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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Who are Your People and Do you Truly Live Namaste?

Have you ever heard anyone refer to another person or group and say, "they are not my kind of people."

This inspires me to ask what exactly are kinds of people?

Last night just after dusk, I walked past a bus stop located in the midst of a strip mall. There must have been ten people gathered waiting for the bus. Most were over 50 and each one clutching a dollar in their hand waiting for the aluminum tube to pick them up and transport them to their next destination. My eyes met the gaze of an older woman and we exchanged smiles. I saw her light and she saw mine.

This moment triggered me to ask, do you ever wonder someone's story? What happens between birth, life and clutching that dollar as one waits for the city bus. When I smiled with that woman, a warm feeling came over my heart. Perhaps, she has had a full and happy life and is happy and content now.

There is no reason to pity another human. To pity another human is to judge them. The moment you pass judgment, you cut yourself off from their magic. As long as they are still breathing, there exists a light inside. To pity is to see no hope. To smile is to ignite the spirit of another. In that moment, she reminded me that at your very essence and core, you are all the same. Whether you are driving an expensive car or riding the city bus, you are all the same. You come into this world with an inhale and leave this world with an exhale.

True Happiness results when you can see all other beings as yourself. Instead of fearing those who seem different from you due to skin color, gender, height, weight, language, socio-economic class or any other illusionary boundary, can you see everyone as the same, as One.

In yoga, you say Namaste, which means the Light or Divine inside of me recognizes and honors the Light and Divine inside of you. This is not to be reserved for your relationship with you and your yoga teacher, but to be shared with all the people you are blessed to encounter.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means expanding your consciousness by releasing all judgments and allowing your heart to open and connect to all the hearts of the world. Namaste~

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