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Monday, April 30, 2012

Ready for True LOVE? Start Cracking Coconuts

What do coconuts have to do with true love??

I love coconut.  I love coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut ice cream, coconut cake, coconut frosting, coconut cream pie and of course, coconut dipped in chocolate.  Unfortunately, I must confess, I have always settled for these coconut byproducts, because I have been completely intimidated by coconuts.  Seems, I have also settled for love stories, romance novels, reading about love and writing about love.  Perhaps, the truth is, I was shelled from true love and happy to settle for these byproducts.

The heart is like a coconut.  The tough shell does a great job of protecting the juicy interior: the flesh, the meat, the delicious fruit.  As long as the shell stays on the coconut, it provides risk to those who come in contact with it.  After all, you are more apt to trip over one or get hit the head when one falls from a tree, then you are to ever taste it with the shell on.  A coconut in its shell, brings limited joy, except for the occasional imaging of the potential of the fruit inside.  Ultimately, if never cracked open, the coconut will dry out and fail to reach its greatest potential.  The same is true of the heart.

The fruit of the heart is the love that is contained deep inside.  Often hardened by pain, suffering, anger, doubt and fear, the ego creates a protective layer, much resembling that of a coconut.  A closed heart can lash out and cause great damage like a snake spewing poison.  True love is that selfless love that is hidden beneath the layers. Once the heart is cracked open, that love can flow freely and take infinite forms and bring great joy to many.

Recently, I decided that I didn't want the aftermarket, processed coconut products, I wanted to enjoy coconut in its truest form.  I decided to approach that hard nut and attempt to crack it.  There, I learned that the way to open a coconut is to find one of the three eyes located in the small side and feel for the soft one, essentially that tiny area of vulnerability.  Simply press into it and allow the juice inside to slowly drain from the small opening.  Once it is drained, gently tap on the side until it cracks open.  Then, crack it into smaller pieces and gently use a spoon to pull the flesh out.

To really connect to someone's heart, you must realize that it too may be hardened like a coconut.  The shell was created in an attempt to protect the heart from further hurt.  The shell is not personal and didn't develop overnight.  To tap into someone's heart, look for that small soft spot and connect.  Let them slowly pour out some of their pain, at their own pace and just listen.  Judgment will stop the flow and you will not be able to crack the coconut or open the heart.

Just as I could keep eating coconut byproducts and fearing the work to crack a real coconut, you can keep reading about love, writing about love, dreaming about love, watching movies and love stories on television, or you can learn to crack open your heart and the hearts of those you love so you can enjoy more than your imagination and tap into the most powerful vibration in the universe: true love.  If you want to bring more love into your heart, practice cracking coconuts.  Be willing to allow that small soft eye of vulnerability to be exposed.

Once you realize that your own heart has characteristics of a coconut, you will know that so do the hearts of others.  Don't be intimidated by the hard exterior of anyone or anything.  Trust the good stuff is buried deep inside somewhere.

Stop settling for byproducts.  The real thing is waiting!  Go ahead do the work.  True love is waiting inside of your toughened heart.  Let your pain out and love in.

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