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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

HAPPINESS Olympics 2012~ Let Go and Let Gold!!!

Happiness is your sport.  Life is your game.  Health, Love, Relationships and Business are your events.   Are you on the podium winning medals or on the couch watching your life pass by?  Let the games begin!!!

How great is your Desire to be Happy?  What are you willing to commit to and what are you willing to sacrifice to win everyday?

Watching the Olympics is a fascinating reminder of the human potential and human spirit.  The stories of commitment, challenge and belief are almost tear jerking.  When the desire is big enough, the details don't matter.

Those details are often quite significant and can be the difference between winning and losing in life.  Details can include lack of finances, injuries, lack of confidence, lack of convenient coaching.  More than just desire and commitment, being an Olympic athlete comes with price: sacrifice.  Dessert, friendships, movies, parties, college, vacations, good books and family are just a few of the things put on hold by athletes in training.  It is common for families to move across the country or travel great distances to be closer to an Olympic-level coach.  Sacrifices are many.

The craziest part of the incredible sacrifice made by the athlete and the family is that some of the events take place in less than one minute.  Imagine training your entire life and sacrificing daily pleasures to compete once every four years for less than one minute?  That is desire.  That is commitment.  As Jim Collins, author of Good to Great likes to point out in a story about an athlete that goes through the trouble of rinsing off his cottage cheese~ what are you willing to do to get where you want to go?

Your Sport is Happiness.  Your game is Life.  How hard are you willing to train to win everyday?  What are you willing to commit to and what are you willing to sacrifice?  Think it takes courage to tell someone that you love them or that you are no longer in love with them?  Of course it does, however, it is pure ego that blocks you.  You are not doing back flips on a balance beam for the whole world to see.  Are you afraid to leave your job or relationship for the illusion of security?  Yes, a change may require sacrifice of fancy dinners, exotic vacations and expensive country club memberships.  Are you unwilling to let a high-paying client go because they are unethical, immoral or simply cause you grief, even though you lose sleep and feel heartburn when you have to deal with them?   Yes, like doing flips between the uneven bars, it can be scary to tell them you are ending the relationship.

You can learn a lot from watching the swimmers.  They really have no way of gauging the competition from the race.  If they pause for even one hundredth of a second to see what anyone else is doing, it could cost them the moment they have trained their whole life for.  They simply must train hard, believe they are going to win and give it their all.

It is your birthright to be Happy Healthy and Fit.  It is the ego and excuses that block you from the finish line.  Ego fuels thoughts of doubt, fear, worry, judgment and uncertainty.  When it comes to love and happiness, you may never know what it feels like to win the Gold if you are not willing to sacrifice ego and risk it all.  If you fall, at least it won't be front page news.  Who cares if you tell someone you love them and they don't say it back?  When it's your time to shine, show up, check your ego at the door and throw your heart into it.  Get off the couch and get in the game!  Let Go and Let Gold!  Life is Short. Make yours Magical!

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