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Monday, March 19, 2012

Exercise Gratitude~ it's a Magic Muscle

The happiest, most spirited people I know all seem to have one thing common. They are grateful. They are not grateful because they are happy and successful, they are happy and successful because they are grateful.

Your attitude is a reflection of the vibrations in your heart. When you are in gratitude, you become a powerful magnet and automatically attract magic, miracles and abundant blessings into your life. This is nothing new or secretive. For even the Holy Scriptures promise exactly, " Whoever has gratitude (now) will be given more (in the future), and he or she will have an abundance.

It is not enough to read about gratitude and expect results. For you will not experience them by understanding theory alone. The magic occurs as a result of practice. Just as reading a recipe will not fill you up and joining a gym will not get you in shape, talking about gratitude is just he first step. It is only 1% of the formula. Like a muscle, the more you work at gratitude consciously and really stretch your limitations, the stronger and powerful it becomes.

If you have ever belonged to a gym or fitness center, you may see people 'working out' for years and years and never changing their fitness level. This is the equivalent of robotically saying 'Thank you.' If you want to change your physical body, you must really show up and push yourself. You must change up your routine often. You must work every part of your body in different ways. The best results are obtained when you keep going, after your really want to quit. Breakthroughs occur when you break your own belief barriers.

You may have a barrier if you are only grateful after you have received something and that something is good. If you really want to expand the blessings in your life, you need to expand your gratitude to include the challenges, the gifts and the amazing things on the way. Be grateful for each experience and each interaction. They all contributed to to making you the perfect being you are today. Learn to be grateful for what you may have once perceived to be a loss. Find a way to be grateful for the people that get under your skin. You expand and grow where you have room for growth.

The fatest way to shift your consciousness from a low vibration to a high vibration is through gratitude. Next time, you are feeling disappointed, practice applying gratitude, by saying something like this, " I am so grateful that I didn't get invited to the party, because now I know how it feels when I make plans and don't invite other people." Or, "I am so grateful that I lost that client, because I felt like we didn't really connect as best we could for each of us to reach our potential and now, she can find someone who can help her more and I can direct my focus toward someone I can better serve." This can be applied to injuries, as well as, relationships. Allow an injury to remind you to be more conscious of your health and a rift to remind you that your ego needs to be checked.

Turning gratitude into a magic wand is 99% practice. Find a way to be present and grateful as much as possible. More than saying Thank you, feel thank you. Your eyes say Thank you when your heart says Thank you. Find a way to dig deep and find gratitude for the stuff that makes you uncomfortable. Find gratitude for those people that force you to grow. If you want more magic in your life, practice gratitude. The Power of gratitude knows no limits.

To everyone who has ever taken the time to consciously or unconsciously teach me a life lesson, I say Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. be grateful. be happy. be free!

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