Happy Healthy and Fit

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Plant Seeds Practice Patience

Everything that you experience in your life today is a result of something you created in the past. Thoughts are simply seeds that become things. When you look at the life situation you are in at the moment, it is important to recognize that it didn't just happen to you, you created it.

A garden maintained will produce beautiful flowers or hearty vegetables. Neglected, that same garden will be overtaken by weeds. Your brain is like a fertile garden. It doesn't care what it thinks. Flowers and vegetables would be the equivalent of infinite possibilities or positive high vibrational thoughts. Weeds are those self-destructive patterns that creep in when you aren't being mindful.

The good news is that with intention even a garden full of weeds can be cultivated. It is as easy as deciding that you would like to produce an abundant harvest. That one thought alone is a powerful seed. Inside one seed lies infinite life. However, the only way to extract the magic and create exponential growth is through love and patience. Forcing a seed open in destructive impatience to search for fruit or flowers will leave you yearning today and tomorrow.

The great news is that you can plant anything you desire in your garden. If you don't like what is growing now just recognize that nature always cycles. You may have to delicately and harmoniously disassemble your garden or churn over all the soil to create a conducive fertile patch. You may even have to wait for some ground to thaw or dry out. You cannot rush any part of nature. You can only trust that with the highest and best intentions, everything blossoms perfectly.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means celebrating your life of infinite possibilities by planting seeds and practicing patience. Need help getting the weeds out of your brain, body and life? Get Happy Healthy and Fit in Nicaragua this April 15-22. Join us for a Blissful Yoga Empowerment Getaway at the Fabulous Eco-Luxe Aqua Wellness Center. www.gracevanberkum.com and www.aquanicaragua.com

Monday, November 28, 2011

Forgiveness Opens Windows to Love

An open heart is an open window. It is through that window that you can connect to and access the vast unknown that exists outside of you and thus bring it inside of you. An Open Heart is the plug to connect to infinite Love and Lasting Fulfillment.

Safely looking out of a closed window may allow for you to see the occasional tree, flower, building, mountain or animal, depending on your view. Before you open the window, you may believe that your world is big and complete. However, once you do open the window and become immersed in the miracles of nature, the singing of birds, the feel of the slight breeze and the smell of morning dew, you realize that there is a whole world going on outside of you.

You may not even realize that your heart is closed. If you feel at all disconnected and anything, but ecstasy and bliss, consider there may be some room for improvement. A closed heart is pure ego. It is the result of past hurts, lack of forgiveness, unmet expectations and the illusion of being different from others.

True happiness is not contingent on things happening in your life. The trick lies in giving yourself permission to feel the infinite possibilities, even when you cannot always see them. The path to an open heart is through forgiveness. Even the cleanest glass is still a barrier. Go deep and forgive everyone who has ever hurt you in this lifetime and perhaps even other lifetimes. Open the window.

Occasionally, a rain drop may come through the window. What if instead of worrying that things were going to get wet, you took this as an invitation to go outside and dance in the rain? Is the greater risk a damp window sill or a missed opportunity to experience ultimate joy? Just as an open window keeps fresh air moving through your home, office or car, an open heart keeps you vibrating in the frequency of Love.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means opening your Heart by Tapping into Forgiveness. Love is abundant and omnipresent just waiting for an open window.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yoga is Hard: Myth Debunked!

It's Easy! Experience Gracious Living and Make your Daily Mantra: I am Happy Healthy and Fit. It's your Life: Make it Happy and Healthy!

Last night I had the opportunity to sit on an airplane next to a young Arab man from a country neighboring Dubai. At first glance, I was overcome with compassion at how hard it must be just to look like he does and travel in the United States without being categorized and stereotyped as a potential terrorist.

Disappointed I was even having these thoughts, I decided to engage him in conversation. In a couple minutes I learned that he is 18, his native language is Arabic and he is 6 months into studying English so that he can go to college and get a business degree. In telling him I just had a friend in Dubai speaking on the benefits of taichi, he wanted to know if that was like yoga.

Of course, yoga is my favorite subject, so I lit up like a holiday tree. When I asked him if he had ever tried yoga, he quickly laughed and responded by saying, "No, yoga is hard."

This made me stop and examine the beliefs people have around taking care of their mind, body, heart and soul. Here is a young man, resembling the highly-publicized terrorist attackers that wreaked havoc on our country traveling through an airport of skeptics and better yet, learning to speak English from Arabic and thinks yoga is hard.

