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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kindness Purifies Toxic Relationships

Sometimes it seems that the world is full of toxic people. They literally expel some type of poison that has the force to shift you from your center and send you spiraling into a bad mood. How does this happen? Where do they come from?

If you have ever been around someone very ill or close to death, you may notice a potent scent. When the body begins to die, it starts to decompose and becomes toxic. The slowing of the blood flow and oxygen intake can no longer remove the toxins from the body and they take over. The understanding of decay in the physical body helps to understand the effect of decay in the emotional and spiritual body.

A toxic person is simply a person suffering from deep-rooted pain that has taken over like a cancer and wreaked havoc on their spirit. They are poisoned by anger and fear. The resultant effect is they emit toxic fumes disguised as selfishness, lack of consideration, insults and bullying types of behavior.

They are poisoning themselves creating disease from their own dis-ease. The truth is that we never really know what happened to someone yesterday, the day before, last month, last year or 30 years ago that imprinted them with anger and fear. No one is born with anger and fear, they are learned behaviors. Physical pain is often surrounded by inflammation and quickly treated to ward off infection. Emotional pain is also surrounded by inflammation, but more often goes untreated and creates infection.

Next time someone gets under your skin simply by existing, cuts you off in traffic, bumps you in the grocery line, sits in your seat on an airplane, challenges you in front of other people, triggers you to curl your fists up in a ball, does not appreciate your efforts, raises your body temperature or pisses you off in some other way, take a moment and notice that you have simply inhaled their infection and acquired their toxicity. Exhale slowly to regain composure and purify the situation.

The best way to handle toxic people is with kindness. Do not attempt to judge, compare or create a story as to why they are the way they are. It really doesn't matter. What does matter is that you remain pure in your intentions and don't get contaminated. Simply be kind to everyone you meet. Being kind to others is being kind to yourself. Have compassion for their spirit is infected with dis-ease. Even if you cannot dis-infect them with your kindness, you can prevent yourself from being infected.

Practicing a form of meditation, whether it is still or moving, is a great way to keep your spirit pure. The original intention of a physical yoga practice was to be able to sit comfortably for long periods of time sending love and compassion to the world. Today, find your center and notice when you lose it. Then, remember to always be kind to others, for you never know what kind of battles they are losing.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means using kindness to disinfect your world of toxic relationships.

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