Happy Healthy and Fit

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stop the Crash: Engage Spiritual Hydraulics

Having had the opportunity to speak with people who have endured great physical trauma, I have found a common theme. The pain of the gunshot wound, the stab, the impact of the car crash, the falling off the bike or the sheer brutality of being physically beaten is not the painful part. The pain begins in the recovery room.

To prevent shock, the body actually has a built-in mechanism to block pain. It is not until your mind realizes that you didn't die that the fight to live begins and the pain strikes and intensifies. Interestingly, most people would agree that just before the moment of impact everything appears in slow motion.

It is in that split second, we have the ability to change the outcome, stop the impact or what we refer to in tai chi as deflect and redirect. This ability to see and consciously change the outcome of a situation requires heightened awareness through disciplined practice.

This same principle applies to spiritual crashes. A spiritual crash occurs when you allow doubt, fear or worry to enter your mind. These obstacles are just as dangerous to your soul as guns, knives and the like are to your body. Perhaps they are even more tragic, because they aren't always so obvious. The pain comes on slower and by the time you realize the depth of pain and suffering, the entry wound has long disappeared. You may not even know when the damage occurred and how to heal.

The great news is that when you understand the idea of spiritual hydraulics, you can notice the crash before it occurs. Life can be looked at as a downward escalator. It is our job everyday to do our work and climb up. The moment we stop doing our work, the momentum quickly carries us to the bottom. Not doing our work is when we don't want to face the Truth and instead opt for a quick fix: drugs, alcohol, pornography, extramarital affairs, emotional eating and any other self-sabotaging behavior patterns. For that brief moment of pleasure, it is like being in the recovery room pumped with painkillers just before you open your eyes are realize how far you have to climb back up.

Start to notice that split second that happens when you feel your mind spiraling out of control. Create healthy habits. Identify your spiritual hydraulics. Find a friend, a book, a meditation or a song that will allow you to breathe and brake before you break.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means recognizing your spiritual disasters before they occur. Deflect and redirect doubt, fear and worry. Stop the crash. Engage your Spiritual Hydraulics and keep elevating your spirit toward love, joy and peace.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happiness: Get Clear. Watch it Appear

The moment we get clear on what it is we want, is the moment that what we want begins to appear.

Recently, I have encountered quite a few people who seem to be barely getting by with much more than a frown. When I ask them why they are not happy, they do not know. More startling, when I ask them what makes them happy, they look perplexed. If we do not know how to make ourselves happy, how can we possibly expect someone else to make us happy?

Take a moment and remember a time in your life when you felt amazingly happy and joyful. Remember the feelings, the place, the people and the overall vibrational energy. Sit in this feeling for a moment until the memory comes back to your heart so strong that you feel the feelings again. You may notice that the things that made you happiest in that moment are not the things you think you need to have today to be happy.

Get clear on what makes you happy, joyful and warm in your heart. Watch it appear. It is never too late to be happy right now. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means KNOWING what makes you feel Happy Healthy and Fit.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pause your Because to Be 'your' Cause

Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
~Gal. 6:7

The word 'because' is the transitionary word we use to justify a current situation or outcome. It is the insinuation that a result occurred because of an external circumstance. This happened 'because' that happened. Because is a reactionary word.

When we slow down long enough to breathe and examine life, we can better understand that life is a series of produced results. For every action there is a reaction. We can see that we actually Be our Cause.

To better understand this, let's look at the body. Laziness and apathy toward health and fitness will produce a result. The result is atrophy, disease and low energy. Those results will pick up momentum and produce further results that will spill over or 'Cause' more low vibrational effects. This is when it is easy to look outside of ourselves and use the 'because' blame word.

When you decide to Be 'your' Cause, you have just made the decision to create different results. Attention on health and fitness will create a healthy, strong and energized body. This will Cause an entirely different set of results.

Although we do not always understand how things work, it does not mean that we can or should deny their existence. We cannot explain how we can send and receive text messages around the globe, but know that we do it. The same is true of electricity.

If you are not completely joyful about the results that you have produced, notice how often you use the word 'because' to pass blame onto someone else. This is your life and it is your birthright to be Happy, Healthy and Fit. If any aspect of your life isn't working, take a moment to celebrate. It is not out of your hands. Simply decide to Be 'your' Cause and cause the effects that you would like to occur.

