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Friday, July 13, 2012

Food & Consciousness~ Eat Your Way to LOVE!

If carrots can improve your vision, see what else you can open your eyes too: heart, lungs, Creativity and LOVE!

You are what you eat from your head down to your feet!  I can remember learning about the Four Food groups back as early as the second grade.  Sometime later they morphed into what you now know as the Food Pyramid.  The serving sizes and amounts have changed, but the message remains the same.

On the surface level, you can deduce that if you eat healthy foods, you will have a healthy body and mind, and if you choose unhealthy foods, you will have an unhealthy body and mind.  On a deeper level, TCM doctors and Ayurvedic Healers know that food contains consciousness.  The you are what you eat technology has been helping people to heal and awaken for thousands of years.

If you look at a carrot sliced into a circle, you can see that it resembles the shape of an eye.  You can actually see the organ it heals.  The same is true of walnuts resembling the brain, olives and ovaries, citrus and mammary glands, grapes and lung alveoli, kidney beans and kidneys, the list goes on and on!

Interestingly, food has played a significant role in human development since the beginning of time.  Recently I was listening to a Swami speak at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas about the age-old question of 'where do we come from?'  Of course, there is the obvious Mom and Dad, followed by the egg and sperm.  When it comes to where the egg and sperm come from, it is about the foods you eat.  Again, you are what you eat.

You can heal your body parts by eating the fresh foods that resemble them, but what about improving your energy centers, psychic listening skills and creativity???  It's true~ Food is Consciousness!  Need to slow down?  Eat snails.  Want to be more creative?  Try mushrooms ( and I don't mean those!) Need to raise your vibrations? Choose high flying fruits like pineapple and mangos!  Feeling flighty and need to be grounded? Add potatoes or other root vegetables to your diet.

Want more LOVE?  Remember love is like electricity!  It is always there just waiting for you to tap in.  Open and Expand your heart consciousness with foods eagerly sharing their own love!  See the hearts bursting out of the beets and strawberries pictured here.  Aside from being red on the outside, the hearts they reveal are shaped like Valentine's Day hearts.  Love is everywhere when you open your eyes and heart to it!

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing that Love is in the Air and everywhere when you are aware of the Love in your Food.  You are what you what you eat, so slow down and be creative.  Let your conscious be your guide and Eat Your Way to Love!  Want more love?  Be more Love!

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