Happy Healthy and Fit

Friday, May 25, 2012

Cash in on Passion~ Your Inbox is a Golden Treasure Chest!

Open your Mind.  Open your Heart and Open your Emails!
Life is but a Dream, Your Dream!

Before you delete or defer replying to one more email, consider it may contain the key to unlock your dreams.  After all, your inbox is a place of receiving.  Your emails can be a treasure map to endless pots of gold or in my case Love, Passion and Adventure.

Faith requires a shovel is one of my favorite lines.  There is so much truth there.  It can also be interpreted as Faith + Action = Results.  The secret is that it doesn't have to be a big shovel or a huge action.  A little bit of momentum is all you need to get moving in the direction of your dream life.

The good news is that the shovel and the action can be one.  Metaphorically speaking, hitting reply to an email can be enough to produce the momentum you need.

Over the years, I have attended several classes on social media as an effective marketing tool.  Usually I would leave a bit overwhelmed.  Twitter on Tuesday and Thursday.  Keep your FaceBook professional.  Use LinkedIn to connect to likeminded people.  Then came things like YouTube, Flikr and list goes on and on.  What I did hear was that the average person receives between 80-250 messages a day.  With those numbers, it is easy to agree that it is nearly impossible to notice everything.

In the past six months, between 4 email addresses and the daily allotment of incoming messages, I discovered two Golden nuggets, or in fact, the maps to a life of Love, Passion and Adventure.  One was disguised as an email from a friend connecting me to another friend.  My dear friend, from Canada was emailing me in Arizona to connect me to his friend in Nicaragua, who coordinates yoga retreats.  Really he was forwarding something to me that he received from her.  For some reason, I opened that email and was intrigued.  I hit 'reply all' and the rest is history.  I went from working in an office dreaming of teaching yoga and inspiring others to live their best life to actualizing this dream in Nicaragua and the Bahamas.

Shortly after opening the email from Canada, I received an email from Florida.  It was sent through LinkedIn and consisted entirely of one line.  Again, it was enough of a line to elicit a response.  I hit reply and returned a brief line.  The sender happened to be my first love and I happened to be on my way to Florida in two weeks.  We hadn't spoken in 18 years.  The rest is also history.

Had I been too busy to reply to those two emails, I may still be working in an office, squishing my feet into high heels and dreaming of love, passion and adventure in far away places.  Instead, I squish sand with my feet and know that dreams come true when you have faith and a shovel or a reply button on your computer.  Today, I have a life of love, passion and adventure.  Whatever, it is your are seeking, trust that it is closer than you could imagine.  First, find ways to help other people and then trust that the Universe will deliver exactly what you ordered.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means Opening your mind, heart and Inbox to the infinite possibilities waiting for you.  Life is but a dream~ your Dream!


  1. Randi you really hit the nail on the head once again. I truly believe that we will find those that we are destined to be with, whether through technology (which of course enabled a spontaneous out of the blue trip to nicaragua, where I feel I connected to life long friends) or through a physiclal chance encounters. I find so many coincidences happening lately, enabled by the opening of the heart and the mind. Hugs! Shannon

  2. Keep tuning into the synchronicities! They are always there to remind you of when you are moving in the right direction. It is the awareness that ebbs and flows. The magic is always present! There are no coincidences. xoxoxox