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Friday, March 30, 2012

Become Conscious of CAN'T~ If Not, Why Not?

How often do you find yourself saying, "I can't?"

I can't is different from I don't want to and I don't know how. I don't want to indicates free will and I don't know how means there is an opportunity to learn. I can't is an attitude of fear. Either you don't want to and are afraid to say it or else you are afraid to.

Can't is a combination of the words can and Not. I ask you to consider if you cannot or can't, why not?

After much self study, of a time I was stuck in I can't mode, I learned that can't is a fear based answer. Generally, it comes from fear of embarrassment or fear of abandonment.

Embarrassment or humiliation is the path to expansion. Learning anything new means approaching it with a beginner's mind. Understand that you are simply a seed full of potential. Proper instruction, practice and time is the path to becoming an expert at anything. No one was born the person they have become. Saying Yes to new experiences is the fastest way to expand your consciousness. There is strength in humility. It is the secret ingredient that connects the world.

In the past two months, I have tried fishing, snowboarding and driving a tractor. I approached each one with complete humility, laughing at myself as I dropped slimy fish, squealing like a pig, tumbled in the snow time after time and lastly drove in erratic circles attempting to cut grass. You cannot embarrass the unembarrassable. It is ego that makes you want to pretend you know how to do something that you have never done. Learn to embrace embarrassment, it squashes the fear that holds you back from reaching your greatest potential.

If you find yourself saying that you 'can't' do things, because you are afraid of upsetting someone else, perhaps you are experiencing fear of abandonment. Is a weekend getaway with the girls going to send your spouse or partner into a tizzy? Does a night out cause a fight? Do you find yourself missing out on opportunities to avoid a fight at work or home?

Perhaps, it is time to examine your relationships more closely. If you choose 'can't' for fear of someone else's reaction, you have relinquished your free will. What if the worst thing that could happen was absolutely nothing, meaning you stay stuck as you are? New experiences feed your soul.

Relationships are about communication. Love is about trust. If you are not doing what you want to do for fear of upsetting someone else, you are not living in Truth. You will be pleasantly surprised what happens when you start exercising your free will and telling the Truth. Love conquers fear. What remains is gold and what falls away, never was.

Become Conscious of the word 'can't' and then practice replacing it with the truth. Identify your blockage, is it fear of embarassament or fear of abandonment. Either you are expanding or you are contracting. You are living or you are dying. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means I CAN!

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