Simply, understand that thoughts are seeds. Plant what you would like to grow. Be patient. Be your Cause. Your consciousness creates your life experiences: in health, prosperity, relationships and success. You make choices, you bear the results. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means taking responsibility for your results. Be your Cause.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Evidence of Earth Angels

Anyone can be an Angel
~author unknown

The first time it was suggested to me that angels are everywhere, I admit I was a bit skeptical. It is difficult to understand what we cannot see. That is of course if you think you must see in order to believe. When you shift your consciousness into believing first, it is amazing what you will see.

I think one of the worst things that could happen living in the Arizona desert is having your AC go out. When I came home after dark on Monday night I knew something was wrong. The air was stagnant and it was uncomfortably warm. Straight to the thermostat, I discovered the potential nightmare was true. It was off the charts hot. I clicked it off and back on desperately wanting to hear the sound of cool air blowing.

Nothing happened. I took a deep breath and decided not to panic. With temperatures of 106 degrees, I knew it was going to be a very warm evening. Immediately, I contacted my most trustworthy contractor friend for a referral. Within minutes I was on the phone with Keith, the HVAC guy. He was ready to drive over right then. I decided to wait until the morning. There was something very calming in his voice. If it needed to be replaced it would need to be replaced.

As soon as our eyes met, I knew I had been blessed with an angel. He resembled John Coffey from the Green Mile. He was so big, gentle and kind. After he performed a few diagnostics, he assured me no matter what happened I would have cold air blowing before he left. With Keith, came an amazing calming energy. When he climbed up an 8 foot ladder and into a crawl space half his size, it confirmed he had to be an angel. Crouched down, sweating buckets and covered in insulation, he began to sing.

Because I don't know anything about HVAC, he could have told me anything needed to be done. He told me the Truth. A wire and some receptors were burned out. For the price of a service call, meeting Keith Marshall reminded me that angels are everywhere. When I asked him if he had a card, he dug out two. I grinned from ear to ear to see that it read: Keith Marshall LLC: Your HVAC Friend and Technician. I would refer him to anyone.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means believing and then seeing evidence of earth angels everywhere. The more you commit to helping others, the more you attract helpful people into your own life. Invest in your protection. You never know when you are going to need an angel, so start practicing your own helpful ways today!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Move Your Body. Move Your Mind.

Stagnation Leads to Separation.

Unconsciously, we think we are one unified unit. We are contained inside our body. It doesn't always make sense how we can feel disconnected from self and from others.

We are like a bottle of salad dressing. Left on the shelf the oil rises and the vinegar and spices sink. Although, it is all contained inside the bottle, it has separated and doesn't appear attractive until we shake it up and bring it all together.

Yesterday, I was listening to a friend confess her deep dissatisfaction with every aspect of her life. She was annoyed with her loving husband, exploding on her children, disgusted with her job and envious of others. She felt completely isolated and taking on personas to be accepted by those she admired.

I listened patiently to the depths of her darkness and isolation. She was truly drowning in a puddle. I have been there. I inquired as if she was looking for feedback. She said she has been feeling like this since October and feels completely out of control. Her mind was consuming her. I asked her if she had gone to her doctor to get some pills to mask all of her symptoms and not make changes. She understood that was not the answer, but also that it was next. Then I asked her when the last time she exercised was. She burst into laughter.

I reminded her that in September, she was completely energized and high on life. In September she had a goal. She was exercising daily, eating clean and making powerful career decisions. In October, she hit a bump in the road and has since been experiencing the separation of salad dressing on the shelf. Her mind and body were not unified. She was not in harmony with self. It is impossible to be in harmony with anyone else in this condition.

The best news is that it is fixable and fast! Disciplined exercise is the best self defense available. Exercise, especially that which engages the mind and the body creates changes on a cellular level. Moving the body moves the mind. Stagnation creates separation. Like the salad dressing on the shelf. The unmoved body sinks and becomes heavy.

A warrior sets goals and trains hard physically to keep a strong mind which in turn keeps away low vibrations like doubt, fear, anger, shame and worry. Although, 30 minutes earlier she told me the fire inside her had died, I could see it burning bright now. She was going home to ride her bike. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means putting the happy pills away and committing to some form of conscious physical exercise every day.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Receiving Responsibly teaches The Gift is in Giving

Next time you encounter someone who appears to be very wealthy and very tight with their money. Do not judge. Notice yourself, are you feeling entitled to something? Do not judge yourself either.

Now shift your consciousness. Consider the possibility that that person was never taught that lasting fulfillment comes from sharing and that the gift is in giving. To expect them to depart with a large sum immediately is like asking someone who does not know how to swim to jump off the high dive. It is irresponsible.