This came after a morning conversation around all the ways people fear dying: car crash, plane crash, murder, shark attack, etc. The Truth is that the odds of a heart attack far supersede any other combination of remote possible deaths. Yoga is hard, but dying of a Heart attack isn't? Hmmmmmm.

Yoga is NOT hard. Yoga is not a competition. The very root of yoga is about purifying your heart, lengthening your limbs and strengthening your breath, thereby lengthening your life. The hardest part about yoga is getting started. This 5000 year old practice has proven to be the most effective way to lighten your heart, release stress and change your thoughts.

You are invited to change your thoughts and fall in love with yoga on the beautiful beaches of Nicaragua this April. Transform your Life into one of Peace, Love, Joy and Infinite Possibilities. In collaboration with the Amazing Grace Van Berkum (www.gracevanberkum.com) at the Eco-Luxe Aqua Nicaragua Wellness Center (www.aquanicaragua.com) we invite you to connect to nature, transform your heart and expand your consciousness. Message me for details about this upcoming Yoga/Vegan/Empowerment retreat.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means embracing and incorporating yoga and a yoga lifestyle into your every day Gracious Living.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Choose Friends like Apples: Go ORGANIC!

What if everything that appeared to be Light was covering up darkness and everything that appeared to be dark was covering up great Light?

When it comes to people, don't be so quick to pass judgment. Like selecting fruit, what appears shiny and attractive on the outside may be rotten on the inside. What may appear slightly deformed on the outside may have the sweetest delectable core.

An untrained palette is like an untrained mind. Shiny apples may be covered in a layer of wax and pumped full of chemicals lacking any substance whatsoever other than the illusion of being healthy and good for you. In essence, the shiny apple is really committing the greatest crime in the Big Picture. It is portraying itself under false pretense to attract a buyer, who will ultimately be unfulfilled and uncertain as to why.

On the other hand, an organic apple may appear small and lack a shiny exterior, but one bite and you will know heaven. You may have to pay a bit more for this experience, but it will be worth it. You may have to shed your ego and everything you have been programed to believe about appearances, but once you know the Truth, a shiny apple will never satisfy your deepest desire for lasting fulfillment.

When it comes to being a good friend and choosing good friends, look deeper, all the way to the core. What is the intention? Do you have an agenda? Are you existing only in this dimension?

It is normal to be attracted to the shiny exterior of people, places and things, however, ultimate happiness, joy and love are found organically. Want to have solid organic friendships? Be a solid, organic friend.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means it is wonderful to shine on the outside, but true and lasting beauty come from a polished and pure core.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gratitude: Magic Wand of Manifestation

Being Grateful and expressing Gratitude Everyday is a direct connection to tapping into life's magic.

Learn to express gratitude for all the daily blessings that you have. When is the last time you took a moment to be grateful for your 10 fingers and 10 toes or healthy lungs, liver and kidneys? Perhaps for the roof over your head or food in your fridge? Health, friends, love and abundance? Gratitude is like a magnet, it actually attracts more of what you acknowledge.

Last night I was buying thank you cards at Trader Joe's and realized this process has actually become a magical moment of manifestation. By the time I got to the register I was beaming and bubbling with excitement. When I handed the cards to clerk, he couldn't help, but wonder what I was so excited about. I explained that I love buying thank you cards, because the more I give thanks, it seems the more amazing gifts and experiences I receive, so I have begun stocking up on thank you cards knowing I will need them. He was Wow'ed and remarked, he wished he knew the secret to the great life. I just gave it to him: Gratitude.

Don't wait until Thanksgiving to give thanks. Make Thanks Giving a daily practice. The Universe responds to Gratitude. It is the magic wand of manifestation. Be Grateful and express Gratitude Daily. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Abracadabra!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Meditation: Contribute to World Peace through Inner Peace

The path to world peace is inner peace.

Meditation is the process of resting in stillness long enough to receive the divine answers that you seek. Praying, begging and complaining are all forms of asking . Meditation is the active act of listening.

In the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to experience two formal meditation workshops. One was lead by Geshe Michael Roach, author of The Diamond Cutter and the other by Tamal Dodge. In their own way, each defies myths about meditation.

From Geshe Michael came the reminder that it doesn't really matter how you sit. For if sitting in the 'correct' pose is of itself such an uncomfortable distraction, how can you possibly focus on your mind staying clear of thought. This is also a wonderful reminder that when your body suffers from pain or disease, it becomes an incredible distraction to your mind. A pure body is the path to a pure mind.

