Happy Healthy and Fit

Monday, October 31, 2011

Angels Along the Way to Inspiration Point

When you are inspired, by definition, you are guided. You are in-spirit.

Yesterday, when I headed out for a hike, I had a clear destination in mind: Inspiration View Point. I had never been there before, but I had seen signs that it existed. Somehow I knew it was exactly where I needed to be. I only knew the basic direction to head in and trusted I would find it.

As soon as I had gotten off the beaten path, two women appeared from around the bend, laughing, they said that they were just commenting on my walk. Not sure what to say, I simply replied with a thank you. They went on to say that it appeared as if I didn't have a care in the world. I smiled and absorbed the fuel of their kind confirmations. It was true, I didn't have a care in the world. It was interesting the distance at which they must have observed that.

They sensed passion. The word passion has its roots in suffering. Passion is a result of joy and healing. I have left a lot of suffering on the soil of those mountains, shed many a tear, found great joy and experienced healing. Although, I didn't know how far I was going, I knew I was on the right path.

It would be sometime before I would see another person. When I did, it was an older gentlemen standing by the sign. Seemingly, he appeared out of no where. He suggested I go right instead of left, which was interesting, because I hadn't asked a question. He told me how I could loop all the way back around to the entrance. He didn't mention that it would be a 10 mile day, but easily 30 years my senior, he must have known, it was the perfect path for me.

The right turn took me directly to Inspiration View Point. It was an amazing vortex of energy. When I continued on my path, I was alone for hours. The only time I encountered another person was each time I came to a sign post, otherwise, there wasn't a soul to be seen.

Having just begun an interesting book titled, Quantum Angel Healing, I believe that we know our path, sometimes we just stray from it. Ask for guidance and it will appear. Find your passion by applying joy and healing to your suffering. Find your purpose by sharing your passion with another.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means trusting when you have your destination set on Inspiration Point, there are many angels along the way.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

What is Success?

What is success? This question repeats over and over in my head as I prepare to go across the country to speak at a National Sales Conference in New Orleans.

Ironically, I attended my first national sales conference 15 years ago in the very same city of New Orleans. Back then, the path to success so perfectly clear. Success was measured by your paycheck and seeing your name as a Top Producer. Winning was easy. The more you sell, the more you make. I knew success.

Soon, the money and recognition was not enough. It was like being hungry and being served endless chocolate cake. Eventually, as delicious as it is, one cannot feel satiated by chocolate cake alone. Certain that life had more meaning, I decided to help other people climb the mountain of success. I became a sales manager. I taught, motivated and inspired others to make money. I now knew I was making a difference beyond just receiving for myself alone. I was helping others. I knew success.

Success is seeing opportunity when others do not. Success is believing in yourself. Success is climbing mountains. Success is finding a away. Success is an attitude.

It wouldn't be long before I realized that teaching people how to make fast cash without instilling purpose and values would lead to devastation. The pull of darkness is very powerful. Darkness is truly just like dirty water obscuring the view of all the beauty that exists in the world. Pain, suffering and death are illusions. The temptation to find the high of perfection and immortality through mind altering substances and situations is just an illusion.

Perfection exists now. Success is now. We don't need to add anything or become anything. Our work is simply to remove the illusive veils of doubt, uncertainty and fear. Experiencing your own transformation is incredibly powerful. However, even more powerful is acting as a conduit and creating space for others to transform and release what no longer serves them.

True success and lasting fulfillment result when you take someone with you up the mountain. Having money alone will never make you happy. Having money with someone else and no greater purpose will leave you eating chocolate cake begging for raw broccoli.

What is success? Success is knowing the world is perfect and helping others to know it too, together as one. It is not always easy to be a conduit of Love and Light. It can be a lot of thankless work. These are the times that you must trust in the process of true sharing and selflessness.

This morning I received a picture of the sunrise and a message saying, "You have inspired me to connect more with nature. It felt amazing. xo"

I responded, "Thank you for making my day." I should have said, 'thank you for making my life.'

To know that I have opened the eyes and touched the heart and mind of even person in this lifetime, this is to have succeeded.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Appreciate Magnificent Magical Moments

Appreciate Beauty. Find it in everyone and everything.

This mornings sunrise served as a wonderful reminder that beauty lies all around us and inside of us. There is so much magnificence in the the world.

We can learn so much from a sunrise. Every morning the sun appears to rise, but the truth is, it is always there. The sun does not actually set, it does not go away. Sometimes, we cannot see it, but when it reappears there is a great appreciation for the almighty sun. This source makes all life possible. Although, the moment before dawn, is the darkest, the first signs of Light are bursting with beauty.

Inside each of us is a Light. Sometimes it is brighter and sometimes it begins to wane. Each moment presents a different type of beauty. Just as we can appreciate the beauty of a sunrise or a sunset, let us appreciate the Light in between. The sun provides heat and life. Never do we think we can own or control the sun. We accept it as it is.

Let us see the sun in each person we encounter. Sometimes you glimpse and experience the heart of another at sunrise, sunset, in between or in darkness. Let us never judge or seek to own or control the Light of another. Let us only create space and know that Love is like the sun: omnipresent.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means appreciating magnificent, magical moments inside and outside of yourself. May your day be colorful, bright and bursting with Love!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Obligation Leads to Suffocation

Breathe with Ease!

Do you ever feel like you actually cannot breathe, because you made a commitment that you have no desire to keep?

Obligations are often thought of as the things you 'have' to do. Obligations are considered the commitments that you made. The very word Obligation has a certain heaviness to it. It vibrates everything, but Free Will and Free Choice.

Obligation is a state of consciousness. It indicates doing something you really don't have any desire to do. Limited desire limits Light or inspiration. Moving from a place of obligation weighs heavy on the heart and lungs; it actually creates a sensation of suffocation.