The gift is in giving is a learned way of life. It is also a shift from scarcity thinking to abundant thoughts. To the inexperienced giver, giving means someone wins and someone loses. To the experienced giver, giving or sharing means everyone wins. This concept can only be understood once experienced.

By nature, when someone gives us something and our ego feels that it is not enough, we tend to give it back or simply not accept it. A opportunity has just been missed. Graciously receiving even the most ridiculous things is an opportunity for the giver to experience the joy of giving. Whether it is a bag of used clothes, half a banana, a compliment or a small denomination of money, accept it with gratitude and appreciation. This is the warm invitation to get the person with the potential to be a high diver to fearlessly place their foot in the water.

It is our responsibility to receive responsibly. We must learn to graciously accept whatever someone is willing to give. This shift in consciousness has nothing to do with us. It is about opening the path to giving. Once the giver recognizes the joy in giving, he will give more generously of his time, money and love.

If someone has never learned to share or give, it is a foreign concept. What is foreign creates fear. Today unleash that fear in everyone you encounter: receive responsibly.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means understanding that receiving a little responsibly teaches others that the gift is truly in giving.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Blocked Flow? Call Yourself a Plumber

Life is meant to Flow!

I love taking showers. I draw so much inspiration from the running water and feel like I am cleansing my mind, body and spirit in there. I reflect and laugh in there. I purge and cry in there. Water is the most powerful element on the planet. Running water carves the valleys through the mountains.

When I found myself standing in a pool of stagnant water at the bottom of my shower earlier this week I was aghast. There was a blockage. It seemed to come out of no where. The drain didn't seem to be draining slowly and then not at all. It seemed 'suddenly' blocked.

First instinct was to drag my foot along the drain and remove the hair. In my heart I knew there wasn't a significant enough amount to be blocking the flow. I must dig deeper. Second, came the moment of panic. Questions: Do I know a plumber? When am I going to have time for this? How much is it going to cost?

Deep breath. Deeper breath. The drain didn't clog overnight. It was a reminder that each time we consciously purify and cleanse our mind, body and spirit there is always going to be some debris. To call a plumber would be a complete overreaction. We have gotten so accustomed to calling for help outside of ourselves. Instead of taking a deep breath and allowing spirit to guide us, we are so quick to call for doctors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, psychologists, counselors and the like. The smallest sign of a problem and we quickly call for an expert to come save us.

I knew I just needed the courage to face what I created. I need to pull up the drain and look deeper inside to remove the blockage. I called myself a plumber. I pulled out what I could see. Kind of gross. Still not significant. I was already into my project. A rubber glove and a coat hanger allowed me to face my fear. Out came something resembling a dead rat. A combination of hair, suds, yuck and shed skin. Really the only things that could have gone down that drain were parts of me.

In less than five minutes, I completely unblocked my flow. Dare to look deeper in your own life. If you are not experiencing flow in love, time, energy, finances or your shower, have the courage to face the truth. Have you completely released that which no longer serves you or is it just hidden deeper where you can no longer see it?

Next time you feel panic over anything, don't be in such a hurry to call someone else to fix your problems. Take a deep breath, a deeper look and face them fearlessly first. It is the only way you will walk away a true conqueror.

When we approach our blockages with fear, they may appear like a giant dead rat. Show up with Love for your previous self and give it one final release.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means having the courage to call yourself a plumber. Remove your blockages and Let Life Flow!

I'd love to hear your stories! How did you successfully remove a blockage today?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time to Turn a Deaf Ear on Your Ego

The path to ascending ego comes from identifying it. Ego shows up when we slip out of spirit. Learn to listen for it and then tune it out. Ego blocks love and truth.

Yesterday after being on the golf course in 100 degree temperatures for 8 hours, I realized that my environment had begun to take its toll on me. From 10 yards away a man was grinning from ear to ear rattling his cup of ice at me. As it became louder and louder and more and more obnoxious, I stood there like Pavlov's dog. Was this really happening?

Clearly this man wanted more ice and the whole world needed to know. Not so clear, was the fact that this man was fully deaf. It wasn't until he stood two feet from me did I realize that he couldn't hear the rattle of the ice and he couldn't verbally communicate what he wanted. The smile? He was genuinely grateful and excited to see me.

For a split second, I actually believed that he came all the way to one of Scottsdale's premier golf courses to humiliate me. It was a great reminder at the speed in which our brain can create stories and make assumptions.

