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Monday, July 30, 2012

Feel Like a Walking Contradiction? Honor Your Humanness

Sometimes I watch the phone ring and I don't answer it.  Sometimes I call back right away and sometimes I never return the call.  Sometimes I laugh when nothing is funny and sometimes I cry when nothing is sad.  Sometimes I roll through stop signs and accelerate through red lights.  Sometimes I am so engaged in texting, I hold up traffic at green lights.  Sometimes I forget to be grateful for what I have received and long for what I have not.  Sometimes I say things that hurt people's feelings and sometimes I swallow my feelings, because they hurt too much to say.  Sometimes I think the whole world is cheering for me and sometimes I think the whole world has turned against me.

Sometimes I can do the splits.  Sometimes it hurts my back to sit.  Sometimes I take candy from the bulk bins and pretend I am sampling it, knowing full well I have no intention of buying it.  Sometimes my shorts are too short and sometimes my hair grows too long.  Sometimes I peek at the big scale in the grocery store when a stranger is on it.  Sometimes I compare myself to others.  Sometimes I teach yoga and tell others to focus only on themselves.  Sometimes I snoop around on the internet.  Sometimes I create stories around people I have just met.  Sometimes I act like an 8 year old.  Sometimes I have the wisdom of a 108 year old.

Sometimes my next step is crystal clear and sometimes I waver as I lurk into the mysterious unknown.  Sometimes I engage in gossip and sometimes I remind others that nothing is more poisonous than gossip.  Sometimes I'm a minimalist and sometimes I'm a hoarder.

The list of contradictions goes on and on.   Although I aspire to ascend ego and reach the levels of elevated consciousness, I recognize that as long as I am on this planet,  I am engaging in the human experience.  Sometimes it is logical and sometimes it is not.  Sometimes things are as they seem and sometimes they are not.  You may never understand why you are experiencing the emotions and feelings that you are experiencing especially when you are right in them.  Perhaps you have a pain body or a pattern from this lifetime or a previous life time that is triggered in a way that you could not attempt to comprehend.

When you see a side of yourself surface that you don't like, be careful not to judge or self deprecate.  As long as you are walking on this planet, you will have some relationship to ego.  Bringing awareness and a sense of humor to your life situation is a beautiful way to Honor your Humanness.

Sometimes I really believe it is important to be right, but in my heart, I am certain it is more important to be happy.  When you fall from grace, get back up.  If you have ever shared any of these experiences or your own similar ones, embrace your humanness.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means accepting yourself exactly as you are today, while striving to reach your greatest potential without any judgment.  Life is Short.  Make Yours Magical.

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