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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thank Life's Training Wheels: Find the Courage to Ride Happy and Be Free!

There is something amazingly powerful about watching a child learn to ride a bike. There is excitement about Freedom. The child innately knows that they will independently be able to go farther and faster than ever before. You are that child.

The idea of the bike is magnificent. The reality is, it takes courage to go from a balanced tricycle to a bicycle. It is common to exchange the third big wheel for a set of two smaller wheels, also known as training wheels. It is an even bigger act of courage to remove the training wheels and practice balancing on two wheels, while peddling along, steering away from objects and learning to watch out for traffic. Isn't this amazing training for life?

This morning I was reflecting upon how you learn to ride a bike. You are expected to crash a few times and fall a few times. Bumps, bruises and perhaps a stitch or two are all considered part of the process. Looking back you can see each progression as exactly that. At some point, you may even trade in your standard bike for a beach cruiser, BMX bike, mountain bike or racing bike. It is easy to feel gratitude for the training wheels that gave you the confidence to take bike riding to the next level.

It takes the same courage to be Happy and Free, as it did to learn to ride a bike. Instead of training wheels, you have relationships. It is only natural that you will outgrow certain ones. Learn to look back fondly on each experience with gratitude. Would you feel anger or regret, because you used training wheels to learn to ride a bike? Of course not. That how you learn. It was exactly what you needed at that time. You do not look back and curse your tricycle or first bicycle, but instead warmly appreciate the time you shared, the things you learned and the confidence to grow.

Although training wheels help you learn to ride a bicycle freely, eventually they will hinder your progress and slow you down. You can become dependent on them like a crutch and never realize your potential. There comes a time when you must release your training wheels and ride free. It takes courage and you may face fear and acquire some bumps and bruises. Alternatively, you will find it harder and harder to stay the same.

It takes great courage to be Happy and Free. It means leaving behind your training wheels and trusting in the unknown. Your training wheels may be the certainty of your relationship, marriage, career, business, home or car. It may be your low vibrational habits, drama, chaos or friend circle. At a spiritual level, you feel you are being restricted by your life situation. At a soul level, only you can restrict you. There is nothing more natural than growth.

Today, see everything that you blame for holding you back from realizing your potential, as none other than a set of training wheels. Have the courage to speak your truth. Thank whatever you are releasing and always feel gratitude even for the worst of situations. Life circumstances are like training wheels. When you are finished being held back, courageously say Thank you as you set off into another sunset.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means finding gratitude and appreciation for every lesson along the way. Life is short. Make it Magical. Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Fit. Be Free!

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