I share this as a great reminder that we must Never assume anything. With our eyes, we can only see 1% of reality. In fact all five senses combined only show us 1% of reality. It is through our hearts that we connect to the other 99%.

It is our own ego that blocks the way of the Truth. I turned around filled with gratitude and appreciation for my own hearing, the hearing of all my friends and family as well as an appreciation for the sense of hearing itself. I felt completely inspired by the entire foursome of hearing-impaired golfers that by far seemed to be having the best time of anyone I saw all day. They may have been missing 20% of their 1% senses, but those smiles told me they were fully in tune with their hearts.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means understanding that ego blocks the truth. If you are seeking the Truth, it's time to turn down the volume on your ego and turn up the volume on your heart.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fear Chains. Love Floats.

Fear chains the boat to the dock. Love moves the boat, the chain and the dock.

You are the boat. The dock is your life situation. Fear restricts you and binds to keep you jogging like a hamster on a wheel; never getting anywhere. Seeing no possible way out.

Love is the elevation of consciousness. Love is the path to Freedom. Love creates the miracles that change your life situation. When you don't know what to do, do nothing aggressively. Learn to shift your consciousness from fear to love.

When you realize that you have nothing left to lose, go ahead and take a chance. Choose love. Be sure to stay in awe and appreciation when your whole boat/world gets rocked into vast new worlds. Fear chains you to yesterday. Love floats you into Now.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

In Yoga and Life: Practice is the Only Way to Perfect

Last night I had a woman get up and leave my yoga class. I've been practicing and teaching long enough to know that this is never personal. She left her husband to finish.

After class, he was apologizing for his wife. It was their second class. I assured him that he did great and they just need to keep coming back. He visibly relaxed. As I was saying goodbye to another student, the wife barged in and interrupted us. Clearly, she was upset so I shifted my attention to her.

"Where are we supposed to learn how to 'perfect' the poses?" she was actually pissed off. I could hear in her voice that she was trying to blame me.

I know with complete confidence and humility in my heart that I am a great yoga teacher. At an earlier time in my life, I would have thought this woman was a complete bitch. Today, through the eyes of compassion, I saw a small, impatient child struggling with her own ego and inner conflict. I embraced her. She was my teacher.

The Truth came out. I learned it was her second time ever doing yoga. They came in 5 minutes after class had already started so I wasn't able to talk to them first. You improve your yoga by coming back. I told her I could show her the perfect poses, we could even see pictures and read about them in books. That seemed like the answer she was looking for. But that was only the first half of my answer.

You can look at pictures and read books all day long. That doesn't mean that your body can do any of those things. You have to apply the knowledge. Keep coming back until you figure out which foot is right and which foot is left. Only then can we begin to worry about if your knee is over your ankle and your alignment is correct. The only way your body will begin to open up is when you establish a relationship with it. This requires continuous effort.

Showing up to a yoga class is the beginning, not the end. The first step to a successful and fulfilling relationship is understanding that all the work that went into creating it was just the beginning. You don't spend four months working to land your dream job only to get it and then kick your feet up and expect to be successful. The same is true in love relationships, relationships to your garden, home, car and friendships.

Yoga is a lifetime practice. It is relationship. Success requires discipline. Regardless of what you undertake, it takes 100 times to remember something, 1000 times to understand it and 10,000 times to master. Self Mastery requires commitment to practice. Practice is the only way to perfect.

After my little dissertation and invitation to come back and keep practicing, she said, "We think we are going to try some of the classes in the other studio, do you think that will help up to learn how to 'perfect' the poses?"

I'm still laughing. She gave me the great gift of reminder. Being a great yoga teacher is about radiating unconditional love and compassion. Whether someone is ready to receive your love or not should have no bearing on your desire to share it.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Tongue Hurts. The Tongue Heals.

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. --Mark Twain

Think before you speak.

Is it kind? Is it helpful? Is it necessary?

There is no more powerful weapon on the planet than the tongue. The tongue has the power to heal and the power to create mass destruction. The tongue communicates messages of love and unites spirits and the tongue expresses judgements and divides nations.

It is easy to judge that which we do not understand. It is easy to laugh at those carrying out rituals and customs that differ from our own. Hairstyles and garb seem foreign. Skin tones, languages and beliefs do not outwardly reflect our own. Seems like small silly things, in fact reads like high school cliques. However, these small things are truly the big things. These small things are the roots of hatred and ignorance that ultimately lead to war and man killing his brother for seeing a different point of view.

