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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make Daily Yoga your Magic Pill!

As a yoga student, practitioner and teacher, I have observed many magical transformations over the years. Relief from physical pain, as well as emotional pain and other limiting vibrations like anger, fear, worry; doubt, shame, sadness and uncertainty seem to melt away.

Yoga provides all the amazing benefits that you secretly seek in a magic pill. Imagine being at peace with your body; loving the way you feel and look. Imagine an existence free from anxiety and regret. Imagine feeling fully energized and inspired, while relaxed and comfortable in your own skin. Imagine seeing the whole world as new friends who have come to your party, you just haven’t met them all yet.

Sound crazy? For thousands of years, yoga, by definition has been a skillful means to attain all those magical results. Yoga is the yoking or union of mind and body to soul and the yoking or union of the individual soul to the universal soul. Yoga is the path to self-love and self-mastery and ultimately universal love.

Stop Imaging and start celebrating! Enjoy a daily yoga practice and you will you know daily magic!


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