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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Purify Your Heart~ 3 step Cure to Toxic Relationships

Sometimes in life you encounter someone that makes your skin crawl. Any form of interaction with them, be it in person, on the phone, an email, text message or merely a thought is enough to activate the inflammation. You feel toxic.

Often, this person is someone that you work closely with or are related to. It can be your neighbor, your sister or even your business partner. The more you are forced to deal with them, the more often you are left with tension in your forehead and a pit in your stomach. You want to pull your hair out, you want to pull their hair out, you want to scream and may even find yourself relishing in childish violent thoughts to express how you feel.

Left unmanaged this seemingly annoying relationship is festering beneath the surface and creating dis-ease on a cellular level. Much like a small mole or discoloration of skin is reflective of a widespread, deep cancer spreading beneath your skin. Toxicity is poisonous.

Cutting people out of your life may seem like the best solution, but whenever we cut anything away, we leave a hole, followed by a scar. However small the scar, it serves as a reminder of prior suffering and dis~ease.

What if there was a better way? What if that annoying person left only to be replaced by another annoying person of greater magnitude? Then imagine, what if you were to never experience this kind of relationship again?

When you feel powerless over your emotions, you have given your power away. No one took it, for it is impossible. You gave it away by being selective with your love. What if the person irritating you was suffering from a lack of love? Loving compassion is like the sunshine. It is not selective where it shines, but shines equally on all beings, creatures and things. Living things blocked from the sun are destined to struggle. Prisoners are punished by being locked in the dark. The sun is almighty powerful and so are you.

Recognize that your heart is like the sun and all it needs to do is shine kindness and loving compassion on those relationships that present struggles. It doesn't matter how long they have been struggling, kindness kills dis-ease. Simply treat other people how you would like to be treated. Truly love your 'neighbor' as yourself. It may seem painful at first to proactively mend the fences, but the alternative is eternal suffering and the pain is just your ego. Pain goes away, suffering lingers indefinitely.

Life is short. Make every moment magical. Take a moment today to reflect on the person in your life that makes you cringe. It doesn't matter why. Do not spend anytime on the why for it is insignificant, regardless of how it has magnified in your imagination. The point is to be free of Dis~ease, not to marinate in it. Dis~ease in the mind creates disease in the body.

This is an exercise in healing your own heart. Appreciation, Respect and Love are the 3 ingredients necessary to detox your toxic relationships. I am not suggesting that this person will become your best friend. I am simply suggesting that this formula purify the relationship ridding it of disease. Expect nothing in return but to feel Happier and Healthier in your own heart. Is there anything greater than that?

It is a 3-step cure. The only thing that can get in your way is you holding onto to your dis-ease. Proactively schedule in your day planner 3 separate acts of showing Respect, Appreciation and Love. Do not expect an overnight cure and do not be deterred by lack of receptivity. Just follow the steps and trust the process.

Need suggestions or have an idea about what has worked for you? Please Leave a comment. Together we can purify hearts and elevate the collective consciousness.

May your heart be Light and Free today and always!

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