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Friday, March 23, 2012

Ascend Fear and Make Falling FUN!

Fall down seven times, stand up eight is one of my favorite Japanese proverbs. The only way to know success is to know failure.

This timeless wisdom speaks into the fact that falling is inevitable and rising is optional. You can be a warrior or you can be a victim. It is no secret that you are born without a manual. Success is a result of trial and error. The things that seem so natural today were once an obstacle. Consider walking. This very act that is taken for granted, until you can no longer walk, is considered a huge milestone in the process of development.

Learning to walk means learning to fall and stand up. This same technology can be applied to learning anything new. A warrior is defined simply as one who has self-mastery, otherwise known as mastering ego. Until you conquer your ego, the fear of failure and the fear of falling, you will never rise to your greatest potential.

I was recently reminded of this valuable lesson while learning to snowboard. I was so excited to shred a mountain in my cool, colorful snowboard gear, I had no idea what I was up against. Learning to snowboard means learning to fall, hard and often. The only way to improve is to stand up again and again. The only way to win this game is to keep playing it. It reminded me that in order to truly expand and grow, requires constantly being in uncomfortable positions; be it mental, physical or emotional.

True warriors are trained not to fight, but to love. To love is to ascend fear. Fear is just a feeling that translates into False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is that feeling that wakes you up from a deep sleep when you feel like you are falling into a black hole and then sit up in bed to realize it was only your imagination. Where were you falling? Fear is greatest obstacle to success and it isn't even real.

Need a practical and safe way to ascend your fear? Learn to make falling fun. It takes more than a year to learn to walk and to give up was never an option. Practicing yoga is an amazing way to develop a loving relationship with your body while recognizing that you are not your body. To miss out on life due to fear of falling is the most unnatural thing ever. Look at every new situation as a baby learning to walk.

If you have never practiced yoga due to fear, know that yoga is warrior training. It is the path to developing love and ascending fear. The more time you spend in warrior pose, the more you will know your warrior self. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means ascending all fear by making the falling fun and standing up one more time.


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