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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Secret~ Consciousness Creates Miracles!

With God, all things are possible.
~Matthew 19:26

Yesterday, I was at the grocery store in the magazine aisle looking for a book when I realized that right there next to the new releases and best sellers was the timeless book titled A Course in Miracles. Inside it contains the knowledge and recipe to make all things possible; a true treasure chest disguised by the plain blue cover and intimidating voluminous small print.

Next to it, sat the recently released book, The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne, best-selling author of the The Secret. Essentially, she put a mystical cover on it and changed the word Miracle to Magic. The Truth remains the same. If you wish to create Miracles, you must elevate your consciousness. After all, wasn't it Jesus himself who announced that yes, he had done many great things, but you will do even greater? He was speaking the Truth.

Jesus, among other elevated beings, teaches us the Power of Good Intention. Good Intention and Bad Technique supersedes Great Technique and Bad Intention. For each time you rinse a piece of fruit or a vegetable and wonder if you are really purifying it of harsh chemicals and germs, recognize that it is based on the quality of intention. Consider a baptism. The power of the purification is none other than conscious intention. The same is true of rinsing a tomato. Only you can answer, are you really purifying?

God is Consciousness. It's time to create great Miracles. The greatest Miracle is in healing hearts; purifying them of fear. Hearts pure of fear are pure Love. Love is the wand of Consciousness. With Consciousness, all things are possible. How can you laugh at a reiki practitioner, yet call Jesus a Miracle Worker? Pure of ego, they have the same good intentions, the technique becomes insignificant. As you think, so shall you be.

Make today Magical. Consciously create Miracles for others and you will be richly rewarded. Each time you wash your hands today, allow the water to be a reminder to consciously wash your heart of fear and rid your mind of low vibrational thoughts. Purify your consciousness until it becomes pure Love and you become pure Love. With Pure Love, all things are Possible.

Reading books is not enough, even the sacred texts alone cannot provide the Truth. The Truth cannot be found in a book. You must apply and practice the knowledge to make it your Truth. The study of yoga is an amazing way to elevate your consciousness and purify your mind, body and spirit. To become aware of the breath is to become aware of life. To become aware of life is to become Conscious.

Call it Magic or Call it Miracles. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing that Life is Short, Make it Magical!
Abracadabra and Namaste~

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  1. This book will take you 28 magical days of your life and by practicing with one word i.e. Gratitude can change your life.. and your mindset...

    This book is not only for reading.. you have to commit yourself to practice the things that have been described in this book . After applying the same.. I can see the changes in my life and hopefully it will change your life also.. if you follow the principles. Must read this book..