whether you pray, write, think or dream, you are posing questions to God, Your Higher Power or the Universe.  Praying is asking for answers.  Meditation is creating a vessel or opening through quieting the mind to receive those answers.

Just as it is challenging for crops to grow around old roots, rocks and stones, it is challenging to expand your inner peace, love and joy when blocked by anger, worry and fear.  Pray for peace, love and joy and meditate or simply sit in silence to allow your blockages to disappear.  Notice when they come up and you feel stuck.  Holding on to past hurts blocks your infinite harvest.   Just as a farmer turns his soil before he plants his seeds, sitting quietly before prayer allows your soul to be open to receive.

Perhaps you have tried meditating and felt nothing happened so you did not return.  Again, look to the farmer, everyday weeds must be pulled and soil fertilized even when it appears that nothing is happening.  You may not experience any obvious results for some time, but trust that when you pull your weeds of negative thought, fertilize with positive thought, kind words and actions that expansion is happening beneath the surface.  

Even if you think you don't know what your doing, set aside 5 minutes a day to sit in silence in the same spot and notice what begins to happen.  Sit tall, for when you align your spine, you open to the Divine.  

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means gifting your soul 5 minutes a day to shine freely by quieting everything around it.  Life is Short.  Make yours Magical! 

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