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Friday, November 18, 2011

Ridiculousness: FREEDOM from Care!

I like to shower after hot yoga. It is a little inconvenient to to coordinate the heap of soaked yoga clothes, yogi-toes mat, regular mat, water bottle and keep all that away from the dry towel and dry clothes. The mere thought seems like more work than the actual class.

Last night as I was in the process of getting dressed after a cold shower on a hot body, I surrendered. I realized that I was only going home. With a zipped up sweatshirt and a towel for a skirt, I wrapped up my long, wet hair in another towel, like a turban and headed home.

What happened next was amazing. I found Freedom! As, I went to leave, some people speechlessly smiled at me. I smiled back and they saw I was totally comfortable in my ridiculousness. It wasn't until I stepped outside of my comfortable environment that realized cars were slowing down to comprehend what was walking across the park lot. I felt complete peace. It is not that I don't take pride in my appearance or think that my outfit was appropriate, it was that in that moment, I was simply free to be me. After all, what is appropriate?

How often do you conform to standards and rules created by society when you just don't feel like it, because you worry about what others will think? It always amazes me, how often people are embarrassed to be themselves or to have fun, because someone they have never met may see them and make a judgment. The moment you stop judging others, is the moment you are free from judgment.

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means being comfortable with your ridiculous fun side. True Happiness is Freedom from Care about things that don't matter. Have a ridiculously Happy Healthy and Fit Day!

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