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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nose to Toes~ Breathe your way to Optimal Health!

This picture makes me laugh.  It is actually a poster of the path to optimal health through ancient medicine.  It combines pranayama and asana, breath and movement, or headstand (King of all poses) with sinus cleansing.

It was taken in the midst of Yoga and Surf retreat in Nicaragua last month.  Today, I am writing from Fort Lauderdale as I wait for my flight to Nassau, Bahamas to teach a Yoga and Sports Course.  The more I teach, the more I learn and the more I am inspired to help the world to heal and become Happy, Healthy and Fit through the ancient practice of yoga.

If you look closely at the picture, you can see that the waves have rushed in and our noses are underwater, essentially our sinuses have been flooded by saltwater.

The fastest way to attaining a state of optimal health is through belly breathing in conjunction with nasal breathing.  Most people do not breathe through their nose simply because it is chronically congested.  Nasal rinsing is the easiest, non-toxic answer.  The practice of using a Neti pot has been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine.

Poor breathing contributes to a multitude of health problems including cancerous cells.  In 1931, Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for determining that only oxygen starved cells will mutate and becomes cancerous.  Just as stagnant water breeds mosquitos, stagnant blood breeds disease.  Asana or physical yoga practice is the best way to get blood flowing through all of your extremities, but it the breath that insures the blood is freshly oxygenated.

If headstand is intimidating, fear not, there are many other poses, with which, you can build up your confidence, while expanding your abdomen and rib cage.  Breath work or pranayama is simply a matter of bringing awareness to your breathing.  You don't need to stand on your head.  Know that, it is the only conscious means of improving, maintaining and repairing heartbeat, heart rate, blood pressure, circulation, digestion, hormone secretion, mental and emotional states.  Conscious breathing is a magic non-pill.

Ancient yogis knew the Truth and modern research and science are in agreement.  Once the body is healthy, nourished and calmed through breath work, you will know optimal health, peak performance and your body can soar to its full potential.

Ready to brighten your complexion, clear up your sinuses, improve your mental and physical balance and overall quality of life?  Get busy breathing consciously.  It is free, available and the path to being Happy Healthy and Fit!

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  1. You can wear them to help stretch out your toes and straighten them. They've helped me tremendously with foot and lower-leg problems.