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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Tune with the New Moon

If the New Moon can cause high tides and earthquakes, it certainly can make souls shake!  

Stepping onto the beach Sunday morning, it was obviously high tide.  The tide rolls in and out everyday, but it was too significantly high to ignore that something greater was going on.  Driving along the intracoastal waterway, it was apparent that some docks were actually submerged.

The New Moon was on its way and arrives today.  Whether you believe in the effects of the changing moon on the mind and body or not, the effects to the tide are undeniable.  Knowing that the body consists almost entirely of water, it only makes sense that gravity would effect humans and animals, as well as plants and the ocean.

Farmers and sailors have been planning by the effects of the moon since the beginning of time.  Considering they could not check the Internet, they had to tune into the frequency and vibrations of consciousness.  Knowledge is power.  The best way not to be subject to the effects of the moon is to be aware of them and the shifts they create.

History shows that some of the greatest earthquakes have occurred during the time of the New Moon.  This is a result of the extreme gravitational force, the same one that pulls the tide extra high.

If the effects of the New Moon have the power to create earthquakes and shift oceans, isn't it remotely possible that humans can feel slightly pulled off center and temperamentally short fused?

The influences of the Moon on human affairs has been documented back to the ancient Hindus.  It is known that the moon produces no light of its own and draw light by attracting it from the Sun.  The Light received by the moon is in the form of Light waves or vibrations.  The vibrations are then reflected or refracted from the moon to the earth.  Based on the distance the moon is from the sun, the vibrations vary.

To counter the effects of lunacy and New Moon energy, consider slowing down your thoughts and actions.  Spend some time in meditation.  Traditional ashtanga yoga practitioners will not even practice yoga on the New Moon or Full Moon.  If you are feeling subject to negative or low vibrational energy from other people, find compassion, they are just being affected by the New Moon.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means tuning into the greater consciousness.  Get in tune with the New Moon.  Life is Short.  Make yours Magical!

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