Feelings of suffocation result when relationships, situations, jobs and life are approached without enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is what keeps you in-spirit, blood pumping, oxygen flowing and ideas growing.

Practice moving from the consciousness of 'have to' to one of 'want to.' When you increase your desire to be present and positive, you activate the technology of miracles and attract abundant blessings.

Next time you feel like you are suffocating or experiencing shortness of breath, tune into this indicator. Your body is flashing like an oil light in your car. It is time for a spiritual clean up and tune up. Decide to commit your heart to your word or decide to make a change. To linger in a space of suffocation out of obligation leads to unnecessary suffering.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means trusting your body to guide you toward making the highest and best decisions. You may always have responsibilities and commitments, but the attitude you choose is entirely connected to your purity of spirit. Exercise Free Will. Choose to breathe with ease!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Truth Hits Below the Belt

When you lose, you learn.
When you learn, you win.

Kind words are seldom true and true words are seldom kind. The truth hurts. You can't handle the truth. Truth cliches go on and on, perhaps there is some merit to them?

Before you speak, be certain to ask yourself:
Is it kind?
Is it true?
Is it necessary?

When you understand how it feels to receive the truth, you will do a better job of giving it. Resist the urge to speak without thinking, for this speech tends to lack compassion and consciousness.

Sometimes the truth feels like a sucker punch. Your body may actually reverberate in pain. Your reactive nature wants to serve up and back what it just received. From taking and teaching the martial arts for over a decade, it is known that an untrained mind and body will mirror exactly what it receives. A punch elicits a return punch. Kick and you will be kicked back.

It is a natural instinct to throw out an insult if you have been insulted. Is it really an insult or is it the truth? If it is an insult and not true, does it really matter? If it is truth and someone was courageous enough to serve it to you, ignore that it didn't come on a fancy platter and graciously accept the gift.

Should you be lucky enough to have someone dare to tell you the truth, be grateful. Drop your guard and pay attention. You have just been given a powerful gift. The pain of truth heals quickly, where the lies you live fester inside creating dis-ease. Pay attention to what moves you from center.

Just as a yoga practice reveals weaknesses in the body, truth reveals weaknesses in the mind and spirit. Only after weakness has been identified can it be strengthened. Next time you want to say 'F#*% you' to someone, practice saying Thank you. Embrace sucker punches of truth with loving kindness. Sometimes, choosing to lose the fight is choosing to win in Life.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means having the consciousness to discern truth from lies and accepting that the greatest gifts aren't always given wrapped in shiny paper with a bow on top. Infinite gratitude and thank you to everyone who has ever had the courage to tell me the Truth.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seek Study Test Speak the TRUTH

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation about responsibility. It was about spiritual responsibility. Some people see me as a teacher, but the Truth is, I am a student.

Just as your grade school math teacher did not create the formulas and your history teacher did not fight the wars or sign the peace treaties, I did not create the secrets to being Happy Healthy and Fit.

I seek. I study. I test. I speak.

Many conversations turn into teaching opportunities. I love to help people see themselves and the world from a happier, healthier perspective. However, it is important to understand that I only share what I have learned from my great teachers. I can only share it as Truth because I took the knowledge and applied it to create a result: Wisdom.

My desire is only to channel or pass along to others what has helped me to be Happy, Healthy and Fit. I have spent nearly two decades reading and seeking Truth in books about philosophy, psychology, statistics, religion, humanities, history and spirituality. If it take 10 years to become an expert at something, I guess it would appear that I am doubly qualified to speak on these matters. However, that is pure ego. I do not have all the answers, but I keep asking the questions.

I challenge you to dig deeper, ask more questions, test what you learn and speak it to someone else. The Truth is yours to study and test. You will not find the Truth in any book. You will find recipes. Recipes for food will not fill your belly and recipes for Truth will not fill your soul. Gather the ingredients and take action. First you must seek the Truth. Then you must study it. Test it. Speak it.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing the Truth always was and always will be.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Open Hearts Open Doors

Home is where the heart is hung.

When you change, your world changes. This powerful statement can only be truly comprehended when you dare to test it fearlessly.

Think about opening your heart like opening your door. Inside your home, you feel safe and comfortable. You know where everything is and can predict and anticipate with a fair amount of certainty how each day will go. Outside your home is a vast new world.

Comfort is a closed door. Comfort is a hidden roadblock to spiritual growth. Now replace the word 'home' above with the word 'heart.' Inside your heart, you feel safe and comfortable. You know where everything is and can predict and anticipate with a fair amount of certainty how each day will go. Outside your heart is a vast new world.

Learning to open your heart is uncomfortable and even scary. On a physical level, open heart surgery is one of the most complicated procedures. The heart is deeply buried and protected by the rib cage and breast bone. The skeletal armor must actually be cracked to access the heart.

What if you could open your heart with spiritual surgery and avoid ever having to endure being sawed open? Is the pain of vulnerability more intense than the pain to cut open and be stapled back together chest?

A closed heart is a closed door. It is the illusion of safety and protection. It is also a self-imposed blockage cutting off the experiences of all the beauty, abundance, love, joy, adventure and fun that is omnipresent.

Opening your heart in a spiritual sense, opens infinite doors to Love. Opening your heart gives others the courage to open theirs too. Opening your heart is as easy as letting go of shame, doubt, fear, judgment and worry. Elevate your consciousness to that of universal love. Practice keeping your heart like your home: warm and open.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing that Open Hearts Open Doors. Dare to change and trust your world will change. Approach today with an open heart and watch doors magically open. Make the whole world feel like home. Home is where the heart is hung.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Price of Freedom? Everything

Let go of your Limitations! Your Best Life is Waiting!

