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Friday, August 17, 2012

Embrace your Best Teachers! Experience & Pain

Several weeks ago I was in the middle of teaching yoga when I felt my back suddenly lock up.  The pain was off the charts.  I spent the rest of the class speaking the sequences and demonstrating none.  When I could hardly roll up my mat, I felt my spirit sink.

Pain is the most amazing distraction.  When you are in pain, it takes tremendous focus to think of anything other than the pain.  This is true on a physical level, as well as, an emotional level.  Whether it is the physical pain of a stubbed toe, broken bone, sliced finger, migraine, back pain or the emotional pain of fear, anxiety, loss, illness, addiction or a broken heart; pain is pain and it can be all-consuming.

Pain has the ability to drag you down into a lowly vibration or state of depression.  Depression leads to isolation.  Isolation means you have cut yourself off from giving and receiving love. Just as a plant without water and sunshine will soon wither, a soul without love quickly bitters toward life.

I am still not certain what I did to my back in that moment, and the truth is, it probably happened over time.  However, I witnessed how quickly pain can tax your spirit.  Considering I don't believe in coincidences, I knew I needed to look for the good in the bad.  It was bad.  I could not practice yoga.  I could not run.  I could not stand without pain.  I could not sit without pain.  I could not even sleep without pain.

Then, I remembered a statistic I have heard many times: 8 out of 10 people suffer from some sort of back pain.  As a yoga teacher, I want to be able to help everyone to feel better.  I know I can help athletes and overachievers.  I am confident I can teach others to build strength and increase flexibility.  I am even certain I can awaken the most unconscious of beings, even if only for a split second.  I can teach others to slow down their breathing and manifest change.  I can teach these things, because I have learned these things from the best teachers: experience and pain.

What I had never experienced was back pain.  The moment I started to share with some students that I was healing my back pain, several opened up about the same lower back pain.  As I am 95% better, I rejoice not just in my own freedom, but in the newfound and renewed compassion for all beings walking around masking their physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Whenever you experience pain, trust that you are not alone.  Do not be defeated by the pain.  Turn your isolation into connection.  Do not attach to your pain, but use it for spiritual gain.  I know in my heart that experiencing back pain has made me a better yoga teacher and more compassionate being.  Today, seek the good in every experience especially your disappointments.

Remember your mantra~ I Am Happy Healthy and Fit!  Thoughts become things so just keep saying it, writing it, thinking it and Becoming it!  Life is Short.  Make yours Magical!

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