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Friday, August 10, 2012

Feeling Bullied, Attacked or Under Fire? Stop! Drop! And Roll!

Sometimes things spontaneously combust, sometimes things ignite out of carelessness or unconsciousness action.  Fire can be one of the most destructive elements on the planet.  One little candle or match has the potential to destroy anything flammable in its way taking lives, hopes and dreams.

It makes perfect sense, that one of the first things children learn is what to do in the case of a fire.  Stop. Drop. And Roll.  Year after year, the firemen go to elementary schools and teach this same lesson.  Chances are you never needed to use this knowledge, but having it imprinted into your brain is about to become life changing.

More than likely, at some point in your day, week or year, you will feel like you are under fire or under attack.  Being attacked for your thoughts and actions practically guarantees you will go on the defensive.  After all, it is human nature to react under attack.  The trouble with jumping to defend yourself and/or your words or actions is that not only is it unnecessary, it is dangerous.

Dangerous?  Yes.  Fighting fire with fire only escalates the situation and ultimately turns everything to ash.  Fire destroys forests, books, homes and everything along the way.  Anger is the same as fire, only it destroys relationships: personal and professional.

Different people are going to have different perspectives and points of view based on their own life experiences in this lifetime and perhaps previous lifetimes.  This doesn't make either one right or wrong, better or worse, only different.  

What are you to do in the case of a metaphorical 'fire'?  Why of course, you are to Stop! Drop! And Roll!   If you can, STOP what you are doing.  DROP to the floor.  AND ROLL out your yoga mat!  If that is just not available or you don't practice yoga or even if you do practice yoga, but don't like that answer then STOP reacting.  DROP your ego. AND ROLL into Gratitude!  Your safe haven of Happiness is within Reach!

STOP feeling the need to defend yourself.  Stop firing back a nasty text message or email.  Stop dialing the phone to rant to the attacker or to rant about the attacker to someone else.  Stop your mind from racing out of control with all of the reasons you are right.  Stop planning your revenge.  Just STOP!  Any words spoken or actions taken in a reactive manner are going to be the equivalent of throwing water on a grease fire.  STOP and take a deep breath, especially if you are being attacked in person.  It is your ego that is feeling bruised.  Why do you care what someone thinks of you?  It really doesn't matter.  The truth is if there wasn't a little truth there, you wouldn't really care.  Stop thinking about your next move and just listen.  If someone is looking for a fight and you don't give it them, they are like a fire that has run out of things to burn and will simply burn out.

DROP your ego!  Drop to a place of humility.  You will find great strength there.  Your ego is the heaviest thing you own.  It holds you back and weighs you down.  It is your ego that feels the need to justify your actions and defend your words.  It is your ego that is highly flammable!

AND ROLL into Gratitude!  If you can literally roll into something like a shoulder stand or headstand, you will quickly be able to change your perspective and point of view.  Seems crazy, but this little exercise serves to remind you that different people see things different ways.  If you cannot roll into a yoga pose, you can roll into someone else's shoes.  You can work to see things from their point of view.  If you positively cannot see anything rational then go ahead AND ROLL out your creativity into a story about how the person you feel is attacking you just found out a loved one has cancer, lost a family pet, has an abusive spouse or a developmentally disabled child.  Find compassion for their behavior and Gratitude for your own Happy, Healthy and Fit life.  Trust that you never really know what just happened to them, but your compassion may help to extinguish some of their own anger.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means when you sense Fire, you STOP! DROP! AND ROLL baby!  Together we can elevate the consciousness of the planet!  Life is Short.  Make yours Magical!!

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