Tamal Dodge light heartedly pointed out that people often suggest if they were in a beautiful tranquil environment, they would be able to meditate. As a native of Hawaii, he laughed and indicated that although the thought of meditating in the middle of the rainforest by a waterfall in Hawaii sounds great in theory, you would be devoured by mosquitoes in less than 5 minutes.

Both, in their own way, remind us that looking anywhere but inside is a path away from meditation. Meditation is about turning down the volume on what is going on inside of you while muting completely what is going on outside of you.

Create tranquility exactly where you are. Turn off your cell phone, unplug your home phone, close your eyes, soften your eye lids, forehead and area around your mouth, relax your shoulders and empty your thoughts. Begin to notice your exhale and then your inhale. Just sit for as along as you can. If it is two minutes, congratulate yourself, at least you have a starting point. Gradually work up to 5 minutes and then 10. The benefits of 5 to 10 minutes a day of meditation are remarkable. Resist turning it into a contest or competition with yourself, just notice the peaceful feelings that you feel and know that you are contributing to world peace, by knowing inner peace.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing tranquility is available to you anytime anywhere. Meditation begins with a single conscious breath.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Be EmPOWERed: Freedom from Fear of Firsts

The greatest obstacle to Happiness is fear. Fear of failure, fear of embarrassment and fear of exposure are some of the fears that block people from new experiences.

Becoming a Black Belt martial artist is about overcoming fear. The transition from white belt to black belt is a process of self-mastery and ascending ego to understand your emotions, especially the ones that are not real like FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real.) Becoming a teacher is about helping other people see past their false limitations.

I used to have a great fear of showing up anywhere alone. If I was planning to meet friends out somewhere, I needed to be picked up or I would not show up. The fear of walking through a restaurant, bar or club looking for a familiar face was debilitating. I would never dream of throwing a party for fear that no one would come. At this point in my life, these delusional states seems crazy, but at the time it was very real.

Today, I love new experiences, new opportunities and new faces. I love the thrill of firsts. Several years ago, a wise man told me that when you start saying 'Yes" your whole world expands. I am here to tell you that this is True! The more you say Yes, the more opportunities for new experiences and new friends will be drawn to you.

In the past month, I have had many firsts ranging from my first game of chess to my first time speaking at a National Sales Conference. The scope doesn't matter. Firsts are firsts. This week I commit to my first 1/2 marathon and this morning I decided to collaborate on an Amazing Yoga Empowerment Retreat in a Nicaraguan Paradise.

I used to say release your fear, but realize that doesn't make sense. How can you let go of something that is not real? Embrace your fear. Move right into what is creating that restrictive anxiousness inside you and make it yours! Realize that in each new situation you are a white belt. Teachers are bountiful and willing to guide you when you commit to showing up.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means identifying your fears and embracing them. The time is now! Say YES! Your world is waiting to expand! I invite you to join me in Nicaragua in April 2012.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ridiculousness: FREEDOM from Care!

I like to shower after hot yoga. It is a little inconvenient to to coordinate the heap of soaked yoga clothes, yogi-toes mat, regular mat, water bottle and keep all that away from the dry towel and dry clothes. The mere thought seems like more work than the actual class.

Last night as I was in the process of getting dressed after a cold shower on a hot body, I surrendered. I realized that I was only going home. With a zipped up sweatshirt and a towel for a skirt, I wrapped up my long, wet hair in another towel, like a turban and headed home.

What happened next was amazing. I found Freedom! As, I went to leave, some people speechlessly smiled at me. I smiled back and they saw I was totally comfortable in my ridiculousness. It wasn't until I stepped outside of my comfortable environment that realized cars were slowing down to comprehend what was walking across the park lot. I felt complete peace. It is not that I don't take pride in my appearance or think that my outfit was appropriate, it was that in that moment, I was simply free to be me. After all, what is appropriate?

How often do you conform to standards and rules created by society when you just don't feel like it, because you worry about what others will think? It always amazes me, how often people are embarrassed to be themselves or to have fun, because someone they have never met may see them and make a judgment. The moment you stop judging others, is the moment you are free from judgment.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means being comfortable with your ridiculous fun side. True Happiness is Freedom from Care about things that don't matter. Have a ridiculously Happy Healthy and Fit Day!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

NAMASTE off your mat and shirt into Your Heart & Soul!

I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace.

It is amazing how many people are attracted to love, peace, hearts and joy. Entire brands have been built around these things. Tiffany & Co. sells tons of hearts and Victoria's Secret has created an entire subculture of young women wearing Love, at least the word Love.

