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Monday, June 11, 2012

The New Little Black Dress~ HAPPY is SEXY

You can dress up your body, but you cannot disguise your soul.  Have you ever put on an outfit one day and felt like you could take on the world and then another day feel like it just isn't working for you?

The good news is that it isn't about the outfit, it is about your essence.  You are not dressing your body.  You are dressing your soul.  Your body is like the base layer or foundation covering your soul.  The most beautiful and extravagant garments cannot bring beauty to your soul.  The most beautiful souls do not need costumes to attract a crowd.

The idea behind the little black dress is one to make you feel sexy.  To be sexy is to be attractive.  To be attractive is to be attractable.  By definition, this means bringing energy to you like a magnet.  Happiness is the sexiest dress you can wear.  You cannot buy it and you cannot hide it.  When you are happy, you can show up on any dance floor and attract a crowd.  What you are wearing on the outside is of no significance.

Little black dresses will come and go.  Styles will change, but happiness is timeless.  You will not find it in your closet.  You will find it out in the world.  You will find it when you come to love and accept your body and mind.  You will find happiness when you stop looking for it in a catalogue and realize that it is inside of you just patiently waiting for your ego to quiet down.

Happiness comes when you realize that you don't need to try to attract anything, you simply need to be Happy.  True happiness comes from helping others to see the best in themselves.  The Law of Attraction will guarantee that others will see the same in you.

Today, instead of shopping for one more thing like you already have, look inside yourself.  Open your mind to your inner beauty and the infinite possibilities of right here right now.  Happiness is Now.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means putting on your secret New little black dress everyday.  After all Happy is the new Sexy.  When you feel better, you look better.  Life is short.  Make yours Magical.

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