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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Joyful Planting Today Reaps Blissful Blooms Tomorrow

Like a King's belly full of the richest foods in the land, my heart is content with joy and my spirit rich with possibilities. Resuscitating a plant that had been left for dead inspired me to get busy with spring planting. For with belief, attention, love and light thoughts and seeds will transform out of their sedentary state into their greatest potential. You too can feast on life's infinite possibilities.

With dirt deep under my fingernails and cuticles torn back from digging into soil, I am reminded that you reap what you sow in the garden and in life. Sowing requires some action. It is amazing how long you can spend thinking about something and then the actual minuscule amount of time required to perform the action of getting the process started to produce a desired result.

The directions on the packets of seeds I planted reveal, not just how to grow sunflowers, but the simple process of manifestation, to cultivation, to fruition and actualization. These seeds require 7-14 days to break ground and 70-75 days to reach full bloom. Seventy to seventy-five days seems like a long ways away. Upon hearing that it will take over 2 months to see any results from your efforts, impatience can be a strong deterrent.

Growing flowers is like growing a healthy habit. Start with a decision, clear away the debris, also known and negativity, doubt, uncertainty and fear. Plant the seeds 8 inches apart and water evenly. Trust in the spiritual laws and natural order of things. In seven to 14 days, you will begin to see a small result. Whether you call it Karma or Cause and Effect, planting seeds unleashes potential.

Ironically, if you leave the seeds confined in their package, they will never do anything. Each seed is the remnant of a life that preceded it and inside each seed exists infinite beautiful gardens. When you decide to take your life in a positive and pure direction, you bring light to your own potential. It doesn't matter what you did yesterday, last week or last year, from those experiences, you can pull one seed and infuse it with love and light. You can spend your whole life thinking and talking about losing weight, starting a business, quitting tobacco, getting your degree, mending strained relationships, taking a yoga class or planting a garden.

Getting started is 80% of success, but results require discipline and patience. Your thoughts are your seeds and your mind is your garden. You are rich with potential and can be satiated with contentment. Life is short. Feast on your dreams tomorrow by planting your seeds today. Seventy to seventy-five days are going to come and go with the blink of an eye. You can choose to remain the same or you can choose to transform and grow.

It doesn't matter how your life situation may appear. Could it be any smaller, more destitute or insignificant than a dying plant or dried seed? Plant the seeds to whatever you desire today. Apply constant and conscious intention and within 75 days you will be richly rewarded. Go ahead and get started!

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means creating the life of your dreams by joyfully planting seeds today for a blissful tomorrow.

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