The question is: Do the words, hearts, love and peace signs camouflage your core or radiate out your true vibrations? I bought a great hand-painted shirt this weekend. It's hot pink with a giant red heart on the front and on the back it says- Follow your heart! I love it. When I wore it, people were actually stopping me in the street.

It has made me stop and reflect. Do you wear love on your shirt or in your heart? When the true vibration of Love is in your heart, it doesn't matter what your shirt says. People can see and feel Love. Love is not conditional, fickle or discriminating. Love does not gossip or toss kerosene on burning embers of hate. Love is a consciousness that is unshifted regardless of how it is received.

Love is like the sun. When you are in the spirit of Love, the vibrations are steadfast. The sun does not care if certain plants are blocked from it. The sun does not decide to stop shining because every form of life grows at its own rate. The sun simply reaches its potential everyday. Do you? Do you stay in the spirit of Love always? Or are you shifted by the one person out of 250 Billion that appears to be rejecting your Light? Just because someone is not prepared to receive does not mean you should reduce what you radiate. That which is darkest contains the greatest opportunity for Light.

Perhaps today when you arrive on your yoga mat or dress in your hearts and peace signs contemplate the deeper of meaning of Love as One Love and Peace. Want World Peace? How about starting with Peace in your heart? What good is it to talk about world peace and hate a family member, co-worker, neighbor or friend of a friend?

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means recognizing that Love is not selective. Those toughest to love need it the most. They are simply buried under layers and layers of pain, hurt, anger, disappointment, fear, shame and ego. In each one of us resides a Light, once you find yours, keep it burning bright by sharing it. Recognizing the divine in each person makes it easier to Love. Namaste.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Change Your Reality: Plant Seeds Harvest Abundant Dreams

You may not know what you want other than it simply is not what you have got.

This can be true in every aspect of your life. You may struggle with body image issues, stress, depression, health, unfulfilling relationships, a dead end job or a life seemingly without purpose. The good news is that if you feel like you are stuck, you have already overcome the first hurdle to creating your dream life. If you feel like you are stuck, at least you are not denying it.

Stuck is an illusion. Stuck is a set of beliefs that you don't need to believe any more. How do you get unstuck? Plant seeds. Seeds are the thoughts that will ultimately manifest into your dreams. Don't worry, this doesn't require any drastic gardening other than keeping your mind clear of the weeds of doubt, fear and uncertainty.

If you are really really stuck and can no longer identify what your dreams are, know that you are not alone. At some point most everyone let's their dreams die and replaces them with what someone told them is 'reality.'

If you are unsure of what your dream life looks like, but are quite sure that you are not living it, look for, listen for and feel for signs that you are headed in the right direction. On a spiritual level, your soul knows what makes your heart sing. Perhaps, it is a picture in a magazine, a paragraph in a book, a story someone told you, a dream, a conversation, a memory or a fortune cookie that elevates the vibration of your heart into a beautiful melody. That sensation is your guide, you are on the path to your purposeful life.

It doesn't matter where you are right now. Seeds are thoughts encasing your dreams. Don't try to figure out how seeds turn into forests, just trust that they do. Fertilize them with belief, use love as your pesticide against fear.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means changing your reality from stuck to living and exploring the infinite possibilities. After all, it's your life, why not make it your dream life! Feeling resistance? That's just a weed trying to grow. Wishing you an abundant Happy Harvest!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Show Up or Don't Show Up

Learning the Art of Being Present~

Have you have ever experienced the sensation of wanting to be anywhere but where you are? This fascinating phenomenon reveals the ease with which the mind and body can disconnect creating the grass is greener elsewhere illusion.

The Truth is: Wherever you go, there you are! Identify the areas of your life that seem slightly or deeply unfulfilling. This can be personal relationships, business relationships, job, career or extracurricular activities.

The tendency is to stay in the physical situation while letting your mind wander and leaving your heart hungry. The problem with that is it's your life! Showing up without your heart is like not showing up at all. Showing up with your heart in the spirit of Love has nothing to do with romance and everything to do with presence.

If you are unhappy with the life you created, resist the urge to show up half-heartedly, instead choose to show up radiating and in-spirit or not at all. Just know that if you opt for the latter, you will recreate the same situation somewhere else until you learn the art of being present.

Trust that when you show up with your heart you will produce unimaginable results and attract infinite blessings. Don't wait for your situation to change, be the change.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing that wherever you go, there you are. Isn't that reason enough to 'show up'?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Termite Trail Reveals Concealed Truth

I must admit that when I saw a mud tube hanging from my dining room ceiling, my heart sank. Termites. Living in Arizona means living amongst termites, but it amazing how what we cannot see does not really 'seem' to affect us.