In seeking to define Freedom, it is easy to think of this in terms and relationship to another. Perhaps you seek Freedom from parents, children, a spouse, partner, boss, teacher or anyone else pressuring you for results. Maybe it is from bill collectors, the government or your Home Owner's Association.

Perhaps you are a slave to your appearance, wardrobe or car? Always seeking the latest and greatest, consumed by appearances. Maybe it is the title on your business card, your zip code or your child's private school?

Freedom is often defined as Freedom of Speech. It is easy to think of this on a large-scale or even global level, but what about the level that matters most? Are you willing to speak and listen freely to yourself? Are you willing to remove the self-imposed prison bars that keep you always striving for Freedom and never truly arriving? Trust that when you remove your own limitations and attachments, you will be greeted with infinite, love, light, wisdom and freedom.

The day you are willing to release all fear is the day you will know freedom. The day you are willing to release all attachments to people, places, things and thoughts, you will know freedom. The day you are willing to ascend ego, stop defending yourself, believing that your way is the best way and that you are stuck in your life situation, you will know freedom.

The moment that you realize you own nothing and manage everything, you will know Freedom. Real freedom comes with a price tag. Be willing to open your heart, mind and hand to let go of everything. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing the price of ultimate Freedom: Everything!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Breathe Ease: Dis-Ease Breeds Disease

The idea that disease in the physical body is a result and manifestation of dis-ease in the emotional body has been documented for thousands of years.

To begin to understand this at the most primitive level, consider how you feel inside your own body with the rise of fear, anger, sadness, joy and uncertainty. The rise of fear may trigger the need to go to the bathroom, anger can create the feeling of toxicity surging through the body, sadness may invoke shortness of breath, joy elates the heart and lack of joy creates a squeezing sensation, where the heart may feel it is not receiving any blood. Uncertainty or pensiveness may surface as a stomachache.

It would make sense to learn that according to Traditional Chinese Medicine the organs that correspond with each emotion are going to be directly affected by the rise of the emotion. The kidney is related to fear, the liver to anger, the lungs to sadness, the heart to joy and the stomach to pensiveness. However, it works circularly, an unbalanced organ may also trigger the corresponding emotion.

Once you have the awareness of how your emotions affect your organs, you have the secret to amazing health. Masking the symptoms will not remove the problem. The change must be made at the root or seed level. Calming the breath, calms the mind. Releasing the Dis-ease will release disease.

Modern medicine deals exclusively with symptoms, yet physicians concede that almost all sicknesses originate psychosomatically. The translation is that thought shapes reality. Just as joy is known to bring a smile, a smile brings joy. Happy healthy healing thoughts manifest as a Happy Healthy and healed body.

The single most powerful thing you can do to release dis-ease and disease from the body is to breathe life and ease into the body. Breathe your way into balance by engaging in cellularly cleansing and balancing mind body exercises such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi or Yoga.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means understanding that you control the outcome of your health and happiness. If you aren't controlling your emotions, chances are they are controlling you. Even if just for today, choose to Breathe Ease!

Friday, October 21, 2011

It's a Lie! Something is NOT Better than Nothing

Yesterday, I received an email encouraging me to move forward with a project that wasn't perfect, but was pressing a deadline. At the end it said- Something is better than nothing.

This sent my built in lie detector into a tizzy. 'Something is better than nothing' is by far one of the biggest lies we tell ourself. It is the fear-based belief that keeps us stuck in dead end jobs, uninspiring relationships, eating food we don't like and calling an afternoon at the lake a dream vacation.

Although, it was said only about settling for artwork that needed approval, it triggered a powerful chord in me. Several years ago, someone asked me how I could have spent 6 years in a relationship with someone who I wasn't in love with. I answered that I believed 'something was better than nothing.' I really believe that at the time I believed that.

The problem with settling for 'something' is that it actually blocks the space necessary for the highest and best. It doesn't leave enough room on your plate for magic. 'Nothing' on the other hand leaves space for infinite creative possibilities, the sky is the limit!

I'm certainly not suggesting that you don't engage in any relationships until you find the perfect one or work at a job that is not your dream. I am only suggesting that you be honest with yourself when you are settling for 'something.' Don't stay stuck in fear.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means having the courage to let go and surrender your 'something' and opening yourself up to miraculous resolutions that can enter only into the space where there is 'nothing.' When you trust that something is NOT better than nothing, everything turns out perfectly.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why Wait? Now is Great!

The sun was shining, my heart was pounding and as I placed one foot in front of the other, I felt a complete sense of appreciation and satisfaction at my decision to grow and to be Happy.

On Sunday morning, when I decided to take a long walk in my favorite McDowell Mountains, I realized just how many Sundays I have compromised in my life. Watching football is America's favorite past time. It brings people together, creates excitement and shifts millions of dollars around. It just doesn't do any of those things for me.

The great awakening came when I realized that I ultimately chose the outcome of all of my Sunday. The mountain was full of other people who also enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the sensation of grounding and becoming one with nature. As you awaken to your true self, give yourself permission to do the things that make your heart sing. Waiting for or expecting your partner, spouse or perfect person to share your interests is a path away from your Truth.

I was deeply inspired by this cactus. It clearly had done some growing, experienced some trauma and then had the courage to grow even higher albeit in a new direction. The desire to grow and move in the direction of the Light exceeded to desire to stay the same.

