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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ready for SOUL-Full Living? When your Soul Speaks, LISTEN!

One of my favorite teachings of yoga is that yoga is not about adding anything.  It is about removing what does not serve you to reveal your True Self also known as atman in Sanskrit.

Great back bends, handstands and splits may be demonstrated by a gymnast, but alone they are not necessarily the path to peaceful bliss or samadhi where is attained.  Mastering a yoga pose may feel like a great accomplishment, but do not let this be the end result or an obstacle on the path to your Soul-full life.

Do you ever have those moments where you get a spark of inspiration and you feel an intense wave of excitement run up and down your spine?  You cannot wait to tell someone, try the recipe, make the phone call, write down the idea, begin research or take whatever action you were just inspired to take.  Your whole body is emblazoned and your mind empowered.  Your spirit is energized and your soul is glowing.  You are on fire!

This feeling is an elevation of consciousness.  Your True Self which is a spark of Light is connected to the light of the Divine.  Acting as a channel, you are open to receiving divine inspiration.  That sensation running through you up and down your spine is energy working its way through your energy centers from inspiration at the crown to manifestation at the root.

Yogis recognize these centers as chakras, but even non-yogis may be fascinated to know that the greatest 'thinkers' and inventors of all time attribute their success and findings to channeling the divine, even and especially things like the Periodic Table of Elements.

If you have ever felt this sensation of energy rushing through you, take a moment to recall the feeling.  In that moment, your soul was speaking.  It may have been around a seemingly outlandish idea that friends and family would shun, but listen closely, for that is the voice of your True Self.  It may be the moment you realize that you want to quit your high paying job and become a yoga teacher, get a divorce, have a child, move across the country, climb a high mountain, sell off all of your worldly possessions, grow your own vegetables, lead retreats, start your own clothing line, radio show, magazine, be, do or have anything that makes you feel energized and purposeful.

If you occasionally experience glimpses of this sensation or if you have never experienced it, it is time to draw back the curtains and let the Light into your Life.  Your soul is like the sun, it is always shining.  Sometimes you cannot see it, because it is hidden behind a cloud, a time zone or even a tree.  You know it is always there.  The same is true for your soul.  When you are not radiating, your true essence, it is simply being blocked by fear, doubt, worry, judgment, uncertainty or ego.  Just as one tree can create the illusion that the sun is not out, one thought can keep you from shining purposefully.

The practice of yoga is designed to quiet the mind and body, to rid the distractions and reveal the true self: the spark of life is your purest form and greatest good.  Tap in and tune into this spark and vibration of love.  When you feel the tiniest spark, pay attention to what inspired it.  Even the greatest of flames begins with a single spark.

The 3rd chakra is associated with the soul.  It is the area around your solar plexus.  You can bring energy and attention to this area to jump start your soul-full exploration.  The color yellow stimulates this chakra.  Eat yellow foods.  Wear yellow clothing. Buy yellow flowers.  Notice yellow. Turn down the volume on the naysayers and turn up the volume on your Soul.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means discovering, listening to and feeding your SOUL.  It is the path to creating your Best Life.  Life is Short.  Make yours Magical and Soul-Full!


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