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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beyond Lucky~ Hit the Jackpot Everyday!

Imagine seeing a slot machine, dropping one quarter in and hitting 777. Lights flash, alarms go off and your money pours out. Jackpot!

Jackpot is that feeling of winning that vibrates and resonates throughout your whole being. It is that sensation of knowing that you are beyond lucky.

Now imagine that you didn't have to leave winning the Jackpot to games of chance. What if there was a way to be beyond lucky everyday? What if you knew how to strike lucky 7s across the board every time you had a desire? What if you didn't have to give back the winnings, risk addiction or become a statistic. What if you were truly beyond lucky?

To talk to a gambler or someone who has won the lottery often reveals that their luck was left to chance and ended poorly. Gamblers have a tendency to give back more than they won and lottery winners have more tragic endings than glorious windfalls.

Happiness is not a game of chance. Life is like a slot machine and once you know how to recognize the secret 7s, you can pull them on demand.

The secret 7s to infinite Jackpots are simply disguised as: Open, Honest and Patient. Approach every situation as if you have already won. Begin with the end in mind. It is your slot machine. You pick the winnings before you even play. Remember, just as you would need 7s across the board on the same machine in Las Vegas, you need to pull them on the same situation in life. Whether you want to strike the jackpot in love, business, health, wealth, personal development, relationships, helpful people or even moving into a new yoga pose or state of consciousness; you now have the secrets to hit the Jackpot everyday! Be Open with what you desire, honest with your intentions and Patient with your results.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means hitting it big everyday. Your consciousness controls your winnings. Don't leave Happiness to chance. Be Open. Be Honest. Be Patient. You are Beyond Lucky.

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