When you decide to change, your world will change. Stop compromising the things that make you happy and start recognizing the freedom to choose and move in the direction of happiness. The amazing thing is that in accordance with the universal law of affinity, like attracts like. You don't need to wait for someone to join you, they are already there waiting for you. If you love football, go to a game or a sports bar and you will find new likeminded friends, the same is true of mountain climbing or a yoga class.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means having the courage to pursue your passion and giving yourself and others permission to be happy. Why Wait? Time doesn't come back and Now is GREAT!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Truth is Transparent as Tire Tread

Truth does not become more true by virtue of the fact that the entire world agrees with it, nor less so even if the whole world disagrees with it.

"You're an aggressive driver," I was certain the guy at Discount Tire was engaging in flirtatious banter posing by this question.

"What makes you say?" I needed to know what part of my personality sparked this question.

He informed me that the wear on my front tires far exceeded the wear on my back tires. He wasn't asking me, he was telling me. I chuckled to myself and realized once again the Truth is Transparent. He rotated my tires and sent me on my way with an amazing gift. The Truth is simply the Truth.

The following day, a gentleman called to invite me to lunch. My phone does not always get great reception, but it had all of the bars. Over and over, I kept repeating that I could not hear him. Finally, he did something and asked if that was better. What he did was take me off his iPhone speakerphone. Annoyed, he said he prefers speakerphone because he has ADD and that way he can multitask. I suggested he call me when he was less distracted.

He admit he likes speakerphone, because he can concentrate on anything and everything, but the person on the other end of the phone. He was shocked by how 'intuitive' I was and that I had actually called him out. I was just as 'intuitive' as the man at Discount Tire. I am an aggressive driver and this man is rude. I wasn't trying to be mean, I was just telling him the Truth. Distracted is rude.

The Truth is that if I continue to drive like I have always driven, I will replace my tires often. If my caller continues to believe his time is more valuable than the time of the person he is calling, he will be making a lot of calls. The nice thing about the Truth is that it is constant. It doesn't become more or less true or transparent by ignoring it.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means tuning into Truth. Truth is as transparent as tire tread so have the Courage to ahead and tell it. Practice tuning into it. Today, speak and listen to your Truth.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Falling in Love: The Great Paradox

What does it mean to "Fall" in Love?

The idea of falling 'in' Love softens even the hardest of hearts. Some people think they will never fall in love, other people fall in love everyday. Falling in love is associated with hearts, flowers, rainbows, romance and ecstatic bliss. Love is the power the inspires greatness. Love heals.

How is it that one day two people are 'in love' and six months later they cannot stand the sight of each other. Can we really call that love? Perhaps that is the great paradox? Selfishly, people want the benefits of love without really understanding True Love. Falling into love is falling away from True Self. Falling means to descend. Love is an elevation of consciousness. Unless you have elevated your consciousness into that of an enlightened being, 'falling' into love is not sustainable love.

True Love is a result of awakening to your true self. True love is connection to your natural self, your sense of humor, interests, passions and desires. Falling in love is a time when you give up your self, you bury your interests and ignore your friends to please another and fit into their lifestyle.

A relationship built on true love is unlimited in its capacity to share more love and light. True Love is like the sea water. It has the capacity to spread the most intense electrical current without damaging itself. The idea of falling in love is destined to short circuit, because it is like trying to contain all of that electricity for yourself alone.

Relationships fail when love is considered to be scarce and therefore hoarded. Falling in love is falling in fear. Love lifts. Love is abundant. Learn to let love run through you and you are guaranteed no harm. The more you stay in the consciousness and conductivity of true love, the more you will elevate and tap into your potential to spread lasting love and light in this world.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means trusting that being True to yourself is the path to Lasting Love and Fulfillment. Falling in love is falling for fear. True Love Lifts all Limitations.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Shaman Healing Circle: Release Rebalance Reconnect!

Release all that no longer serves you. Reconnect to all that does.

I have always been wildly attracted to and fascinated by Native American ceremony. There is something incredibly powerful about participating in this type of energetic experience. Maybe, it was my early exposure to the movie Emerald Forest, growing up in New Hampshire or perhaps I was leading these in a previous incarnation.

Ceremony is about raising your vibrations and creating collective consciousness to spread for the greater good. When I was invited to attend a 10 year Celebration Ceremony at the Golden Door Spa in Carefree, AZ, I was thrilled. The bright moon was almost full and we sat around a blazing fire.

What began as a small group of uncertain, inhibited people soon turned into a chorus of song led by our beautiful and spirited Shaman Razel Wolf. We passed the talking stick, stating our individual intentions. Through the ceremony we used the fire to release and burn fear, to rebalance with intention and reconnect to all that is possible.

The smells of sage, cedar, lavender and tobacco permeated the air with the power of mysticism. The last direction was to allow the magic we created to gestate for 7 days by not speaking of it. It has been 7 amazing days.

This ceremony also served as a great reminder that fear and limited thoughts are self-imposed and entirely optional. If a formal ceremony is not available, you can begin by lighting a candle, writing down your fear and limitations and setting them on fire. Release. Next, get clear on what you really want and need more of. Rebalance. Ask for it and expect it. Reconnect. Stay in spirit and let the magic brew. Gestate.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit is a state of consciousness. Release that which no longer serves you. Rebalance your mind, body and spirit. Reconnect with universal Love.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fascinating Frequencies: Tune into Telepathic Technology

Your consciousness is your antennae; tune in to receive what you desire.

I don't know how fiber optics, high speed internet or electricity work, but I enjoying tuning into the frequencies and enjoying the benefits.

This morning I was reflecting on how using the tools of technology has really shrunk the world. In the past 24 hours, I have engaged in conversation by email with my parents as they enjoy a river boat cruise through Russia, spoke on my cellphone to my business partner, who is currently at a Shaolin Temple in China, FaceBooked my Mt. Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide in Tanzania, Africa and text friends from coast to coast.

