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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Motivation becomes Momentum~ Be a Sunflower. Be Unstoppable!

It's hard to look at a sunflower and not smile.  It is Evidence of Growth and Transformation.

In April, I wrote a blog about Joyful planting Today reaping a Blissful tomorrow.  I had planted sunflower seeds into a plastic bin.  Just over two months have passed since these planted seeds have take on a life of their own, literally.  The amazing results inspired me to draw parallels to yoga, love and life. Believe in yourself and your dream.  Pour your heart into what you believe in and trust that the universe supports you.  Motivation turns into momentum and you will be like a sunflower: unstoppable.

When I looked at the picture on the package of seeds, I knew that if I followed the directions, I would be rewarded with similar results.  The same is true of anything you desire to grow or grow into.  If one person can start a business, write a book, have a loving relationship, be a speaker, artist, musician, golfer or experience a physical or spiritual transformation, so can you.  The formula is the same.

Your Dream + Discipline + Patience = Your Results Realized!

When it comes to losing weight and feeling great or replacing a bad habit with a good one, it is no secret that it can be discouraging to wait for results.

High-speed internet, plastic surgeons, automated phone systems and movies on demand have created a society seeking instant results, reduced attention spans and limited patience.   Although, this is wonderful in many ways to simplify things, it complicates others.  Infinite patience produces immediate results.

Certain things cannot be rushed.  They must be cultivated to blossom over time and fertilized with the lost magic of patience.  As a yoga teacher, it is common to see new students getting frustrated by tight hamstrings and lack of balance.  They want to rush twists and headstands, which ultimately lead to injury.  The body is like a flower and must open organically.  The same is true of relationships; personal and professional.  The bond between friends and lovers exists, but time and attention strengthens it from silver to gold.

Rushing relationships or entering into them with expectations leads to disappointment while missing out on the joy of transformation.  This is true of the relationship you have with your body and mind, as well as the relationships you have with others.  The biggest mistake you can make is to believe that nothing is happening, because you may not see instant results.

The greatest growth occurs in the darkness.  Seeds must be planted into the womb of the earth.  There, they will gestate, shed their shell and give birth to a sprout in due time.  This same is true for you.  Set goals and continue to work positively and powerfully in their direction everyday.  Maybe your heels will never touch the ground in downward dog and maybe you will never do a handstand, but as long as you are working in that direction, you are making significant changes on a cellular level.  Maybe you are not working in your dream job or experiencing your dream relationship, but as long as you show up with your heart everyday, you will be unstoppable.

I promise you that when you plant one seed today for a brighter tomorrow and sprinkle it with love and patience, you will produce a fascinating result.  Do not limit yourself with expectations.  Trust that all you have to do is keep moving slowly in the direction of your best life and one day you will wake up in amazement.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means blossoming and opening up to the infinite possibilities of life, while enjoying the process.  Be a sunflower.  Be unstoppable.  Life is Short.  Make Yours Magical.

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