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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Universal Languages~ Love, Truth and Intuition

Learning to communicate openly and freely with your true self allows you to communicate openly and freely with the whole world. Words create the barriers in language barriers. Words cause rifts, words cause wars.

The trouble with words is they are limited by their very nature. What does house really mean? What does chariot really describe? The fact is, both of those words are used to describe tangible items that are actually describing the combination of other items such as wood, windows and possibly wheels.

Ultimately what that means is that writing or speaking a word like house or chariot creates a highly subjective and vastly different picture in the mind of the thinker, speaker and listener. Mental pictures are created based on the limits of the mind and things it has to make relative comparisons to. For a moment, ponder other words just to fully comprehend the possibility of miscommunication even with the best intentions. Flower, shirt, bird and car are a few simple every day words that create different images to different people.

With this understanding, how can you possibly rely solely on words to communicate more complex and less tangible things like Love, Joy, Peace and Truth? Verbal communication is considered the lowest form of communication. In fact, it is the only level on which you can lie. A slight elevation in communication comes in the form of body language. Deeply connected to your soul is your body. Notice where your feet are taking you, in relation to the words and stories you speak and hear. Do you say that you love your family and spend all of your time at work? Do you say you want to be healthy as you light up a cigarette and crack open a beer or soda?

Words eluding you? Know that your eyes speak the Truth more clearly than your body language. The eyes are the direct path to the soul. Love and Fear are spoken through the eyes. The more you learn to make eye contact with others, the less words you will ever need and the greater the communication. At this level, words become less of a distraction. Practice looking into the eyes of everyone that you speak to. Turn down the volume on the words and turn up the volume on the message coming from the eyes. Your inner ear will hear the Truth.

The highest level of communication is intuition and telepathy. This is learning to tap into the Universal and collective consciousness to receive exactly what you need exactly when you need it. The highest level of communication is the knowing without knowing how you know.

If you would like to learn to speak the universal languages of Love, Truth and Intuition, begin by practicing communicating with yourself and the Universe. Any form of moving meditation is a great way to begin. Yoga allows you to practice quieting your mind by removing the need to communicate verbally. You will begin to ascend through the levels of communication as your body speaks volumes when it begins to transition through the poses. Ultimately this newfound awareness will expand into your senses and you will become more conscious of your non-verbal communication listening and speaking your truth through your eyes and ears.

Knowing that at one time, all beings were able to communicate collectively, means that the technology still exists. Practice elevating your consciousness a little bit every day and then it won't matter where your body lands itself: Africa, Nicaragua, Arizona, Florida, Canada or anywhere on this small planet, you will be able to communicate through the Universal languages.

Having been blessed with the opportunity to travel around the globe, I have learned that people are people. Often times it is more difficult to communicate verbally with people speaking English than it is to communicate through the heart with those speaking Swahili or Spanish. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means learning to proficiently communicate in the Universal Languages of Love, Truth and Intuition~ for they ascend all language barriers and speak volumes!

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