I could go on and on about how fascinating modern technology is and how it allows for connection and the spread of information to even the most remote places. I have an ongoing conversation via FaceBook with a friend working in the Arctic and according to the latest Blogger statistics, this blog is read widely in Russia and Germany.

However, even more fascinating and faster than the 4G and soon to be 5G network is the result of tuning into the original technology: Consciousness. Sometimes the most powerful conversations are those without words. Thoughts. The ideas of collective consciousness and critical massing are manifestations of the original technology. Tune out distractions and chaos and tune in peace, love and clarity.

Cell phones, computers, networks and gadgets are tools for tuning in to receive messages. With a peaceful heart and a calm mind you can send and receive even greater messages. Tuning into telepathy allows you to choose your own fascinating frequency. Get clear on what you want and tune in to receive it. If you don't like the messages you are receiving, elevate your frequency.

Want more Love? Adventure? Joy ? Peace? Happiness? Consider your consciousness to be your antennae and stay tuned into the highest possible frequency.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means receiving the highest and best by tuning into the highest and best.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Love Powers Flowers and Responsibility

Love is Unstoppable. It is the most powerful vibrational frequency in the universe. Yesterday, I was reminded that with Power comes responsibility. By nature, the duality of Power can be used for good or evil.

One of my most influential teachers, taught me that if I wanted to be a great yoga teacher or any kind of teacher, I needed to bring Love and Be Love to my 'classroom.'

I have spent the past two years learning about Love, forgetting what I thought I knew about Love, studying the power of Love, bringing Love to every situation, Being Love, Spreading Love and Teaching Love.

One of my favorite platforms for teaching is my Friday evening yoga class. Since I do all of the talking, it's an opportunity for me to channel a great message to the students. I truly want them to do more than sweat. I want them to open their hearts and minds to release what no longer serves, to rebalance and to reconnect.

When I got to my class last night, the girls were very giddy and excited to see me. I like a nice greeting, but this was over the top. They wanted to know who sent the absolutely beautiful fragrant bouquet of Stargazer Lilies. My favorite flower. I was stunned.

The card attached began, "I do not know your path, but my intuition tells me there is a reason why we met where we did." It went on to say, "I will miss your class as you bring a depth to the practice......" In the middle, he asks me out, as he is sure we have made a special connection.

Thankfully, he described himself in the closing, because I wouldn't have known who he was by name. I say this with complete humility. It was a great reminder not attach to the message to the messenger. As a teacher and one who open the hearts of another, comes a certain responsibility. That responsibility is to always tell the Truth and stay in the vibration of Love.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means being mindful of the Power of Love and handling other open hearts with the responsibility of loving kindness.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Muscle Memory: Condition the Mind and Body

Lose. Live. Love. Win!

The way we move is the way we live. The mind and body both have what is known as muscle memory. Consciously and subconsciously we are always training the mind and body.

It may be a bit easier to understand this concept beginning with the body. Last week, my friend Josh challenged me to a 100 Meter sprint. Although he had never seen me in running sneakers and I haven't run competitively since 5th grade, the muscles in my mind are trained to love a challenge.

On Monday night, I truly understood the concept of muscle memory. For years as a martial arts teacher, I would tell students that it was important to train correctly because practice makes permanent. Practicing a form over and over again instills the movements into the body. Many years have passed since the 5th grade and I was never a sprinter, but I am a huge fan of the Truth and I figured what better way to know than to show up.

As we finished the warm up lap, Josh sped up for fun and I knew I was getting smoked. It would be easy to say that he is significantly taller and bigger than I am, or even note that he went to college on an athletic scholarship for Track & Field (didn't know this when I agreed.) Instead, I realized that I have conditioned my body slow. For 14 years, I have incorporated yoga into my daily ritual, slow-moving and stagnant postures.

On the bright side, I have also trained my mind. I love to win, but I also love to lose. When I lose, I know there is opportunity to grow and expand. I love to be challenged. Although, it may be rare that someone challenges you physically, most of us are challenged emotionally in someway everyday. This can be at work, at home, driving, being cut in line or any other interaction that causes you to lose center. Each encounter is an opportunity to expand your consciousness and connect to love. Each challenge is an opportunity to practice calmness.

Consider today that every thought you think, every impulsive reaction, every word that leaves your mouth is the result of conditioning. Are you conditioned to view losing as a loss or losing as an opportunity to win? Everything is a result of conditioning. Practice makes permanent.

Josh may always be faster than I am, but losing fueled my desire to win in life. On Wednesday, I was a little faster than I was on Monday. Like anything in life, the more you condition the more you win! Lose. Live. Love. Win!

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means creating Happy Healthy and Fit muscle memory. Condition the Mind and Body to win!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love Sells: Open Hearts Open Doors

Door to Door sales teaches Key to infinite wealth and unlimited riches.

Open Hearts Open Doors. Open Doors Open Hearts.

People are either going buy, die or move. This slogan is ingrained in me after years of running a door to door frozen food sales business. Each morning began with goal setting and an inspirational meeting. I loved every lost soul that came to me believing they had what it took to make $200-$300 cash paid daily. The only guarantee they had was that I would greet them with smile at the end of the night.

Each evening brought back victorious smiles clutching bundles of cash or defeated feet dragging without money for gas. Every one has to eat, I would remind the defeated. They would say that the neighborhoods were beat up or no one had any money. I knew the Truth. It was the same in Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Houston and everywhere else I found myself. People will buy, die or move.

The shear brilliance and magnitude of the universal buy, die or move principle just hit me. True success is so much more than money. True success is radiating love and light everyday. Success is that connection to spirit that effortlessly spreads peace, love and happiness.

