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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Power of Believing! What if you Could Walk on Water?

Are you a DREAMer or a DOUBTer? 

Perhaps you have heard of the relatively new sport known as Liquid Mountaineering.  This could also be translated as walking on water.

This little YouTube video made my heart burst with joy.  It is worth your three minutes.  In fact, I watched it twice.  There is something wildly contagious about the narrator's enthusiasm and passion.  Yes, he believes he can walk on water.  The key word is Belief.

When you have belief in your heart, you can do anything you set out to do.  Simply apply focus, persistence and discipline.  Seeking acceptance and approval takes momentum from your dreams and can quickly diminish your confidence.

Can you imagine what people would say if you told them that you believed you could walk on water?  What would you say if someone told you they could walk on water?

After watching this little fun video, I encourage you to take a moment and observe your own attitude.  Did you feel inspired and experience a surge in your energy level?  Or, did you observe yourself to be a doubter and think things like 'that's not really walking on water...'

Your own beliefs create the confines of your limitations or the infinite possibilities of no limitations.  Next time someone approaches you with a dream, can you be that one person who believes in them?   Next time someone laughs at your dream, just smile and run, run, run fearlessly in the direction of your heart.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means having the courage to believe nothing is impossible even Liquid Mountaineering!

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