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Thursday, November 17, 2011

NAMASTE off your mat and shirt into Your Heart & Soul!

I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace.

It is amazing how many people are attracted to love, peace, hearts and joy. Entire brands have been built around these things. Tiffany & Co. sells tons of hearts and Victoria's Secret has created an entire subculture of young women wearing Love, at least the word Love.

The question is: Do the words, hearts, love and peace signs camouflage your core or radiate out your true vibrations? I bought a great hand-painted shirt this weekend. It's hot pink with a giant red heart on the front and on the back it says- Follow your heart! I love it. When I wore it, people were actually stopping me in the street.

It has made me stop and reflect. Do you wear love on your shirt or in your heart? When the true vibration of Love is in your heart, it doesn't matter what your shirt says. People can see and feel Love. Love is not conditional, fickle or discriminating. Love does not gossip or toss kerosene on burning embers of hate. Love is a consciousness that is unshifted regardless of how it is received.

Love is like the sun. When you are in the spirit of Love, the vibrations are steadfast. The sun does not care if certain plants are blocked from it. The sun does not decide to stop shining because every form of life grows at its own rate. The sun simply reaches its potential everyday. Do you? Do you stay in the spirit of Love always? Or are you shifted by the one person out of 250 Billion that appears to be rejecting your Light? Just because someone is not prepared to receive does not mean you should reduce what you radiate. That which is darkest contains the greatest opportunity for Light.

Perhaps today when you arrive on your yoga mat or dress in your hearts and peace signs contemplate the deeper of meaning of Love as One Love and Peace. Want World Peace? How about starting with Peace in your heart? What good is it to talk about world peace and hate a family member, co-worker, neighbor or friend of a friend?

Being Happy Healthy and Fit means recognizing that Love is not selective. Those toughest to love need it the most. They are simply buried under layers and layers of pain, hurt, anger, disappointment, fear, shame and ego. In each one of us resides a Light, once you find yours, keep it burning bright by sharing it. Recognizing the divine in each person makes it easier to Love. Namaste.

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