Open your heart and it will open every door. Stop selling and start sharing. Remain steadfast in your own vibration of Love and just BEing will attract others to buy into Love, or they will ultimately die or simply move away. When you learn to truly love thy neighbor as thyself, doors will naturally open. With those open doors, more hearts will open, thereby opening more doors.

Together we can elevate and unite the consciousness of the planet. Do not judge those who are not ready to 'buy.' Trust that eventually they will die or move. As soon as one person has bought into Love, the whole world has changed.

All the riches in the world are accessible through Love. Don't know how to Open your Heart? Begin to Open your eyes. Learn see past the closed door of ego and exterior of another. Look deep into their eyes and you will see their heart. Perhaps, it has been broken or shut down. You may not like what you see, but Love knows no Limits.

Just like in door to door sales, on any given day, we don't know who our next customer may be. It could be someone next to you when you are pumping gas, in the car stopped at a red light or behind the cash register at the convenience store. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means knowing every encounter is an opportunity to open a heart and door with Love.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Magic Moments: Make the Middle Matter!

Laugh Now! Love Now! Live Now!

The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery, right now is a gift; that's why it's called the present.

Tootsie Pops, Oreos and jelly-filled Dunkin' Donuts are great reminders that the magical moments lie in the middle. This is so true of life. The endless quest of beginning and endings may cause the middle to be overlooked. The best part is NOW!

What does it mean to be present? It means to show up engaged and appreciating the moment. Overhearing a friend conduct job interviews, I was startled as he suggested to the candidates the importance of always thinking two jobs ahead. This idea really resonated with me. I understand the idea of being career-driven and climbing the ladder of success, but what is success?

I suppose if money was your only measuring stick, this idea of taking a job today and thinking about the one 2 jobs ahead would be logical. However, I have yet to meet anyone who can measure their happiness solely by their bank account. If you can't show up wholly, completely and happy in the job now, why would you take it?

This inspired a conversation revolving around the idea of what makes a great movie a great movie. Would you buy your popcorn, walk into a movie, sit down for 10-15 minutes, get up and leave and come back for the last 10-15 minutes. Of course not, and why? You would miss out on the best part. It's the middle that makes the movie great.

Your life is like a movie. You are the main character. Make the middle matter. It doesn't matter where you have been or where you are going. What matters is right now. Laugh for today. Love for today. Live for today.

If you think you will be happy when you reach your goal, make your money, get your promotion or meet your soul mate, you may be right, but you must learn to enjoy the moment you are in right now, because those will just be beginnings or endings to many more middles.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means understanding that life is like an Oreo. The cream is in the middle. Enjoy the gift of Now, it truly is the magically delicious best part.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hungover with Healing Happiness

Turn Contacts into Connections!

I woke up this morning with an aching belly. It would seem entirely reasonable that this was the direct result of lacing Rhode Island calamari, focaccia bread, ribeye steak, spinach, mashed potatoes and whipped- cream topped bananas foster with wine, Italian blood orange martinis, lemon basil martinis and shots of pineapple upside down cake.

Considering the slight deviation from my normal water infused practically vegetarian lifestyle, I expected my body to be off center a bit. However, the ache in my belly this morning has nothing to do with what I put into my body. It is the result what came out of my body: hours of deep-rooted healing belly laughs.

In the morning, I had told a friend that the whole world is her friend, just waiting for the first hello to make the connection. We have the power to expand our circle of friendship infinitely when we open our hearts to give and receive love and light to the hearts of others. We intended to be a group of three, when we decided four would be more fun. I reached out to a new friend and she instantly agreed to meet us for dinner at Dominick's Steakhouse.

Our only agenda was to have fun and elevate each other's spirits. What began as an evening of four individuals with four different stories soon morphed into a magical moment of one soul. We began to laugh until we cried. In the process, others could not help but be drawn to our side. Laughter is the greatest healing elixir. Friendship is the greatest gift.

Sometimes you fear that when you share a friend, you risk losing your friend. That is scarcity thinking. Come from a place love and you will understand that when you make a new friend or share a friend, you have just expanded your own circle of happiness.

When I felt the pain in my stomach this morning, I knew it was more powerful than doing 1000 crunches. Laughter has changed my body on a cellular level. I felt whole and complete for I had turned a contact into a real connection and given my friends the greatest gift: a new friend.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means expanding your circle of friendship by showing up with an open heart in the spirit of Love. A Happiness hangover is that lingering sensation vibrating from your heart reminding you that it is a world of abundance and bliss is now.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Break your Patterns: Perfect is Waiting!

Manifest your Reality!

According to Esther Hicks and the Law of Attraction series, Beliefs are simply thoughts that you keep on thinking. Beliefs are those stories that you tell yourself over and over again.

The interesting thing about beliefs is they are often rooted so deeply inside the subconscious mind, it takes a great awakening to realize that they are not permanent. Beliefs result from programming and patterns: conscious and subconscious.

Beliefs and patterns are what keep you in loveless relationships, dead end jobs, uninspiring activities, unhealthy bodies and addicted to bad habits. The beliefs that keep you in these restricted relationships with yourself and others are entirely fear based. They are a result of scarcity thinking.

Beliefs are also what attract to you great love, great wisdom, great friends, great opportunities and massive abundance. Scarcity thinking is the equivalent of going through life in a small dark room because you believe it is safe. Shifting you patterns is like turning on the Lights and then opening the windows and doors. The sun is always shining powerfully. All you have to do is be open to the infinite possibilities.

All of the problems you have right now are a result of a blockage you created with your limited thoughts and beliefs. Break your patterns, change your programming. Learn to let go! Beliefs are thoughts you keep on thinking. Choose higher vibrational thoughts. The life of your dreams is waiting for you to dream it.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means proactively choosing higher vibrational thoughts. Learn to surrender and let go. Trust that everything manifested in love turns out perfectly.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Disengage: Drama Drug Distracts Divine Direction

Transform Daily Drama into Infinite Inspiration.

