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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No Spanish? Know Smiles! Speak Fluent LOVE!

Being in Nicaragua has reminded me the importance of the Universal Language, the language of Love. Upon landing here, I realized that my Spanish is non-existent. For some reason, even the very basic word Hello or Ola has slipped my mind. The nighttime two and half hour taxi ride from airport to hotel was a sobering event

Instead of panicking at the idea of being in a 3rd world country with no understanding of the language, I embraced the opportunity to speak the truth. The truth is spoken without words anyway. The moment we add words into conversation, we digress and our thoughts lose their meaning. Thoughts are multi-dimensional. Words are limited by definition. Consider the word chair. Chair is used to describe something that you sit on, but chair has 10,000 faces. Chairs can be wood, metal, plastic, plush or cushioned. They can go outside, inside, at the dining room table, living room table, classroom or office. I use this example to show how one simple word can be interpreted infinite ways.

The power of smile is enough to bridge the gap and turn the unhelpful into the helpful. A smile from the heart means the same thing in every language. I am sightly sad to say that in over a week I have not learned any new Spanish words, but have really tuned the dialect of my heart language. My eyes sparkle, my spirit dances and my soul is connected to all of those I meet. Through gestures, intuition and warm smiles I have learned to fluently speak the language of LOVE.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means communicating to every one in every way with loving kindness. See language, not as a limitation, but as an opportunity to communicate in the highest possible way through universal Love.

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