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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ice Cream for Dinner! A Diet that Really Works!

Imagine if you could eat ice cream for dinner and actually be Happy Healthy and Fit? Wow!

Now you can! If you have tried one diet, chances are you have tried many: Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Soy-free, Dairy-free, reduced sodium, low fat, high protein, low carbs, master-cleanse, grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, liquid diet, the list goes on and on. With mental and dietary discipline, for 2 to 4 weeks, odds are, you produced some sort of result. The question is are you HAPPY HEALTHY and/or FIT? Likely, the answer is No to all of the above and more accurately YES to none of the above.

What is the point of embarking on a starvation diet at the expense of your Happiness? Truth is Happy people are Healthy people. What is the secret to longterm and lasting results? The greatest diet ever created requires no special supplements, no extreme exercise programs and no additional time in the kitchen. Sound too good to be true? Think again!!

Welcome to the WORRY-FREE diet. Thoughts become things. Most of your thoughts repeat over and over, 6-10 times per minutes. They are not new and exciting thoughts, but thoughts filled with anxiety about future events that have a less than 10% chance of happening. Worry causes stress and stress creates cholesterol and other toxic substances that travel through your blood stream. At least when you eat ice cream, it is only a temporary injection of toxins. Worry thoughts pump toxins all day, every day.

Imagine if you gave up worry for 30 days? Just for one moment imagine how your life would be different if you replaced your worst-case scenario thoughts with best-case scenario ones. Even now, instead of thinking that the idea of ice cream for dinner is ridiculous and would never make you Happy Healthy and Fit, replace that with the best-case thought of imagining that it would.

Take it one step further. Identify what worries you the most. Losing your job, your business, your money, your wife, boyfriend, best friend, your house? Whatever it is that worries you, write it down and really look at it on paper. Notice how often your mind drifts to fear-based thoughts of the worst thing that could happen. On the Worry-Free diet, your only recipe is to replace those thoughts with higher and better ones, like "What is the Best Possible thing that could happen here?" A dream job? Freedom? True Love? A new house?

You will be amazed with the results of the worry-free diet. Worry cause wrinkles. Worry causes high blood pressure. Worry causes heart attacks. Worry creates anxiety. Worry is the culprit behind insomnia, weight issues, twitches, addictions, relationship problems and pretty much every other affliction imaginable and unimaginable.

Instead of worrying about what you could lose, practice imagining the life you can create. As for ice cream for dinner? Yes, with the right consciousness it really will make you Happy! Happiness is the secret to being Healthy and Fit.

Stop looking outside yourself for the latest and greatest diet fads. Save your money and nourish your soul! Being Happy Healthy and Fit means being WORRY FREE everyday! Go ahead and get started. Your life is waiting. It's short, make it Magical!

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