The idea that thoughts control things has been circulating around since the beginning of time. All the way back to King Solomon, it has been recorded that As you think, so shall you be!

We are all placed here with a divine purpose. It is your birthright to be Happy Healthy Fit and Complete. Your divine purpose is really a discovery of your gift and the consciousness to share it. Discovering your gift requires quieting the mind and tapping into the divine. Admittedly, this requires patience, practice and sacrifice.

The sacrifice is the drama. Drama is like a drug. You can actually become high on your story and the stories you make up about other people. Drama sucks you in insatiably. It has many faces: daytime television, sitcoms, the neighbors, your own family, celebrities and people at work to name a few sources of dramatic distractions. It's easy to get caught up into where you have been, who was there and what will happen next.

When you begin to catch yourself thumbing through your phone to repeat the same story over and over, pause for a moment and notice. Drama is the voice coming from outside of you. Divine Direction is the voice coming from inside of you.

It can be difficult at first to disengage from talking about your problems and the problems you believe other people have, but a fast way to raise your vibrational frequency is to cut off drama.

Practice, patience and sacrifice transforms daily drama into infinite inspiration. Be Inspired!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Teacher. My Hero. My Dad.

RKS = RKS Lessons from My Dad

"Charm school," my Dad would say and then grin from ear to ear. My Dad has a gift. He has the ability to make people feel like they are the only person on the planet. This gift has landed us many a times in first class, the Presidential Suite, free dessert and no waiting.

Yesterday, my Dad turned 65 years young. Although, I was not able to be with him in person this year, I was able to be with him in spirit and share some stories about my Dad, my Hero, my Teacher.

My Dad was not always perfect, but truly represents the power of alchemy, the power of transformation and purification of spirit. Together with my Mom, my dad has given me a lifetime of memories. When the Yankees were in town for the World Series, my dad knew where to take us to lunch so I could brush elbows with Derek Jeter. With a birthday on New Year's Eve, I have had the opportunity to celebrate 18 watching the ball drop in New York City, turn 19 cruising the Caribbean, turn 20 in Singapore, 21 in China and the list goes on and on.

People admire the relationship I had with my dad. It was only recently that I overheard him telling a single father friend that he knew the most important thing was to keep the lines of communication open. He said he knew he had to keep me talking and that meant he had to be a great listener. I would imagine this was a very difficult undertaking. However, while he was listening to me, I was busy observing and listening to him. From my Dad, I have learned:

  1. The Sky is the Limit - If you want something, go get it.
  2. Entrepreneurial Spirit- It doesn't matter what everyone else is doing.
  3. Starting New Traditions is often more Fun than Carrying out Old Traditions.
  4. Adventure is a way of life.
  5. Optimism is when you can say 'at least I won't have to wash it anymore' after your antique Corvette goes up in flames.
  6. Happiness is a result of making other people Happy.
  7. Hard work done with great Love strengthens the family bond.
  8. Passports are meant to be Stamped.
  9. Commitments are meant to be kept.
  10. Make friends with those involved with your food.
  11. Resiliency keeps you alive when you are brushed with near death experiences.
  12. Always find the Higher Road.
  13. Humility is the pathway to Heaven.
  14. Mistakes are only mistakes if you didn't learn anything.
  15. Charm School isn't a place you go, it's a person you become.
  16. Love has no Limits.
Being named Randi, others often suggest that my parents were hoping for a boy. Truth is, they already had a boy, my Mom wanted me to have my Dad's initials and so I do. We are both RKS. Much to my mother's chagrin, she used to lay down a blue packet of equal at breakfast, lunch or dinner and say that she couldn't speak to either of us as we were 'equal,' the same RKS 'equals' RKS.

I cannot think of a greater compliment than to be called equal to my Dad. For in the company of my Dad, you will feel like he is your dad too. I can only aspire to fill those huge shoes. My Dad is my teacher and my Hero. Happy Birthday Dad and many many more! I love you Dad!

    Monday, October 3, 2011

    Victorious Breath: Stop Catching it Start STRETCHING it!

    Change your Breath and Change your Life.

    The act of conscious breathing is the single most powerful method to transform the body on a cellular level. It is the magic key to unlock infinite healing of mind body and spirit. Being Happy Healthy and Fit begins by honoring your breath, honoring your life. Daily conscious breathing is truly a selfless act of Victory.

    We often hear of people suffering of shortness of breath. At the scene of an accident, the first question is always, is the victim breathing? Why? Breath is the indication of life.

    When the mind is agitated there is an immediate effect on the breath. When the breath is agitated, there is an effect on the mind. The ancient yogis found that learning to control the breath calms the mind and allows for transformation for inner peace and stillness. The alternative is the lazy breath that fills only the chest. I cannot help but wonder if this shallow breathing contributes to the shallow and fleeting thoughts. On a deeper level, if a deep breath calms and stills the mind, is it possible that a shallow breath scatters it and contributes to things such as ADD and constant distractions?

    We may not be able to control our circumstances, but we can learn to control our response to them. An untrained mind will react instantly upon hearing undesirable news. This reaction may be just a subtle shift in breathing hardly noticeable. However, when the breath picks up the heart rate picks up and creates unnecessary strain on the body.

    The amazing thing is there is one thing you can do everyday to alter your health on a cellular level. Breathe. Breathing with awareness stretches your lung capacity and allows for more fresh oxygenated blood to be pumped through your body. Conscious breathing is known to aerate the lungs, remove phlegm, increase endurance and soothe the nervous system. Learning to breathe deep into the belly will even stimulate digestion and flush out toxins.