I knew when I looked at this tube, it was just a symptom of a much deeper problem. Immediately, I wanted to knock down the mud and seal up the hole. This would temporarily mask the problem creating greater damage behind the scenes until I was prepared to face the truth.

Unable to get pest control to come out until today has left me contemplating the idea of cause and effect. I would imagine that the destruction of termites is much like that of cancer or other disease. By the time you see evidence of cancer, so much damage has been done beneath the surface. To remove the part you can see without going deeper is a deadly distraction.

My exterminator, Rich, treated the floor. I wondered if he missed the fact that the termites we coming out the ceiling. The mud trail, he so eloquently reminded me is a symptom. The ground is the point of origination or the cause. Masking symptoms will keep you in a state of perpetually masking symptoms until you are hollowed out like a mud tube.

If you want to make significant changes in your life, look deeper than the surface. Look past the symptoms and into the root or cause. Changing the cause is changing your beliefs. Produce different results. Cause different Effects. Look into the origin of your unhappiness and be your own exterminator. Release the beliefs that no longer serve you. Life is short. Leave a trail of happiness, not a hollow trail of mud!

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means looking deeper into Truth, your Truth. Have an Amazing and love filled day!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sprinkle Gusto watch Magic Grow!

The best way to attract more blessings into your life is to be grateful for ones you have. It is easy look at you don't have and feel a sense of emptiness, but true emptiness is getting what you thought you wanted only to realize that it doesn't fill you up either. Wanting is better than having when it comes to looking outside of yourself for happiness.

Learning to sprinkle gusto on your life situation is the magic fairy dust you need to transform your life from a place of empty to a place of abundance. Persevering with enthusiasm makes the difference between the so-called lucky and unlucky.

If you are unhappy with your current job or relationship, don't complain about it, work to change it. It is easier than you think. Raise your vibrational frequency by approaching what is not working with great gusto. Waiting for someone else to make a change is surrendering your power and translates into victim consciousness. You are in control of your destiny.

To rise above wherever you are, go against your nature. Show up with your heart 100 per cent committed. Trust that your gusto for life will bring about Magical Blessings beyond what you could have imagined.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing that your attitude attracts everything! Abracadabra!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Are you Sacrificing your Soul? Find Freedom from Fear!

Five minutes before death, will you be able to say you truly lived?

Fear festers inside the body like an itch that cannot be scratched. Fear blocks energy from flowing and keeps you trapped in your so called reality. Fear blocks you from your dreams and ultimate state of euphoric bliss.

More often than fearing things outside of yourself, you fear things inside yourself. Fear manifests in many ways: not having enough money, acceptance or love. You think something and don't want to say it or ask it.

Fear keeps you stuck in relationships, friendships, careers and life situations that are not soulful. Depending on your level of fear, you can tune in and find the restriction in your body. Perhaps you feel a headache, soar throat, restricted heart, shortness of breath, stomachache or maybe overall weakness. Fear zaps your energy and cuts off inspiration.

Fear is pure ego. It is the ultimate hinderance to letting your soul soar in blissful happiness. Freedom from fear comes when you dare to be truthful. Find the courage to speak the Truth. Living in Love means living in Truth. Cut the ties of lies and let your soul soar.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Transform your Heart into Motel 6. Leave the Light On!

As human beings, it is easy to take things personally. By nature, we are the center of our own universe. We are the main character in our own movie of life. By proxy, this seemingly shifts everyone else into secondary characters that come and go.

As children, you tend to believe the primary role and purpose of your parents is to serve you. This thinking tends to lead us to believe that the whole world works the same way, to serve you. The problem with this type of consciousness is that it is actually unconsciousness and leads to heartbreak.

We are all on our own journey of transformation. Everyone evolves at a different rate based on their experiences, beliefs and desire to create a life of peace, joy and love. The most important way we can facilitate our own happiness and contribute to the expansion of others is to be like Motel 6 and always leave the Light on in your Heart.

When some one hurts you, it is natural to want to kick them out of your heart, your home and your life. This is a reactive nature. It will leave a stain of pain on you both. Instead, understand that they are fighting their own battle through darkness, it isn't personal. The Light on in your heart will leave others knowing they have a warm, safe place to rest.

