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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Craze for Convenience~ What's Your True Cost?

In today's fast-paced society, it seems that convenience outweighs pretty much everything including health, wealth and happiness.  It would almost appear that America is built on convenience.  People are willing to spend freely for faster responses, cheaper quality and less than stellar results.

Cell phone companies, Convenience stores, fast food establishments and plastic surgeons are just a few of the obvious forces behind the craze.  Just as in the moment, it would be more convenient to lie, cheat and steal than tell the truth and face the consequences.  Convenience can can come with consequences.   What you force today, you will have to fix tomorrow.

Cell phone providers continue to distribute newer and faster phones.  Quick is the consumer to overlook fees for breaking their contract simply to have the latest technology.  Improving the quality of life, reducing stress and increasing happiness do not necessarily come into play.

If you have ever stepped foot into a Convenience Store, you will find lots of pre-packaged foods with expiration dates extending out months and possibly years, beer, alcohol, tobacco products, soda, donuts, candy bars and chips.  Prices are expected to be high, but you have been trained that you are paying for convenience.  With so many colorful wrappers in reach, it is easy to make poor choices for consumption.  Shopping at the Convenience store may save you some time, but what is the cost to your wallet, habits and health?

The same is true for fast food.  It is no longer a secret that sand is an approved ingredient to to be mixed in with 'beef' burgers or 'beef' tacos.  Mix these choices with a diet soda known to contain formaldehyde and you have turned your body into a science experiment or toxic dumping ground.  It may not seem like a big deal today, but what is the cost of disease on your mind, body, spirit, wallet and loved ones?

It is easier to buy your own fresh cut flowers then it is to plant a garden.  Although the first option produces an immediate flower for your enjoyment, the second brings beauty over a season and possibly year after year.  This is evidence patience and inconvenience can produce lasting results, not to mention for a fraction of a bouquet, you can buy seeds to produce flowers that will reproduce seeds and bring you infinite flowers.

Practicing yoga at a studio may not be the most convenient or affordable way to go.  However, how often do you say that you will practice at home and then never make the time?  In fact, exercise and change in diet is not always convenient or fun, especially when you believe you can run out for liposuction or lap band surgery.  Shopping for and preparing healthy foods can cost a little more today and take a little longer, but what is the cost of restricted diets and pricey prescriptions in the future?

It can certainly take some effort and a bit longer to make higher and better choices in life.  They may not always be the most convenient, but chances are you will be produce better results and longer lasting fulfillment.

Take a moment and notice what you force in your life, cut corners on or pay more for just for the sake of convenience.  Does that option really save you anytime or money?  Does it bring you anymore love, joy or happiness?  The True cost of Convenience isn't always obvious or instant, but chances are you are sacrificing your own lasting Happiness for the sake of fleeting pleasure.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means recognizing and acknowledging your true cost when it comes to convenience.

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