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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yoga~ all you can eat buffet! Start Feeding your Soul!

Yoga is like a buffet.  Consider how a restaurant advertises for a buffet: Prime Rib & Shrimp, All you can eat BBQ, Shrimpfest.  There are Chinese buffets, dessert buffets and salad buffets.  The fun is discovering all the special side dishes that weren't advertised.

The downside of a food buffet is that post consumption, it tends to leave you slovenly and sedated, overloaded on fats and sugar only to be hungry again in a few hours.  Yoga feeds your soul.  Health, happiness and healing are just a few of the endless side dishes available at the Yoga buffet.

This is the beauty of yoga.  It is an infinite buffet of benefits.  Regardless of your initial attraction into the physical practice of yoga also known as asana, you will reap the other rewards as a byproduct.  More than a path to fitness and flexibility, yoga is the path to your soul.  It is the way to remove obstacles and distractions so you can see your soul clearly.

Through the physical poses you align your physical body.  You rejuvenate your body on a cellular level by bringing freshly-oxyganated blood to all of your extremities.  You find your limitations so you can lift them.

Yoga in its truest form is about liberation of soul or freedom from ego.  It is an elevation of consciousness by integrating the mind and body.  If you have ever felt the feeling of wanting to burst out of your skin, go ahead and burst out through the practice of yoga.  Try trading in your vice of excessive food, alcohol, television watching, yelling, disappearing or drugs (prescription or not) for something that will leave you feeling fulfilled.

Yoga feeds your soul, today, tomorrow and always.  Don't take my word for it.  Find a place to begin your practice.  If the first place or teacher doesn't resonate with you, try another.  If you had one bad restaurant experience, would you never eat in another restaurant again?

The regular practice of yoga has been elevating consciousness for thousands of years.  It is the best all you can eat buffet in town!  Start feeing your soul and enjoying the new side dishes of benefits as they appear.  Imagine a life of peace, tranquility, serenity, love, harmony and bliss, in addition to more energy, better relationships and overall health?  Stop looking outside and start looking inside.  Life is short.  Make yours Magical!


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