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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Words have Wings~ Choose Compassion over Criticism

Without a doubt words are the most potent seeds of creation and the powerful weapon of mass destruction.  High vibrational words intellectualize thoughts and ideas to birth dreams, while low vibrational words poison and kill people and potential.

Words have wings.   You have no real way of measuring just how far they will fly.  Every time you open your mouth to speak, be mindful of the power of your tongue.  The difference between war and peace is determined by words.

Words cause wars.  Words bring hope for peaceful resolutions.  Words bite.  Words sting.  Words erode confidence and relationships.  Words sing.  Words dance. Words fertilize and grow hope and dreams.

The other day I overheard an elderly woman commenting on someone's choice of tattoo artwork.  Although, she found it interesting, her final comment was one indicating that it must have made his mother very unhappy.  It was one stranger speaking to another.  As a witness to this, he felt he needed to explain himself to me.  He said that it was a part of his healing and at the time, the physical pain of it helped to mask some of the emotional pain he was dealing with.

He did not need to explain himself to me, just as you do not need to explain yourself to another.  What I do ask you to consider is how you feel when someone makes an ignorant comment to you about anything.  Ignorance is a state of unconsciousness.  It is not intentional hurt.  Instead of being angry or taking it personal, attempt to find gratitude for the awakened feeling.  If you attach anger to your words, they will become a weapon of mass destruction, picking up momentum and wreaking havoc on everyone you speak to and everyone they speak to.  You can be a part of the problem or a part of the solution.

When it comes to words, choose yours wisely.  There is no telling just how are they will fly.  The ones that make you feel light, free and filled with possibilities will make others feel the same.  Before you open your mouth to speak, consciously ask yourself~

  • Is it kind?
  • Is it helpful?
  • Is it necessary?
Speaking just to speak creates more chaos than clarity.  Are you purifying or polluting?  Until you have walked a mile in someone else's shoes, what right have you to judge their decisions or lifestyle choices?  How can you possibly know the blisters of pain in their heart?   Know that words have wings, then consciously choose compassion over criticism.  

Going to church on Sunday or taking a yoga class is a great way to awakening consciousness, but until you are prepared to apply what you study, your words remain empty.   Dare to add soul to your knowledge.  Take the teaching outside the temple and off the mat.  

Just because someone is not bleeding or screaming out in physical pain, does not mean that they are not in pain.  Visible scars are the easy ones to spot.  Would you squash a small child's toy or dream?  That small child is very much alive in everyone you encounter.  Give hope.  Give love.  Give a kind word.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means consciously choosing high vibrational words.  Together we can change the world.  

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