If we each could spend one day without any judgment and look into the eyes of a stranger and see the small child of a new mother, regardless of how old that person is today, the whole world will know peace.

To say that is impossible is to make it impossible. We have the power inside of us to control our tongue just for today. We have the power to use words to heal just for today. Put your sharpest sword back in its scabbard. Use your tongue today to heal the hurt in a stranger.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means understanding the importance of thinking before speaking. As the Spanish proverb goes: Don't speak unless you can improve upon the silence. Today, ask yourself: Is it kind? Is it helpful? Is it necessary?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Keep Digging!

Have gratitude for the good and the seemingly bad. It is out the bad that comes the Greater Good! Take the high road! Keep on Keeping on!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Acting Medic: Remove Pain Receive Riches!

Regardless of which path you take on your journey toward bliss, they all require acts of sharing and removing pain from this world.

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to observe myself in real time. Working on the golf course, I came around the cart to hear a young man shriek. Then, I saw his father standing helpless with blood dripping down his leg and several cactus protruding. In a flash, I saw his pain. It was two-fold. The physical pain of a cactus is excruciating and the embarrassment in front of his wife and two children was just as painful. As he was about to reach down and pull them out with this hands, I stopped him from spreading the pain, as they would inevitably end up lodged there as well.

In that moment, I did not see a stranger, but my own Dad. I calmly addressed him and smiled as I said I would be the acting medic. I picked up two rocks from his feet and proceeded to pull out one pricker at a time. When he realized it was working, relief came over his face and the clouds of all pain dissipated. I gave him an antiseptic wipe and smiled. He was beyond grateful and so was I.

I just experienced ecstasy. I had wings. I didn't come up with the two rocks as tweezers. Someone shared it with me in my own moment of pain. I was now passing it along to relieve someone else of their pain. He did tip me generously, but the feeling of helping him was priceless.

After seeing my own parents for the first time in over a year, I realize how much I love them and would only hope that if ever they were in pain, someone would be there and have the compassion to comfort them and the courage to act as a medic.

I don't share this story to impress you, but to impress upon you that we all have the ability to be Light Workers and remove pain and suffering from this world. Today, notice someone who is suffering and lend a hand. Notice the older woman who cannot reach the top shelf at the grocery store or the woman struggling to corral her children. See the prideful man that does not know which peaches are ripe and offer a smile and some assistance. Release your own fear and ego by removing the greatest pain ever: the pain of the illusion of separateness.

Begin to notice those in pain around you. Be Love. A simple kind word contains the power to change someone's entire direction in life. Stop seeing strangers and start seeing your mother, father, sister, brother or child in the face of those around you.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means finding opportunities to act as a medic and relieve others of their pain and suffering. You will be rewarded with all of the riches that money cannot buy!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Isolation Leads to Evaporation

Lakes resting one on the other:
The Image of The JOYOUS.
Thus the superior man joins with his friends
For discussion and practice.
~I-Ching Hexagram 58

It is known that, over time, an individual lake will evaporate upward and disappear faster than two lakes together. One lake cannot withstand the pull of external forces. Two lakes will feed and replenish each other.

Let us learn from nature. In eastern cultures, the lake represents joy. It is delightful to be joyful. When we are in spirit we radiate joy. We become like a lake; magnetically attracting others, as well as, external forces. All come to the lake to take: people, animals and even the heavens are drawn to take the water or joy from the lake. Each having its own selfish agenda.

True joy rests on firmness and strength inside while outwardly projecting gentleness and a yielding nature. That firmness creates stability. The gentleness promotes approachability.

When we are in spirit we know joy. The survival of our own joy depends on being able to replenish our supply before it runs dry. We must learn to protect ourselves.
The common mistake made by those beginning on a spiritual journey is to judge others. Judgment creates separation and separation lead to isolation. Isolation inevitably leads to evaporation. Spirit is strongest when shared. Make new friends. Share your knowledge.

Learn to discern your relationships. Identify those that come only to take from you. Eventually your lake will be devoid of joy. You will become like the desert. Although, difficult in the beginning, you must sever and disconnect from those who come into your life only to take. Sometimes, it may be those closest to you. Taking can be in any form of energy: money, time, love.

Protect yourself by connecting with those who share your beliefs. Create an abundance of joy by releasing those relationships that no longer serve you and attracting those that do. A mutually-replenishing relationship is a source of lasting fulfillment for both parties.

Isolation leads to Evaporation. Being Happy Healthy and Fit means experiencing great joy by surrounding yourself with other joyful people. One joyful lake replenishes another.