    As people begin to age, their breath gets shorter and shorter. This is literally the result of shrinking lungs. The breath becomes shallow. A person's last breath is a gasp for air. If you or someone you know is busy trying to catch their breath, take a moment to stretch your breath. If you have time to study stock tickers, check sports scores or see what's happening on TMZ, you have just enough time to practice your conscious breathing.

    Your lungs would like to be bigger to serve you better. Attending a yoga, tai chi or meditation class would be very beneficial to ultimately prolonging your life. If that is not possible just take a moment even right now to practice breathing all the way into your lower abdomen and holding that breath before you gently release it. Doing this one small conscious act of extended breathing everyday will actually stretch your lungs and stretch your life.

    A short breath is a victim's breath. A long breath is a Victorious breath. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means learning to control what you can control and letting the rest go. Control your breath and release your thought.

    Sit cross-legged or straight up in chair, soften your eye lids, relax your shoulders and breath in to a count of 4, hold your breath for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4 and hold for a count of 4. Repeat 10 times and shorten or lengthen the count according to your lung capacity.


    Sunday, October 2, 2011

    Find Your Voice: Follow it Fearlessly!

    Listen and then Decide.

    “Truly successful decision-making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking.”
    ― Malcolm Gladwell

    Your Voice is your Truth. Your voice is your Inner Wisdom. In this case, Voice can be something you hear, see or feel.

    Yesterday's blog was about Tuning into Truth by acknowledging and accessing your 3rd eye. Most of us are excellent at tuning into our Truth in retrospect. It becomes crystal clear after the fact that it was crystal clear before the fact.

    If you have ever asked or been asked questions like: When did you know it was a bad marriage? When did you realize you were paying too much? What did your gut say the first time you met him? How did you feel when you first heard that? How did you feel when you decided to go?

    When you can return to the time of beginning a new friendship, relationship, job or buying decision, you can tap into Truth. Often times, we saw big red flags and chose to ignore them.

    In his book Blink, Malcolm Gladwell touches on the idea that our mind are constantly taking takes millions of snapshots. Evidence of this appears every time, we find ourselves reliving events that lead up to now.

    If you would like to stop repeating your patterns, break them. Understand that initial feeling you feel is your inner voice, your divine wisdom trying to guide you. Follow it fearlessly. Sometimes that means yes and sometimes that means no. Every decision we make today is a seed planted that will sprout into the future. Every effect we feel today, is the result of a seed planted in the past. We have caused our Now.

    It takes tremendous courage to follow your voice fearlessly. Often this means having to turn your inner voice into your outer voice. It means having to speak the Truth. The truth can be painful, but pain heals. The alternative is living a lie and lies create dis-ease and discomfort denying us of our birthright to be Happy Healthy and Fit. Time is one thing we never get back.

    Make today your Best day ever. Find your Voice and Follow it Fearlessly. Bliss is Now.

    Saturday, October 1, 2011

    Tune into Your Truth: 3rd Eye Won't Lie

    The 3rd eye is that area between your eyebrows and about 1 inch up. It is the place where inspiration enters the mind and transitions from a feeling and intellectualizes into a thought. The 3rd eye is the gateway from the unknown into the known.

    Yogis and meditators often use this point of focus combined with mindful breathing to tap into and out of universal energy, giving and receiving love.

    When you get a great idea, where does that idea come from? That idea comes from tapping into the greater consciousness and turning your body into a giant receiver. This requires stillness of mind and intentional receptivity. If this sounds wacky, a little research would reveal that all the great thinkers, developers, creators and philosophers are aligned in knowing that resting in stillness opens the channels to begin the process of inspiration to intellectualization to actualization.

    Interestingly the biggest blockage to new ideas, higher frequencies and inspiration is firm attachment to existing beliefs. The trouble with the 2 eyes we have, is that their vision is limited. They can only see what they can see and have a way of tricking the mind into only believing what it can see. The Truth is Believe first and then your vision becomes Limitless.

    I have spent the past year concentrating on my 3rd eye and can share first hand that tuning into removing blockages allows creativity to enter and truth to prevail.

    On this day last year, I had an appointment with my dermatologist. It was follow up to a problem solved, but I was there so I decided to ask him about what felt like pea lodged deep in my forehead. He said he couldn't see anything, but when he felt it, it was clearly some kind of cystic acne. In a moment of vanity I asked if there was anything that he could do since I was co-facilitating a women's empowerment weekend with celebrity speakers and women from around the country. He said it would go away in 2 weeks or he could give me a shot that would make it swell up and in 2 hours it would be gone. Brilliant. For some reason I had to sign a release and then he injected it. Within 2 hours, I was sure he was a magician. I was so happy I sent him a thank you card, called the office to leave a message and had an amazing weekend of confidence.

    Fast forward two weeks, I what had once felt like frozen pea, now looked like a pea had been removed. Right in the center of my forehead was sink hole the size of a pea. In two months, I returned to my doctor. He looked surprised by the damage and explained that I was the one in a million that may have that reaction and that was what I signed. I never felt angry, I knew that I opted for the short cut. He assured me that the collagen would fill in after 6 months.

    The good news is that it gave me a lot of time to concentrate on enhancing my inner beauty, there is not much you can do to hide your forehead. The better news is that it served as a constant reminder to focus on my own third eye; to be open to the infinite possibilities. A year later, I can honestly say, that at the time, I was so blocked by my own beliefs, I may have actually manifested that cyst as a reminder to tune into the greater good and collective consciousness.

    Being Happy Healthy and Fit means mindfully practicing tuning into your third eye, tune into your Truth and infinite Wisdom. The Third Eye won't Lie!