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Friday, March 2, 2012

Let Go and Let Grow! Falling Leaves Teach Transitioning with Grace

Resisting change is resisting the laws of nature.
Every inhale is preceded by an exhale. Let Go and Let Grow!

This morning as I sat in quiet contemplation, I observed nature in full swing. Some birds are flying north, while others are flying south. Some are flying solo, while others are in a flock. Some sit perched quietly, while others cry out. Each, very much alive.

Upon deeper contemplation, I began to notice the leaves falling from the giant oak tree. One at a time they slowly and gracefully float back and forth until coming to a place of rest with all those that have fallen before. Essentially, the oak tree is a whole, but really it is comprised of many individual living parts.

A tree is a wonderful teacher. It is constantly in transition. It abides by the laws of nature without resistance. In order to continue to grow, it must let go of what no longer serves. There is no attachment. For as long as the tree is living, it must be growing. The moment it stops growing, it begins to die.

The same is true for you. A life of fully-realized potential will be filled with transitions. There are the obvious ones like embryo, birth, puberty, old age and death, but along the way is filled with opportunities to grow and expand as well. For each passing moment is like a leaf falling from the tree. To hold onto the past is to hold onto dead leaves. Trust that each time you exhale, you make room for an inhale. Each time you let something go, you begin to grow.

Each time you let something go, you create space for something to blossom. Sometimes, you feel like the tree with many leaves, but in the Big Picture, you are but a leaf connected to a Bigger tree. You are supported and surrounded by collective consciousness. When you fall, fall gracefully. When parts of you fall, allow them to fall gracefully. After death comes life. After winter comes spring. It always has and it always will.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means staying connected to the Big Picture. Dissolve your ego and become one with nature. Every expansion requires some contraction.

Are you ready to realize your greatest potential? Are you ready to become one with nature? Are you ready to take your life into full bloom? Allow your beliefs that hold you back to be like falling leaves and gracefully let them to float down to join all the other things that no longer serve you. Transition into Spring 2012 with a Spring Cleanse Yoga & Surf Retreat in Nicaragua this April 15-22.
Life is Short. Make yours Magical!

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