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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are you Stuck in the Petrified Forest When PARADISE is Waiting?

If fear can petrify an entire forest, imagine what it can do to you?  If Love moves mountains, imagine that too......

Fear comes from your head.  Perhaps you have heard of paralysis by analysis?  Over thinking is a surefire way to keep you stuck where you are.  Suddenly every direction appears intimidating.  This leaves you stuck exactly where you are.  It seems like the safest path.

Consider this~ the only thing scarier than making a change is staying the same.  Even what actually appears to be stagnant may be in the slow process of decay.  What is not growing is dying.

Choosing love is listening to your heart and trusting the rest.  Have confidence in your own truth.  Paradise is found through health, happiness and harmony.  It doesn't matter what is going on in your head or heart at this moment.

Understand that if you feel stuck in a petrified forest, the only way out is up.  An airplane isn't coming to save you.  Up is an elevation of consciousness.  Decide what paradise looks like to you and then show up to your current life situations in the spirit of love.  Do the very best you can at the job you hate, shower your partner with love and affection, even if you are contemplating a split up.  Cook with love, even if the kitchen is your nemesis.  The more you dislike something, the more love you need to bring.  Love is free and plentiful, you just need to turn off your ego and turn on your heart.  Stop justifying your misery with excuses.

If you are thinking it is illogical and impossible to get to where you want to be from where you are right now, quiet the voices in your head.  The heart does not speak the language of illogical and impossible.  True Love is unstoppable.

Run, run, run fearlessly in the direction of your heart.  Paradise is waiting!!

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