A pure heart has infinite vacancies. It shines bright enough to Light up the world. You don't have to go in search of visitors. They will be drawn to you. Always leaving the Light on means no judgment, only love. For it is impossible to know the battles your visitor has been through.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means transforming your heart into a Motel 6 where the Light is always on. Have a bright and joyous day!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Beliefs Separate Breath Unites

We all enter this world with an inhale.
We all exit this world with an exhale.

It's the breaths in between that unconsciously shape beliefs. Beliefs put up walls. Beliefs are the delusions that people are different. As thoughts become things, people do become different. Beliefs build walls with bricks of judgement, fear, doubt, worry and uncertainty. Then the eyes believe the lies they see. Different hair color, eye color, skin color, last name, height weight, nationality, religion and money in the bank becomes the very mortar tightening the beliefs and holding the bricks together to build more solid walls.

Although, it may seem a big exaggerative, it is not. For actual neighborhoods are filled with these walls behind the walls that can be seen. Nations are divided, wars are fought, lives are sacrificed over none other than beliefs. Sadly, beliefs tend to be none other than ideas that were passed down and never questioned. What are your beliefs?

When you dare to take the walls that separate you from your literal and figurative neighbors, you are granting them the freedom to do the same. When you change, your world changes.

Inhale Unity. Exhale Peace. It is what we fill ourselves with in between that creates the illusion of separate, as the core, our very essence is all the same. One breath. One team. One world. One Love.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means seeing past the exterior shells of ego and directly connecting to the essence of Love.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lies We Believe Limit Heights We Achieve

It's interesting the unconscious lies we tell ourselves. The are trapped inside our Beliefs. As we know, what the mind believes, the body achieves. Be-Lie-fs or Be-Lie_ve.

Unless you are experiencing infinite bliss, peace, abundance, love and ecstasy, somewhere there is a lie trapped in your belief system. Even reading this is probably making many people uncomfortable, welcome to your beliefs. Your body is your billboard for your beliefs. If you are radiating light and attracting blessings you are Believe Life is Bliss. If you are wearing another set of emotions on your sleeve or face, you clearly believe that is how life is is supposed to go.

To clarify what I mean by a lie hidden in a belief, I will tell you a lie I caught myself telling to myself. For several months, I was stopping every morning for a 2oz shot of wheatgrass. Knowing that wheatgrass purifies the body, and by extension the mind and spirit, I was self-described as 'cracked-out' on life. Bliss. Ecstasy. One day I did the math and realized that after tip I was spending $5 per day or $35 per week or $140 per month on my new habit. My belief was that wheatgrass was expensive. The lie was that 'I am not worth it.' The other lie was that money is scarce and I need to tighten my budget.

I love wheatgrass and I am worth it. I am so happy and grateful to have caught myself telling the lie before I actually started to Believe it. Beliefs can keep you stuck in the story you have been telling yourself over and over or empower you to create the story of your dreams. Instead of seeing the 'lie' inside Belief or Believe, simply see BeLife or BeLIVE.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means believing that scarcity is a lie and the Sky is the Limit!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Beliefs Block Your Birthright!

Beliefs are the powerful thoughts that you keep on thinking. Beliefs are the doors that close and limit you to the confines of your mind or the doors that open to the unlimited possibilities. The best part about Beliefs is that you get to choose your own.

Yesterday I heard a very sad story. The reason it is so sad is I believe it is more prevalent than I ever imagined. Perhaps even an epidemic. According to the Dalai Lama it plagues humanity.

I was deeply involved in a professional conversation when I realized just how powerful beliefs are. The conversation was around culture and core values, but the real conversation was one I was having with myself around beliefs. The gentlemen I was talking to became visibly upset when I playfully suggested that he lighten up and allow his work to be fun. The fact that he suffers from high blood pressure and other health problems became blatantly obvious.

He actually said 'No' and raised his voice to say that 'Work is serious and fun can happen after work.' Considering the amount of time he spends at his office, I was overcome with compassion. For he truly Believes that fun is fleeting, extra-curricular and optional.

Wow. Last time I checked, Fun is our birthright. Try telling legendary iconic businessmen like P.T. Barnum, Sir Richard Branson or Tony Hsieh that fun doesn't happen at work.

It became evident that he really believed what he was saying. Unfortunately there is nothing more limiting than limited beliefs. If you believe that you have to be serious and cannot have fun at work, know that ultimately you are exchanging your health for a paycheck. Also, know that is just a belief that you created and have the ability to change.

Happy people are healthy people. It your birthright to be Happy Healthy and Fit. It is your birthright to laugh often, love much and sprinkle every situation with fun. Change your beliefs, change your thoughts and experience your birthright!